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JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review

If you plan to up your gaming sessions, check out the Quantum 350. It’s an ideal headset we’re featuring in our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review. 

It sports the QuantumSOUND Signature from JBL that lets you hear the faintest footsteps and the loudest blasts in-game. That means you’ll be in the centre of every scene while you play. 

No matter how wild the game gets, the headphones’ detachable & directional voice-focused boom mic lets other players hear you. It has other notable features available, but are they worth it? 

Let’s see if these headphones are worth adding to your setup. Continue reading our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review to learn more about it, but first, what’s inside the box?

JBL Quantum 350 Headset Packaging

We’re first looking at the packaging and contents in our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review. When it arrived in our office, the Quantum 350 came in a typical-looking JBL package.

jbl quantum 350 review1 JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review jbl quantum 350 review2 JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review jbl quantum 350 review3 JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review

There’s the product’s name, the company’s branding, information on the headphones, and an image of the product.

Inside the box, you’ll find the Quantum 350, a USB-C to A cable, and a USB audio adapter. There’s a windshield foam for the boom mic, a quick start guide, a safety sheet, plus a warranty card inside.

JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review – Design and Functionality

The product connects using a 2.4GHz USB dongle and can charge with a USB-C to A cable. The latter also works as a USB-C audio connection, which makes it convenient for use. 

It’s good to note that the USB-C to A cable is only 1m. This length can be short if your computer is on the floor. But either way, it will provide you with a consistent lag-free listening experience. 

The Quantum 350 is on the heavier side, reason why it occasionally slips off the head when leaning forward. This situation happens regardless of how the headband is adjusted. Though it’s good that its leatherette-covered headband and ear pads with memory foam are comfortable when worn. 

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If you wear glasses, using the Quantum 350 won’t be uncomfortable. Even if you have a bigger-sized head, you won’t feel discomfort along the ears despite long hours of use.

The headset has a wide range of onboard controls, so it may take some time to familiarise yourself with these. 

The headset’s left side holds the mute button, volume wheel, and the USB-C charge port. The right side of the product is where you’ll find the Quantum 350’s on/off slider. 

Controls on the left portion are closely next to each other. Thus, making it easy to press the unmute button by accident. The position of its volume control is inconvenient for us since it’s easy to max out unintentionally. 

The mic’s mute button is also easy to press by accident when you adjust the Quantum 350 when worn. 

Underneath, specifically in the centre, is a 3 1/2″ padded section. It’s vital for optimising comfort at the top of the head when wearing the Quantum 350.

You can adjust its headband up to 12 sizes on each end. Its earcups are attached to the headband via an inverted U-shaped piece. This specific piece swivels at a full180° back and around 5 to 10° forward. 

The motion doesn’t only allow for a better fit. It lets you set the headset flat on the desk when it’s not in use. 

Each earcup’s outer shell has a glossy black finish that looks good. However, this part is a dust and fingerprint magnet that can get quite annoying. 

We’re also looking at the left earcup and microphone of the product. And this is where we’re continuing the discussion in this section of our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review. 

The left earcup carries the microphone-mute button and volume dial. It’s also where JBL placed the USB-C port, charging LED, and a 2.5mm jack for the removable boom mic. 

The headset’s right earcup holds the power slider and power/2.4GHz LED.  

Its earpads use soft faux leather wrapped over a good amount of memory foam. On either side of each earpad is a visible L or R to tell which earcup goes for your ears. 

The headset’s detachable microphone is slightly different from those on similar products. It’s bendable and concealed in a plastic finish that’s rubber-like. Plus, it measures around 6” long. 

The company also added a foam windshield for the microphone.

Weight-wise, the Quantum 350 is 252g. Although slightly heavier than usual, it’s still comfortable to use after hours of gaming. 

Key Features of the JBL Quantum 350 Headset 

JBL has released multiple headsets under the Quantum series, but what makes the Quantum 350 a better variant? Is it worth the purchase? We’ll learn more about the product as we discuss its key features in our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review.

Seamless Connectivity with 2.4GHz Wireless

The Quantum 350 uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, which gives you complete freedom without audio drops.

JBL QuantumSOUND Signature

JBL’s QuantumSOUND Signature lets you hear all nuances and detail: from footsteps to laser blasts. It offers a fully immersive gaming experience to give you a competitive edge.

