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Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard Review

We got our hands on one of Logitech’s best gaming keyboards. So, we’re featuring it in our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review. 

This keyboard is under the PRO Series SHROUD Edition, and it offers a uniquely exclusive design. It’s also from Logitech G’s favoured and most advanced gaming peripherals with Michael “SHROUD” Grzesiek as its ambassador. 

This unique collaboration is also the company’s first creator-led collaboration to date. 

If you were wondering, Michael Grzesiek is one of the world’s known gaming streamers today. He’s also a former pro-Counter-Strike (Global Offensive) player who chose to be an official brand ambassador for Logitech G. 

Now about the keyboard, it combines a compact TKL design with pro-grade GX Red Linear switches and LIGHTSYNC RGB. It’s also packed with notable features that every gamer would surely love. 

Know more about its features, design, and performance by reading our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review. But before we get into details, let’s take a look at its packaging and contents. 

Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard Packaging

Our keyboard arrived in an all-black box with hints of blue on it. SHROUD is at the centre of the package, and it’s something you definitely won’t miss. 

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Flipping the box gives you the words “Keep Playing”. It’s the company’s tagline for the brand, and it’s a sure way to urge gamers to play. Other than the tagline, you’ll find a list of some of the features offered by the product. 

Opening the box gives you another black box sporting a plain and simple design. Inside this second box, the keyboard is kept secure and protected from any damages that could incur during delivery. 

Aside from the G Pro X SHROUD, the box also contains a switch and keycap puller. It also has a keyboard data cable and a user guide. 

Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

We started inspecting the product for our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review. And the first things we checked out were its design and functions.  

Starting with its surface, the G Pro X SHROUD looks like the Logitech G Pro keyboard from some years ago. Since it targets eSports gamers and audiences, it has a detachable micro USB power cord and a TKL (tenkeyless) layout. These are essential aspects to have on a keyboard for easy travel. 

Its entire body is plain black and has full RGB lighting. So, it isn’t a boring-looking gaming keyboard if that’s what you were thinking. 

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The product has no additional keys and only two buttons at the top for brightness and game mode. This specific mode disables specific keys during game time. 

Yes, the G Pro X SHROUD is the company’s first board sporting swappable key switches. You get the freedom to customise each of its 87 keys however you want.

Sometimes, keys die on your keyboard due to a faulty switch or because you tend to smash them. Don’t worry about swapping your entire keyboard because it isn’t necessary with the G Pro X SHROUD. 

You only need to replace the damaged switch in seconds to get back to gaming or working in an instant. 

The G Pro X SHROUD’s ABS keycaps have an attractively-nice matte finish, and it’s grippier than standard PBT keycaps. To put it simply, it gives you that nice premium feeling that we’re all looking for in a keyboard. 

The G Pro X SHROUD’s ergonomics are good, and it has two diverse incline settings. These are around four and eight degrees based on the markings of the keyboard’s feet. 

Speaking of its feet, they’re rubberised on both the G Pro X SHROUD and its extendable legs. It means it won’t slide anywhere, no matter how rough you use it. 

You can switch its lighting on and off using a physical button next to the Game Mode button. The latter locks the Windows key and other keys by default, making them unresponsive while you’re gaming or working. 

Like the Pro X, you can easily customise the switched off keys. Then, save the profile on the keyboard to use it no matter where you take it. 

Key Features of the Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard

What makes this product stand out from its competitors? We’ll discuss its key features in our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review to find out about these.

Designed for the Pros

The Pro X design is tournament-proven, and now, it comes with swappable professional-grade GX switches. The G Pro X SHROUD is a customisable mechanical gaming keyboard for the world’s top eSports gamers.

User-Swappable GX Mechanical Switches

The G Pro X SHROUD uses advanced GX mechanical switches. Logitech tests the board’s proprietary Logitech G switches for performance, durability, and responsiveness. Customise the feel of your Pro X keyboard with GX Blue Clicky, GX Red Linear, and GX Brown Tactile.

Compact and Ultra-Portable Design

The tenkeyless design of the G Pro X SHROUD allows for more mouse movement. Since its body is durable and compact, it’s easy to pack when travelling.


Customise the G Pro X SHROUD’s lighting and animations via the Logitech G HUB software. The keyboard’s onboard memory lets you save a static lighting design for tournament systems.

Detachable Cable

Since the USB cable of the G Pro X SHROUD is detachable, you can safely transport this in your bag. With the three-pronged design, it ensures an easy and secure connection.

Three Angles and Rubber Feet

The G Pro X SHROUD’s rubber feet keep it in place during the most intense gaming sessions. With its three-step adjustment, you can customise its angle and set it to the most comfortable position for you.

12 Programmable F-Key Macros

Using the Logitech G HUB software, program the keyboard’s F1 to F12 keys with intricate and timed actions or commands.


Let’s look at the keyboard’s specifications in our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review. This product measures 34 x 361 x 153mm (HxWxD) and has a 1.8m detachable cable. 

It comes with GX Red Linear switches with a 1.9mm actuation distance and a 1ms report rate. Also, it has 50g of actuation force and 4.0mm of total travel distance. 

To use the G Pro X SHROUD, you’ll need a USB port to connect it via cable. It’s compatible with Windows 7 and macOS 10.11 or later versions of these operating systems. You’ll also need internet access to download the Logitech G HUB software.

Finally, the keyboard has a two-year limited hardware warranty.

Hands-on with the Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard

We’re also discussing our hands-on experience with the product in our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review. But before that, we’ll talk about the Logitech G HUB  software.

Logitech G HUB Software

As we mentioned, the G Pro X SHROUD works with the Logitech G HUB software. This interface is where you program function keys, customise lighting and set up profiles for specific games and apps.

The G HUB is one of the programs for keyboard customisation. It has a sleek layout that allows easy navigation of menus and options.

With the G Pro X SHROUD, you can create many profiles to save on your PC. That’s because its onboard memory can only store a single keyboard profile. 

The G HUB also has a cloud sync where you can upload profiles for the G Pro X SHROUD. So if you need to use a new computer, you can download the profiles to use them again.

Performance of the Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard

Of course, we’re also sharing our user experience in this Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review. Our overall experience with this product was excellent, and we’ll let you know why.

Since Logitech claims that the G Pro X SHROUD is for eSports gaming, we tested it with eSports titles. All keys were quick and responsive, and we liked the smooth keypresses of the GX Red Linear switches. 

It didn’t matter if we were shooting enemies in FPS or constructing a base in strategy games. This keyboard worked without any delay.

We also had a great typing experience with the G Pro X SHROUD. We barely made mistakes since the keys were perfectly spaced. Plus, the smooth GX Red Linear switches didn’t cause fatigue even during long hours of typing.

This keyboard had superb backlighting. The backlit keys were vibrant, so these were visible even in bright daylight. We didn’t notice and light bleed on the sides of the keycaps.

Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard Review Summary

The G Pro X SHROUD is a solid gaming keyboard with unparalleled feedback and precision. The customisation software is a great extra, and its replaceable key switches make this product exceptional.

Testing the product for our Logitech G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard review allowed us to enjoy its features. It offered an excellent typing and gaming experience, and it had a lot of customisation options.

At its price point, the G Pro X Shroud is not cheap, and you’ll need to spend more for a set of switches. But if you don’t plan to change keys, it’s not overpriced for a high-end keyboard.

If you like changing key switches and customising your keyboard, the G Pro X SHROUD is a good option. Logitech’s products are known for their products’ durability and longevity, and swappable key switches make this keyboard a great deal. 

Check out Logitech’s official product page for more details about the G Pro X SHROUD Edition Keyboard.