Improve Your Tech Game in the Company for Better Teamwork

Technology has irrevocably changed the way businesses operate. The post-pandemic marketplace has steadily moved online, taking the traditional teamwork model with it. Increasingly more enterprises now allow remote work policies that require new team collaboration solutions.

Luckily, software developers are more than prepared to meet the challenge. You can significantly improve your teams’ performance using the tools listed below. Let’s start!

Video Call App

WFH (Work from home) means fewer employees in the office and empty conference rooms. Instead, teams now communicate online using dedicated video conferencing apps. There are dozens of video call services, and many worth your attention, but an app could be considered good if it:

  • Allows screen sharing for easy presentation;
  • Ensures the best audio and video quality;
  • Allows recording;
  • Has speaker tracking and noise reduction features;
  • Offers excellent UX/UI;
  • Advanced encryption for data security.

We recommend paying close attention to app design because it will be one of the most used teamwork applications. Adding and removing members should be a click away.

Cybersecurity Apps

Running a successful business with an online presence without cybersecurity software is risky. Moreover, the WFH and BYOD policies enable cybercriminals to target individual employee devices to steal business secrets instead of the protected office network. Cybersecurity apps are essential for productive teamwork in 2023. Here are the essentials:

  • Password management. Online business accounts are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized access. Unfortunately, many employees use easy-to-guess passwords and share them over insecure communication apps. You can ensure teamwork safety by introducing your employees to a password manager to use highly secure passwords and share them over encrypted communication channels.
  • VPN. A Virtual Private Network is essential if your employees work from home, are on a business trip, or use public Wi-Fi for work-related tasks. A VPN establishes a direct and private tunnel between the user device and the business intranet to protect communication from third-party surveillance and data theft.

Additionally, we recommend subscribing to a business firewall and antivirus services and encrypting all business-related device storage.

Work Management Tool

Running a business can get hectic quite fast, especially if you utilize e-commerce platforms and monitor consumer sentiment to improve product development. There are thousands of social media posts and hundreds of emails to analyze, which is especially challenging when dealing with multiple products and teams.

Work management tools are developed to streamline cross-team communication. It allows assigning tasks to different teams and members in an intuitive dashboard, monitoring progress, adding commentaries, scheduling meetings, posting updates, etc. Most large enterprises utilize these tools but they also benefit small to medium companies, especially if they don’t use the same office space.

Document Management Software

Working in teams involves document sharing. Nowadays, printing out team collab documents would likely cause giggles, and there’s no need to waste resources when there are tech solutions. Go paperless by using a document management (DM) tool designed for frictionless and secure information sharing.

The best DM software provides quick access to information (they are searchable), applies encryption or watermarks for safety, and ensures compliance. Also, look for features like automatic data backups, access permission control, and a safe file-sharing option.

Social Media Management

This one goes to hard-working marketing specialists and social media managers. It looks like a new social network pops up after every other rainy day, and marketing teams know that organizing dozens of different tasks is extremely difficult. Furthermore, without a social media management app, it’s hard to communicate tasks between employees because no one knows what’s posted where.

Social media management tools allow organizing all related tasks in a single intuitive dashboard. It issues real-time notifications on responses, allows automated and scheduled posting, and lets you control all accounts from a single app. This app will prove invaluable if your business deals with several different social networks.

What’s Next?

We focused only on the tools developed for cross-team collaboration, but there are many more apps to benefit your business. If you’re just starting, we recommend reading our article on the essential marketing tools for small businesses. Data analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools will take your enterprise to a new level and shortly increase customer satisfaction.

But the most important part is the team itself. NYPost reports that senior managers find it hard to work with younger generations, but that’s not inherently bad. Technology has dramatically changed our lifestyles, and incorporating it into teamwork can help cross the age gap. Furthermore, you might be surprised by what some applications offer, and we can only recommend trying them out!

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