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Logitech Craft Review – The Keyboard for Creatives

This Logitech Craft review will provide you with one of the best gaming keyboards that will suit your gaming needs.  So today, we’ll be focusing on the Logitech Craft and learn what it has in store for us.

A lot of keyboards function simply as keyboards and only work as typing tools. However, some are specifically for gaming where their vital aspects are shorter travel and pinpoint accuracy. There are also keyboards made for creative users who opt to use these instead of apps and software available.

Generally, it’s challenging to find a keyboard explicitly made for design and creativity as the Logitech Craft. This keyboard is efficient and comes in a no-frills and minimalist package. The Craft is a wireless product that gives you a premium and quality typing experience. It also sports a versatile and flexible input dial that easily adapts to your tasks. With that, it will keep you focused and centred in your creative flow.

For the next part of our Logitech Craft review, let’s see its packaging and what it has for us.

Logitech Craft Packaging

This part of our Logitech Craft review is where we’ll see how it’s packed and the other items included.

Logitech Craft Photos 01 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 02 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives

First, let’s take a look at its exterior. The Craft comes in a simple cardboard box that sports a nice dark theme. In front, you will see an image of the keyboard itself to give you an idea of how it looks. At the top-left corner, “Craft” is written to note the keyboard’s name, while Logitech is beneath the image.

When you flip the box, you’ll find more vital details about the Craft keyboard. Such details include the functions of each part, plus a few of its key features.

Inside, you will find the keyboard kept securely in place. Other than this, other items included in the box are the unifying receiver, charging cable, and user documentation.

Logitech Craft Photos 09 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 11 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 10 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives

Logitech Craft Review – Design and Functionality

Generally, this keyboard is not something we’d consider as having complete creative control, but it does work efficiently. We also can’t deny that it’s a nifty and useful device with lots of features for productivity and creativity. With that, it sure is an early yet smart attempt for a creativity-focused keyboard.

Let’s focus on the Creative Input dial first. It’s the big knob located on the upper left corner of the product. It’s a useful feature since you can assign it with a ton of different tasks. These include switching tabs in your browser, viewport manipulation, and Photoshop tasks.

Logitech Craft Photos 03 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 04 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 05 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 06 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 07 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives Logitech Craft Photos 08 Logitech Craft Review - The Keyboard for Creatives

The keyboard has an interesting design, where each key features spherical dishing. It helps your fingers land precisely on each intended key. The keyboard also comes with matte coating, allowing your fingers to glide seamlessly along the surface.

The company sure understands the standard needs of an excellent keyboard, hence, the perfect design of the Logitech Craft. Along the top portion of function keys, Windows users will find specific keys for switching from one app to another. You can also use the keys for launching Action Centre notifications, locking the keyboard, and minimizing applications. Standard media keys and controls are also present so you can adjust the keyboard’s smart illumination or your screen’s brightness.

For the keyboard backlighting, you can adjust its brightness through 10 or 12 gradations for longer battery life. Above the dedicated number pad is a handy calculator that is easy to access.

Logitech Craftworks works with both PC and Mac. It caters to both platforms by integrating a Start key and an Apple Command key on the Alt keys. Aside from that, you will also find three dedicated Easy-Switch buttons. These keys are above Home, Insert, and Page Up buttons.

Key Features of the Logitech Craft

This section of our Logitech Craft review will focus on the keyboard’s primary features that make it a unique product.

Control for Your Creative Needs

The Logitech Craft’s creative input dial adapts to the program you use by providing quick access to particular functions. It can adjust brightness in Adobe Photoshop CC, edit images in Adobe Lightroom, or change stroke weight in Adobe Illustrator. In Microsoft Office programs, you can use it to enlarge text in Powerpoint, create charts in Excel, and more. It allows for improved efficiency and workflow with touch-sensitive controls.

Smart Illumination

The keyboard’s backlit keys light up when your hands touch it. The smart illumination automatically adjusts its brightness according to your surroundings’ lighting conditions.

