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Jabra Speak2 75 Review

We mostly deal with remote or hybrid work, so having a reliable speakerphone is essential for staying on track. In our Jabra Speak2 75 Review, we will look into the latest offering from the company.

The Speak2 75 is a Bluetooth speakerphone that offers durability while providing a premium option for everyone. It has USB-C to A connectors on the same cable, a full-range 65mm speaker, and IP64 protection.

The speakerphone has more features to offer, and to learn more, continue reading our Jabra Speak2 75 Review. 

Aside from its features, let us look closer at its design, functions, and specifications. We will also look at how it functions in real-world scenarios as we put it through multiple tests.

Jabra Speak2 75 Packaging

This speakerphone shipped in a regular-looking box with a style that is usual to similar products. You can see an image of the Speak2 75 in front, its name, the company branding, and some features.

jabra speak2 75 review1 Jabra Speak2 75 Review jabra speak2 75 review2 Jabra Speak2 75 Review

Inside, you will find the following items, which are secure and protected from damage during shipping.

  • Jabra Speak2 75
  • Wired Cable with USB-A to C connectors
  • Jabra Link 380 Dongle
  • Carrying Case
  • Welcome Card

Jabra Speak2 75 Review – Design and Functionality

The build and functions of the Speak2 75 are essential. So, we will discuss these in our Jabra Speak2 75 Review. 

It is a portable speakerphone ideal for conference calls since it is user-friendly and offers high-quality audio. The Speak2 75 also lets you enjoy features perfect for remote workers and teams.

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This speakerphone is compact enough to sit in small spaces while it connects to tablets, computers, and Smartphones. 

The connection is convenient since it links via USB/Bluetooth. Plus, it comes with an integrated omnidirectional mic for capturing audio from any direction. Moreover, it can cancel out background noises excellently. 

The Speak2 75 features HQ speakers that produce crisp audio for enhanced productivity. 

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You can find the controls of the Speak2 75 on the edges of its top surface. We will discuss each of these, starting from the programmable Power On/Off button going counter-clockwise. By default, it acts as a play/pause button and lights up when playing music.

Next is the Microsoft Teams notification button. It flashes purple when a Teams meeting starts or if you missed a call or received a voicemail. 

The Speak2 75 will open Teams on the respective page depending on what triggered the button to flash. It will navigate you to one of the following: missed calls, voicemail playback, or joining a meeting.

The Microsoft Teams button is handy if your work uses Teams. It eliminates the need to search and click on the app multiple times.

The next button is Answer Call, followed by Bluetooth, Volume Down, Mute, Volume Up, Battery Status, and End/Reject Call. Outside the button ring is the microphone quality indicator. In a call, the ring glows green when the audio quality is good and red when poor. 

Let us continue our Jabra Speak2 75 Review by looking at the features it offers. What are the elements that make this speakerphone a product to consider? 

Are they perfect for your needs? Let us find out.

Key Features of the Jabra Speak2 75 

Super Wideband Audio

Jabra steps up the game about portable speakerphones with the Speak2 75. It uses super wideband audio, the new full-range 65mm speaker that puts you at the centre in every meeting. It gets the widest frequency range of your voice, delivering a more powerful audio experience.

Full-Duplex Audio

Some speakerphones do not allow both sides of the conversation to be simultaneously audible. As a result, it interrupts the flow for all. 

Conversations are better when they feel natural, and Jabra used full-duplex audio on the Speak2 75 to achieve this. It also has a supercharged chipset going beyond standard speakerphone performance. Plus,  your communication freely goes in both directions.

Four Cutting-edge Beamforming Microphones for the Ultimate Clarity

The Speak2 75 has four advanced beamforming microphones and the newest algorithms for digital signal processing. Wherever you place the speakerphone, it fields sounds effortlessly from all directions. As a result, it can harness changes in voice tone and capture all nuances.

Aside from that, it also has an innovative noise-reduction technology that eliminates distracting background noise like tapping keyboards. This speakerphone can deliver an unparalleled outstanding audio experience.

All Together with the Speak2 75

Whether you work in your office, kitchen, or even a treehouse, the Speak2 75 works smoothly. You can go anywhere and still be together with your teammates.

