gigabyte monitor article How A Good Gaming Monitor Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

How A Good Gaming Monitor Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

Over the years, we have seen some of the most amazing gaming products ever made, from new GPU architecture, improved wireless performance, high performance cooling solutions, through to major upgrades to gaming monitors. Each product has helped shape the gaming industry into what it is today.

Today, we’ll talk about how a good gaming monitor can improve your gaming experience.

Why Choose an IPS Display?

Just like other gaming peripherals, gaming monitors have also been improved over the past few years, providing gamers with the chance to get the latest monitors at more affordable prices than ever before. Gaming has grown in popularity with the introduction of streaming and eSports entering the mainstream.

Companies such as Gigabyte have been at the forefront of this explosion of the gaming industry and have been responsible for developing the latest hardware and components to keep up with these gaming demands. This resulted in the advancement of developing gaming monitors to what they have become today. Some examples are curved screens, higher refresh and response rates, higher resolutions and more.

Monitors have various displays such as twisted nematic (TN), in-plane switching (IPS) and vertical alignment (VA). Whether it be for work, gaming or regular use, it is important to decide on a monitor that fits your goals.

So, if your goal is to have an advantage while gaming it’s possible that an IPS display may be the best choice for you.

In-Plane Switching displays offer various features that TN and VA monitors lack. They provide better colour, wider viewing angles and faster responsive specifications.

What an IPS does is that they display panels that reproduce pictures accurately compared to the other two. It shows more colour and depth from narrow viewing angles. Thanks to that, you could see the images clearer, which is a must for gaming.

On top of that, the IPS offers a better refresh rate. This entails how many times your screen will receive updates on a fresh frame every second. With a growth in the volume of frames given, you must be provided with the latest details consistently.

There used to be a time when IPS displays would come with the drawback of having some input lag, this however is no longer an issue. Over the past few years companies like Gigabyte have been able to refine IPS technology and develop IPS gaming monitors that offer the benefits such as superior image quality but with no input lag. There really is no reason not to go an IPS display nowadays.

Refresh Rate vs Response Rate

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Refresh rate and response rate may sound alike, but they target different aspects of the monitor. How do they differ? Response rates focus mainly on colour shifting. It focuses on the time required to change from one colour to another colour.

How does it impact your gaming? Well, due to the response rates, they are responsible for the motion blur that happens. A long response rate can cause motion blur when watching a fast video or gaming. This disorients the user and causes a lot of disadvantages.

It may make it more fluid-like, but it drops the frame rates significantly. This is something you don’t want happening when gaming. Detail and information are some of the most important factors that help gamers win, and with a lower response rate, you’d get updates faster.

You should think of considering the monitor’s input lag. This refers to how long enough for the GPU to reach a reaction on the screen and the screen displaying that frame. Slower input lags can cause harsh delays that can affect one’s experience.

This is important for gaming because this boosts efficiency during gaming. The shorter the time it takes for an action to occur, the lower the latency it has. When gaming, we want quick and direct actions that correspond to our movements and reflexes.

A good response rate for gaming would be around 1 to 5ms, and for refresh rates, our recommendation would be 144Hz.

Faster Speeds for Fast Games

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Everyone is looking to get a chance at the glory, and conquest gaming provides. It is only fair to be able to buy the best products to grant you that victory.

That leads us to the next question, how does it improve the gaming experience of a gamer?

Upgrading your monitor from a 60Hz to a 144Hz or even a 240Hz means that your screen is refreshing at a faster pace. This makes gameplay feel and look so much smoother compared to the common 60Hz display.

This can even give you a competitive advantage as aiming becomes more accurate, and feedback from the input lags is quicker. It even gives you faster reactions as latency is reduced significantly.

So, how does this affect our screen then? We get one frame for the 60Hz screen, and we get 2.4 frames for the 144Hz and 4 frames for the 240Hz. Essentially, the more frames, the smoother the gameplay is.

Monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate compared to those that have 60Hz have more than twice the number of frames. Although the margin may be small, it is quite impressive. It additionally makes a huge difference for fast-paced competitive multiplayer games.

Let’s put this in an example. Let’s say an enemy is coming around the corner of a hallway. If you are getting more frames in a given second, there is a chance you’ll see them several frames earlier than you normally would.

This is all key when quick reactions make the defining difference between winning and losing. With updates given to you faster, you gain an advantage in receiving this information sooner than other players might receive it.

Choosing A Monitor That Fits Your Criteria

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When choosing a new monitor you need to take a step back and think about your requirements. Are you looking for a monitor that can handle fast-paced gaming? Or a monitor that deals with the image quality and resolution and not the speed? Or even a mix of both? It all boils down to what you are going to use it for.

You should consider the power that your gaming PC can provide as you don’t want to purchase a gaming monitors if your PC can’t use it to its full potential. You don’t want to purchase a 4k monitor if your not able to play games in 4k in the first place.

If you are getting only 60 FPS for games like APEX Legends or PUBG, then maybe you’re not going to be able to fully take advantage of the 144Hz refresh rate supported by your monitor.