Effortless and Precise Typing

Designed for stability and efficiency, the Logitech Craft lets you type confidently. The keys are more stable, produce less noise, and optimize responsiveness, allowing you to feel every keystroke without hearing them. The keys feature spherical key dishing for accuracy and natural orientation of your fingers to avoid missing a key.


This part of our Logitech Craft review will be about the product’s technical specifications.

The Craft supports Logitech Unifying 2.4GHz wireless technology for connection. The keyboard uses Internet connection for downloading Logitech Options.

To use it, you will need an available USB port for USB connection. For Bluetooth, it requires a device that is Bluetooth Low Energy-ready with Bluetooth HID. The software, Logitech Options, is compatible with Windows 7 or later versions, and macOS 10.11 or higher.

For its dimensions, it’s 32mm (H) x 430mm (W) x 149mm (D) and weighs a total of 960g. It comes with a limited hardware warranty that lasts up to one year.

Hands-On with the Logitech Craft

For this part of our Logitech Craft Review, we are going to discuss the keyboard’s performance. Let’s see how well it performs, if it’s connectivity is good, and if it does everything that the company claims.

Logitech Craft is compatible with both PC and Mac.  Plus, you can sync it with more than three computers at once. With that, you can swap from one device to another with A single press of a button. Being able to use a single keyboard for two computers reduced our desk clutter.

As a result, our creativity improved, and our workflow has consistently increased. Although this may seem like a small thing, this feature alone makes the Logitech Craft worth buying. The marked-up keys for users of various platforms is another thing that makes the keyboard better than average models.

The keys were whisper-quiet on each press, yet these were smooth and responsive. Because of that, we were able to feel each keystroke even if these were inaudible.

The smart illumination’s proximity sensor is also responsive; the keys lit up immediately upon detecting our hands. Also, the backlit keys’ brightness adjustments were perfect for each lighting condition we tested.

Logitech Flow

Like several mice and keyboard models from Logitech, the Craft keyboard is also Flow-enabled. When a device is Flow-enabled, it means that they’ll work with more than one computer. With Logitech Flow, you can connect multiple computers and have a bigger, continuous workspace. All you need is Logitech Options, Flow-enabled devices like the Craft keyboard, and the Flow option enabled in the software.

Flow allows you to drag your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen, to move to another computer. Since you can pair the Logitech Craft with a mouse, you can use both peripherals on different computers. You don’t need to invest in other displays since you can use a laptop or tablet next to your monitor. You can even use older laptop models that doesn’t support Bluetooth connection by utilizing the Unifying Receiver Dongle. With Logitech Flow, you can copy files, documents, and texts, between those computers.

When using this feature, multiple users can work on a single document within a unified environment. Utilizing Logitech Flow requires all computers connected to the same network. The speed of bulk transfers will only be as fast as your network’s speed capacity.

Logitech Flow isn’t like the Options software. In Options, you have different settings for the keyboard and the mouse. The controls for Flow, on the other hand, are only with the mouse. From there, you can access the keyboard settings. Options will auto-detect and connect the Craft keyboard when you do this.

Overall, we were impressed with the performance of this keyboard. It was responsive and quiet in every keypress; plus, the backlit keys’ illumination worked excellently. It also worked smoothly with Logitech Flow, so we were able to use multiple devices with it. Because of that, we’re giving five stars for the Logitech Craft’s excellent performance.

Logitech Craft Review Summary

The Logitech Craft is one of the top-notch keyboards on the market today. Its unique design and impressive features do not only offer aesthetics, but these also enhance your productivity. With this keyboard, working on various creative tasks becomes faster and more enjoyable.

It’s an innovative keyboard that delivers excellent performance, which makes it the perfect choice for every user. If you’re in search for peripherals to make your life easier, this keyboard is suitable for your tasks. It comes with aesthetics, quality, accuracy, responsiveness, ergonomics, and everything else you could ask for. To conclude our Logitech Craft review, we highly recommend this keyboard, especially for content creators.

If you want to have the Logitech Craft, you can purchase it from the company’s official website.