This product is certified for all leading virtual meeting platforms. It means you can enjoy an optimised experience with professional-quality calls. 

Whether you use Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, the Speak2 75 delivers seamless and reliable connectivity during your meetings.

Microphone Quality Indicator

The Speak2 75 has an indicator for its microphone quality and how well it captures your voice. It has an intuitive 360-degree light ring that shows when you are loud and clear or need to go closer.

Modern Design of the Jabra Speak2 75 

Jabra gave the popular puck-shape of the original Speak series with the Speak2 75. It has a modern, minimalist design with a brushed aluminium finish and customised speaker fabric to deliver optimum audio quality. 

As we mentioned in our Jabra Speak2 75 Review, the speakerphone has a compact and durable body. Keeping it in your bag is easy, making it ideal for hybrid working.

Robust Build, Perfect for Hybrid Workers

Jabra ensured the Speak2 75 could handle anything during the busiest hybrid working days. It is a durable product with IP64-rated protection from dust and water.

Future Proof and Flexible

The Speak2 75 is the first speakerphone with two connectors in one cable (USB-A and USB-C). You can use it with conventional computers with USB-A ports or new ones with USB-C ports. Plus, you can readily change to a new computer without worrying about compatibility.

Jabra also provides regular firmware updates via its software (Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress). 

Planet-friendly Components

Aside from producing an innovative speakerphone, Jabra also ensured sustainability at all stages of product development. The Speak2 75 uses 33% sustainable materials and has several replaceable built-in parts, making it more future-proof.


Below are the specifications of the Speak2 75. Learning these will help you determine if it meets your needs.

  • Microphone Type: Digital MEMS
  • Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Full Duplex Audio: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Wireless Range: 30m
  • Battery Life: 32 Hours
  • Size: 65mm
  • Weight: 466g

Hands-on with the Jabra Speak2 75 

We used the product for several weeks to share our user experience in our Jabra Speak2 75 Review. Based on our tests, it is a reliable and versatile speakerphone that is excellent for offices and homes. 

What makes the Speak2 75 stand out is its audio quality. Thanks to its 65mm speaker, it has a broad frequency range, making voices and music have high-quality sound. The full-duplex audio makes everyone intelligible without interruption.

Aside from the speaker, its four beamforming microphones work excellently. They capture all voices well, even in large conference rooms. The microphone quality indicator also helps ensure that others can hear our voices.

Another thing we liked about the Speak2 75 is its voice level normalisation. It equalises all voices and makes conversations easier to follow. As a result, the audio is effortlessly audible.

The noise reduction technology works effectively in keeping background noise at bay. This feature keeps us more focused and productive during our meetings.

This speakerphone is even better because it allows interjections and interruptions without communication breakdown. As a result, our discussions are more free-flowing, natural, and effective. Full-duplex audio makes conversations seamless without awkward pauses and is excellent in a hybrid work setup.

Aside from the audio quality, our Jabra Speak2 75 Review will also discuss its connectivity. We love its available connectivity options since it works with USB-A, USB-C, and Bluetooth. And regardless of what we use, the connection is stable, resulting in seamless and intelligible communication.

The wireless connection with a 30m range is impressively stable and has no latency. Plus, its 32-hour battery life allows using the speakerphone for several days without recharging.

The Speak2 75 is a versatile speakerphone with high-quality audio and reliable connectivity. It is suitable for any conferencing setup in offices and homes.

Jabra Speak2 75 Review Summary

The Speak2 75 is an excellent speakerphone for people and organisations conducting virtual meetings and conference calls. Its multiple connectivity options are highly versatile, and its IP64 protection rating keeps it safe wherever you go. 

Its 30m wireless range allows it to work in confined huddle rooms and spacious boardrooms. In addition, it can capture the voices of all speakers, which is convenient for collaboration. While testing the product for our Jabra Speak2 75 Review, we were impressed with the clarity of our voices.

You can also use the Speak2 75 as a Bluetooth speaker when you do not have meetings or calls. It is an excellent feature for playing music, especially if you refuse to wear a headset for long hours.

Overall, we highly recommend this speakerphone to hybrid workers who often need to attend virtual meetings or conference calls. If you need more details about the Speak2 75, visit the official product page of Jabra.