Less demanding games can allow you to maximise a 144Hz refresh rate easily, but if you play visually intensive games, just double check the game requirements and compare them to what you currently have in your gaming PC.

If you can tick all the required specification boxes then pick the monitor that will give you the best gaming experience. These are the monitors with high refresh rates, low input lag and sharp image quality.

High refresh rates don’t just benefit games. It makes everyday desktop applications feel much smoother. Things like moving windows applications around or even just moving the mouse cursor make things more comfortable and greatly improves workflow.

A Monitor’s Value

Broadly speaking, the quality of a monitor and its value depends on the use and its utilities. When we talk about value, we mean the value an item has to a person. Whether that person is a gamer or an office worker, a monitor’s value varies.

An FPS gamer wouldn’t be able to appreciate a monitor that has a 4k resolution but can run only up to 60Hz. This is because they won’t be able to provide more frames which are essential for quick reaction times and fast page image rendering.

A higher refresh rate monitor may not be helpful for someone who does photoshop because they would rather need a monitor that offers a higher resolution rather than frame rates. What matters here is what you are looking for in a monitor and its uses.

If you’re looking to get into serious gaming, we believe Gigabyte have the solution for you. Gigabyte offers their G series monitors that provide impeccable quality with their display and overall design.

Gigabyte G Series

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For all those who may not know, Gigabyte is one of the leading brands in the computer industry and is known for the quality they provide with computer and gaming peripherals.

One of Gigabytes most popular monitors range is their line of G series monitors. These products focus on the outer and inner properties of a monitor equally. They portray the ideologies of austerity concerning outline for a strapping finesse finish.

It is structured to be fully operational and provides aesthetic features that only bring more to its physical properties. Within the comprehensive product contains AORUS’s philosophy which offers strategic gaming functions.

Some of these functions are Aim Stabilizer, Game Assist and Black Equalizer. These functions grant exclusivity for Gigabyte’s user and its features. They give you a headstart among the rest as these features can provide an unmatched advantage on the battlefield.

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One particular G series monitor from Gigabyte to note is the Gigabyte G27Q. This monitor features an IPS display for better colour performance and provides an FHD (1920 by 1080) and QHD (2560 by 1440) resolutions. It spans 27 inches, which is wide.

Whether for gaming, office or regular use, you’ll find it versatile and affordable. Thanks to its nature, which is an IPS panel, it is efficient in its high-precision and has been certified by AMD FreeSync Premium.

This means that it highlights an uncompromised continuous gaming experience like no other. It grants a high refresh rate of about 165 Hertz and a 1ms response rate. These details alone are enough to indicate that it’s made specifically for gaming.

Apart from that, it offers a 92% DCI-P3 ratio. This means that it has a comprehensive range of colour, hence the raise in colour accuracy.

When you compare the G27Q to others like the G27F, the G27F can only go up to FHD. This limits your resolution overall. Other than that, G27F doesn’t offer HDR for the display, which could have been better if they had such a feature.

Even when compared to the G27FC, which is the curve alternative for the G27F, it only goes up to FHD and not QHD. It also does not contain the HDR feature that G27Q offers. Besides that, they are similar in almost every aspect.

If you want to ensure that you get the latest offering from Gigabyte, they actually have a new series of monitors available that expands on the G series but offers built-in KVM as well, all while keeping an incredibly affordable price. Take a look at the M series offering here.

Why Not Run A Dual Monitor Setup?

Beyond comparing these monitors to one another, another option is putting them together. Why not have two quality monitors running in a dual monitors setup on top of your desk?

The G series of monitors provides you with a very affordable way of running a dual monitor setup whilst also giving you fantastic performance. You can have one just for gaming and the other for handling other tasks, windows or applications that run in the background. A good example would be using the primary monitor for gaming and the secondary monitor to managing your Twitch stream or Discord.

You can utilise a dual-monitor setup with both the G27Q and the G27F. They both offer consistent refresh and response rates, quality in their display and are both 27 inches.

A key benefit of having a dual-monitor setup is multitasking possibilities. An extra screen can allow you to be more efficient at managing your programs that are running. Most streamers these days have a dual-monitor setup, and it’s a necessity.

Aside from streaming, dual-monitors can allow immersive gameplay. As your screen extends, you can see at a wider angle and range. This is very true for racing, adventure, simulation and sports games. Running a dual monitor setup (or dare we say 3 monitors!) allows you to extend the games display across the multiple monitors adding greatly to the immersion.

Monitors are the windows to our computers. They allow us to see the analytics that runs inside our computers. It exhibits the neverending computations that operate our programs and applications. With that said, monitors show us the capabilities of our computers.

What gaming monitors provide are essential in winning games. These features can be determining factors that decide a win or a loss. If you are interested in taking gaming seriously, you should look to upgrade to the latest gaming peripherals in the market.

The G27Q is an affordable monitor that offers the best features for your gaming experiences. We highly recommend having a look at the G series monitors in order to help you get the best gaming experience possible.