hifiman re800 silver review

HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review

Today we are writing our HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review, which focuses on these in-ear monitors. HIFIMAN is known for its planar magnetic headphones. But recently, the company explored other fields, and one of them is IEMs.

The original RE800 appeared in 2017, and it featured a gold finish. In 2018 this RE800 Silver was released and featured the same dynamic driver technology and tuning. These in-ear monitors are not 24K gold plated, so the Silver versions are more budget-friendly. 

Before we look deeper into the product in this HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review, let us discuss its packaging and contents. 

HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Packaging

These in-ear monitors shipped in a medium-sized rectangular package featuring a top cover with an image of the product. The box looks sleek and premium, and we love how HIFIMAN presented its RE800 Silver. 

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The box includes the following contents: 

  • 1x HIFIMAN RE800 Silver In-Ear Monitor
  • 3x Triple Flange Ear Tips 
  • 5x Bi-Flange Silicone Ear Tips
  • 3x Transparent Triple Flange Ear Tips 
  • 2x Dual Flange Ear Tips 
  • 1x Zipper Case
  • 3x Silicone Ear Tips
  • 1x Print Material

HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review – Design and Functionality

The RE800 Silver sports an aluminium alloy housing along with a minimalist design. It is reminiscent of the RE400, which is also comfortable. We love its small size, making it a compact pair of in-ear monitors. 

The base of the monitor shell has a metal strain relief and vent. It helps protect the fixed cable on the monitor housing. 

In front of this area is a nozzle with a smaller vent and a woven metal grille. It helps prevents the entry of dust and other debris. 

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Its cable has a two-core silver-plated crystalline copper wire with a thick TPU coating for protection. In addition, these in-ear monitors sport a gold-plated 3.5mm three-pole unbalanced (TRS) earphone. Plus, it has a straight profile and also uses aluminium. 

The cable uses a metal Y splitter and chin slider that sports the company branding and model description.

Next in our HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review are the elements that make the RE800 Silver stand out. 

Key Features of the HIFIMAN RE800 Silver 

Pristine Audio Quality

The RE800 Silver offers a rich and silky smooth acoustic sound signature. As a result, it lets you hear all the subtleties and detail expected from HIFIMAN. 

Ergonomic Design

Its smooth-flowing contours and the Nanotech Topology driver allow the IEMs to reproduce the perfect sonic clarity. Aside from high-quality audio, the shape is ergonomic to fit your ears perfectly.

Topology Driver of the HIFIMAN RE800 Silver 

HIFIMAN uses the exclusive Topology Diaphragm on the RE800 Silver. This technology features a uniquely distributed nanoparticle coating on its surface. The coat has specific geometric patterns and thickness to direct sound wave formation. 

Aside from controlling the formation of sound waves, it helps achieve the desired audio control and effect.

The thesis of Dr Fang Bian inspired HIFIMAN to develop this technology. He says that nanomaterials have varying structures and properties. Controlling the surface structure of the diaphragm yields different results in acoustic performance.

The Best Dynamic Driver of the HIFIMAN RE800 Silver

The Topology Diaphragm HIFIMAN implemented in the RE800 Silver significantly reduces uncontrollable diaphragm distortions. As a result, it enables the superior operational performance of these dynamic IEMs 


Before getting into its performance, we will give you the product specifications in our HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review. The RE800 Silver has a 5Hz to 20kHz frequency response, with sensitivity and impedance of 105dB and 60Ω, respectively. 

It uses a 9.22mm dynamic driver with a topology diaphragm, while its housing is silver coated.

Hands-on with the HIFIMAN RE800 Silver 

Our HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review will focus on our hands-on experience with these in-ear monitors. We tested them for a week to see how well the product performed. 

The RE800 Silver is an exceptional in-ear monitor with intricate speedy bass and a balanced and pristine mid-range. Plus, it has a notable emphasis on the upper mid-range and treble. 

The clarity and precision of the audio reproduction did not fail to astonish us. We revisited songs we did not hear in some time to relish the incredible audio quality these in-ears provide. In addition, the rendition of strings and brass instruments is incredibly lifelike, adding to the immersive audio experience.

We also looked into lows for this HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review, and it is impressive. It changes with the tracks we play, making the entire experience worth it. 

On its audio, it gave us stunning dynamics with top-notch precision and clarity. We received it while keeping a balanced presence without overpowering the overall audio. 

We also experienced powerful low-ends and extended ranges to ensure the impact of beats without being too exaggerated or overwhelming. Additionally, the product does not boost mid-bass to avoid an artificial sense of thickness. 

Its bass is slightly emphasised and gives us a linear bass response because of its tuning. Moreover, it is also detailed and fast. The mid-bass even has a more pronounced force compared to the sub-bass region.

The RE800 Silver offers a mid-range presentation that strikes a balanced tone. It neither leans towards being aggressive nor overly soft. Instead, it gives a bright and transparent quality with a slight sharpness, resulting in a highly detailed representation overall. 

Those who want an expansive and airy mid-range with exceptional detail will love the sound tuning of the RE800 Silver.

The clean tuning contributes to its ability to provide a significantly detailed listening experience. These make it an ideal choice for an IEM. 

The RE800 Silver presents a transparent, airy, and expansive experience on vocals.

The clarity and level of detail conveyed by the RE800 Silver make it an enjoyable listening experience.

Our HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review will also share how highs sounded with these in-ear monitors. To our surprise, these were well-placed, and we did not notice these being toned down.

Everything was segregated cleanly, allowing us to distinguish clashing cymbals and snare beats. Recordings that are too bright, or those that are poor, will not get flattered by highs. Instead, you will hear its flaws. 

But if you play good quality music and listen to the RE800 Silver, you will be rewarded with splendid audio. 

With its price range, the RE800 Silver delivers exceptional performance in treble quantity, impact, and clarity. These elements make it a satisfying choice for enthusiasts who appreciate pronounced treble.

Its soundstage is wide than deep. However, it creates a stereo image that is more expansive than most in-ear monitors. Separation is perfect even while listening to complex audio since you can better distinguish the mix. 

Comfort and Isolation

The housing of the RE800 Silver is compact, and it fits all ear shapes and sizes without issues. It is also lightweight and rounded, making it highly comfortable using the appropriate ear tips. When we used these in-ear monitors, we wore them for hours without feeling discomfort.

In-ear monitors are usually uncomfortable without aftermarket ear tips, but we did not experience this with the RE800 Silver. But of course, we chose the ones with the best shapes for our ears for optimal comfort. 

We appreciate that these in-ear monitors offer excellent comfort and audio quality, so we have nothing to complain about. Plus, its design makes it portable and easy to carry around. With its ideal ergonomics, we can use the RE800 Silver while walking, exercising, and doing various tasks. 

The product has vented housing, resulting in slightly compromised noise isolation. Since it does not entirely isolate noise, we recommend it for general use. Its isolation will only be an issue in noisy environments.

HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review Summary

The RE800 Silver from HIFIMAN is an impressive pair of in-ear monitors with details and natural sound. In addition, it has a clean and transparent representation that can compete with higher-priced IEMs. 

As we expected from HIFIMAN, the RE800 Silver delivered superior audio quality. We loved its balanced, precise, and pristine sound signature that was rich in detail, which made our listening experience immersive. Aside from its superior audio quality, it is comfortable to use.

We are concluding our HIFIMAN RE800 Silver Review by recommending this product to anyone who wants high-quality in-ear monitors. Its price, performance, design, and comfort make it an excellent value for money.

Learn more about the RE800 Silver by visiting the official product page of HIFIMAN.