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JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review

Today, we’re writing this JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review to discuss one of the products under the Quantum series. The Quantum 610 is their latest model under the series and has plenty of features you’ll love. 

Aside from notable features, the headset is part of the mid-priced models of the series. That means you’re getting a product with a great price and excellent features. 

Here in our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review, we’ll see if this headset lives up to the hype.

JBL Quantum 610 Headset Packaging

Like all other headsets under the Quantum line, the Quantum 610 arrived in its usual cardboard box. It shows an image of the headset, the company’s branding, and the model’s name. Of course, JBL included its key features and other information on the headset for your reference.

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We also checked its contents for our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review. Aside from the Quantum 610 headset, the box consists of a USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable. You’ll also find a USB wireless dongle, one windshield foam for the boom mic, and a few pieces of paperwork. 

The paperwork includes a warranty card, a quick start guide, and a safety sheet. 

JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review – Design and Functionality

The design and functions of the Quantum 610 are essential for anyone eyeing the headset. So we’re discussing these in our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review. 

The product has a sleek black shade with hints of orange accents within its earmuffs and on the wires. Even with its minimalist colour, you’ll have a flashy rainbow gradient on the exterior earmuffs. These features help the Quantum 610 have a premium vibe. 

The headset’s design is a notable upgrade to the Quantum 350 since it has extra paddings in the headband. It even has softer cups for better and more comfortable use. 

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This feature is essential if you’re engaging in longer gaming sessions. The reason is that the cups trap heat more effectively than similar products. 

The Quantum 610’s mic is a solid piece that isn’t detachable. We prefer this design since it increases the model’s structural integrity. 

Its voice/game volume toggle on the headset is user-friendly and well-implemented. Thus, allowing you to be heard clearly by other players regardless of being wired or wireless. 

Even if your gaming session gets wild and crazy because of all the action, its finely-designed microphone does the trick. No matter what the situation is in-game, your fellow gamers will hear you speak clearly and audibly.  

Continuing our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review, let’s look into its connectivity and controls. The headset has easy-to-use controls with a mute button and volume wheel on its left cup. JBL also added the power switch but on the right cup instead.  

We mentioned earlier that the headset’s mic isn’t detachable. However, it’s a fold-down model, so you can still move it away when it’s not in use. 

This headset comes with a 2.4GHz USB-A transmitter. But unlike the Quantum 350, you can use the Quantum 610 via the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The connection cable has in-line volume and mute controls to provide easy access.

This headset is flexible when it comes to connectivity options.

Key Features of the JBL Quantum 610 Headset

What makes this headset a unique product? We’ll discuss its key features in our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review to see if it’s better than other headsets.


Drown yourself in JBL’s QuantumSURROUND equipped with DTS headphone:X v2.0 when gaming on a PC. These features will let you experience and enjoy sounds from every angle.

JBL QuantumSOUND Signature

JBL’s QuantumSOUND Signature powers the Quantum 610’s 50mm drivers. This feature makes your gameplay more thrilling and lets you hear the tiniest rustle of footsteps and rumble of explosions.

Lossless 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity of the JBL Quantum 610 Headset

When gaming, audio dropping is one of the things you wouldn’t want to happen. To achieve this, JBL used 2.4GHz wireless connectivity on the Quantum 610. 

This wireless technology offers a seamless connection while allowing you to move freely, making it ideal for intense gaming.

Play and Charge Simultaneously

Don’t worry about interrupting your gameplay when the Quantum 610 runs out of charge. Just plug the USB charging cable, and you can continue playing.

When fully charged, it offers up to 40 hours of playtime.

Voice-focused Flip-up Boom Mic

The flip-up directional boom mic ensures that your voice will always be clear and loud. It also has an automatic mute feature that you can easily access.

Game-chat Dial of the JBL Quantum 610 Headset

The Discord-certified Quantum 610 is compatible with other platforms like Skype, TeamSpeak, Zoom, and Twitch.