Detachable Boom Mic with Mute Feature

Even in the most intense and noisy games, the Quantum 350’s detachable directional mic makes your voice audible. An easily accessible mute feature is present too.

22-hour Battery Life with Fast Charging

The Quantum 350 offers 22 hours of charge, allowing you to enjoy high-quality JBL Sound during long gaming sessions. If you need extra time, five minutes of charging gives you an hour of playback time. Also, you can still use the headset while connected with its USB charging cable.

Memory Foam for Comfortable Gaming Marathons

With its lightweight headband and PU-wrapped memory foam ear cushions, you can experience extreme comfort with the Quantum 350. You won’t feel any discomfort or fatigue with this headset, even during your longest gaming marathons.

Make It Yours with JBL QuantumENGINE Suite

You can use the JBL QuantumENGINE software to customise your audio’s equaliser, sidetone, QuantumSURROUND, mic settings, and more. Achieve a more realistic and immersive audio experience.


The Quantum 350 has a 40mm driver with a sensitivity of 115dB SPL @ 1kHz/1mW. Its dynamic and active frequency response range from 20Hz – 20kHz, while its impedance is 32 ohms.

The Quantum 350’s charging cable is 1m long. The external earcup is 10.2 x 8.9cm (HxW), while the internal earcup is 10.2 x 8.9cm (HxW). Overall, the earcup’s depth is 2.5cm. 

To fill your empty battery, charging time for the Quantum 350 takes around two hours. For total playtime, you can listen for as long as 22 hours. 

Hands-on with the JBL Quantum 350 Headset 

We’ll discuss our hands-on experience with the product in our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review. Before checking out the headset’s performance, let’s see what the QuantumENGINE software has.


JBL’s QuantumENGINE is the companion software for customising the Quantum 350 and other Quantum series headsets. You can use this to adjust the EQ, which is excellent if you want to tone down its bass emphasis.

When accessing the software, you can enable JBL QuantumSURROUND, and the software offers numerous settings. Choose “Balanced” for a more natural sound, “Precise” for low-reverb and less external-sounding spatial sound, and “Immersive” for more depth.

In the software’s advanced mode, you can adjust these settings based on your head diameter.

Aside from these settings, you can adjust the microphone levels and volume. These are great features when you need to monitor your voice while speaking.

Performance of JBL Quantum 350

The Quantum 350 connects to any device but works best with a PC. It delivers a 7.1-channel simulated surround sound via the QuantumENGINE software.

The USB adapter is also compatible with other devices like Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. However, there is no option for wired connectivity when using the headset with these.

We used the Quantum 350 with several games during our tests. The mids and mid-highs didn’t get a lot of presence, resulting in slightly muddy sound effects. 

Its simulated surround sound with QuantumENGINE delivered general directionality. Although the audio wasn’t completely immersive and precise, it helped improve our in-game performance.

This headset’s bass was strong and had blares at unsafe high volume levels, but there were no hints of distortion. When we listened to songs that were less bass-heavy, it delivered a well-balanced sound signature.

Acoustic guitar plucks had a solid high-frequency response with a lot of texture. The low-mids slightly lost their presence, and the deep resonance became a little muddy. But when the tracks kicked in properly, we heard guitar strums, bass lines, drums, and vocals being equally discernible.

The Quantum 350’s microphone sounded clear enough when we tested it for calls and voice chats. In our test recordings, our voices were clear but lacked crispness. 

It also captured some ambient noise. So, we wouldn’t recommend this headset for content creators.

This headset’s microphone is ideal for proper communication with teammates when gaming. But if you plan to stream or record seriously, using a separate USB microphone is better.

JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review Summary

The Quantum 350 is an affordable headset with great surround-sound features. It delivers bass-heavy audio, which is something you’d love if you enjoy bass emphasis while gaming. One of its advantages is you can customise it via the QuantumENGINE software.

Its overall sound profile is outstanding, and its microphone offers enough clarity for voice chats and calls. Also, we enjoyed using this product while testing it for our JBL Quantum 350 Headset Review. Everything worked well, and we had no issues with it. 

The Quantum 350 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly headset for PC gaming.

To learn more about the Quantum 350 Headset, check out JBL’s official product page for more details.