Compatible with QuantumENGINE 

Tweak your audio based on your preferences with the QuantumENGINE software. Here, you can customise the headset’s QuantumSURROUND, equaliser, sidetone, mic settings, RGB lighting, etc.


We’re discussing the product’s specifications in our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review. Continue reading our review to get more info on this headset from JBL. 

The Quantum 610 uses 50mm drivers with a 100dB @ 11kHz/1mW sensitivity. Its active, dynamic, and passive frequency responses range from 20Hz to 20kHz, while its impedance is 32 ohms.

This headset weighs 357g, and its earcups’ external dimensions are 9.7 x 8.7cm (H x W). The earcups’ interior measures are 6.2 x 4.5cm (H x W). These have a depth of 2.7cm.

The Quantum 610 offers a maximum play time of 40 hours, and it takes three hours to charge its battery.

Hands-on with the JBL Quantum 610 Headset

We’re sharing our user experience in our JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review to let you know how this product works. But before that, we’ll talk about the software suite.

QuantumENGINE Software

The QuantumENGINE software is one of the most in-depth features of JBL’s Quantum series headsets. Although it’s only available on PC, the headset can still carry over your settings to other platforms.

This software has a clean and intuitive interface, which makes navigating through it easy. Here, you can monitor your headset’s current volume, battery life, etc. and customise various features. It provides settings for the equaliser, RGB lighting, spatial sound, and mic settings. 

For the microphone, you can adjust the input level monitoring, input gain, and sidetone.

One of the best parts of this software is the QuantumSURROUND customisation. It enhances the stereo field and activates 7.1 surround sound. For a better listening experience, you can calibrate your audio based on your head diameter and ear shape.

QuantumENGINE also lets you save your settings and preferences into different user profiles.

Performance of the JBL Quantum 610 Headset 

We tested the Quantum 610 to see if it delivers good audio quality and if its mic performs well.

The Quantum 610’s default sound profile was a bass-heavy mix, which suited most games. JBL provides plenty of gaming presets, but the headset retained the same bass punch in most cases.

This product was exceptional in delivering bass-fuelled sound, resulting in a cinematic experience combined with its surround sound feature.

When we played FPS games, we heard opponents approaching from different locations and gunshots from specific directions. It was easy to determine the source of various sounds, which was an advantage for us.

The Quantum 610 delivered impressive sound effects for bombs and sniper shots, thanks to its bass quality. Higher pitched sounds were slightly tinny but not too noticeable, so we have no complaints.

We assessed the soundstage of this headset with 7.1 surround sound since it’s one of its highlights. 

Games differ in soundstage requirements, unlike other media, since the audio gives a sense of space around your character. Fortunately, QuantumSURROUND excellently brought realism and depth to the game’s 3D space, which made our gameplay more immersive.

The lows were powerful with depth but not overwhelming, while the highs were crisp and airy. Its mid-range was highly flexible and provided any sound we wanted based on our tweaks on the equaliser.

This headset has an impressive overall response made for gaming. The software’s equaliser is versatile since it allows us to adjust our listening experience for any game.

The Quantum 610’s mic sounded great in a quiet room. Our test recordings were clear, thanks to the mic’s directional pattern. It captured some background noise but wasn’t too loud, and our voices remained audible.

Of course, the mic wasn’t as crisp as those on the high-end headsets, but it performed well. It’s great for voice chats and calls but not for streaming and recording.

JBL Quantum 610 Headset Review Summary

The Quantum 610 is one of JBL’s mid-range models. This impressive headset justifies its price with its high-quality audio, comfortable fit, and better connectivity. 

Every feature of this product effectively enhanced our gaming experience and made it more immersive. Its connection was seamless as the company advertised, and we had no issues throughout our product tests. Combined with its range of customisation options, this headset is an excellent choice for any gamer who wants high-quality audio.

Overall, we were satisfied with this headset’s features and performance, so we recommend it, especially to gamers.

To learn more about the Quantum 610 Headset, go to JBL’s official product page for more information.