logitech tkl g915 Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

What we have today is our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review which focuses on Logitech’s compact and high-performing keyboard. 

It’s a perfect addition to your desk if you prefer having more space, less clutter, and fewer cables to manage. Other than being wireless, the G915 TKL also sports a tenkeyless design, an ultra-slim form, and a durable build.

You’ll have the option to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth, or you can go wireless with a USB-A dongle. 

If this sounds like the product for you, then you’re in the right place.

Here, our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review will discuss everything you’ll need to know about the product. 

Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Packaging

The G915 TKL gaming keyboard we received for this review is the grey version. You can opt for the black version too if this colour isn’t to your liking. 

Our keyboard arrived in your usual cardboard box from Logitech. In front, the company’s branding is set on the lower-left corner while the product’s name is on the upper-right. At the centre, you’ll see an image of the gaming keyboard itself. 

Inside the package, you’ll find the G915 TKL itself with other inclusions. These are the Lightspeed USB receiver, a USB extender, micro-USB cable, and the user documentation. 

Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

When we finished unboxing for the Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review, we saw the product’s full design and build. It’s almost a perfect replica of the G915 Lightspeed which is a full-sized gaming keyboard from Logitech. 

To put it simply, the G915 TKL sports the same svelte, sleek, and classic aesthetics of Lightspeed. And, it comes with a layout that’s thoughtfully designed to have adequate functionality for gamers. 

logitech g915 tkl2 Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

What you’ll first notice with the G915 TKL is the absence of a numpad and the side-flanked, programmable G-macro keys. Logitech omitted these to give you a keyboard that’s compact and sleek for more desk space. 

Its deck is made from an aircraft-grade aluminium-alloy top plate combined with a steel-reinforced plastic base. The latter looks tough and solid which is pretty good in our book. 

It really has an impressive build and design since it measures less than an inch. The entire keyboard, including its keycaps, only measures 0.9”. Then, there are four feet underneath that can manage four and eight-degree adjustments. 

logitech g915 tkl3 Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review logitech g915 tkl4 Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review logitech g915 tkl1 Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

While working on our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review, we also noticed how tough the keycaps felt. They’re quite thin, but despite that, the keys can survive some button-smashing – but how much of it? We can’t really say since Logitech didn’t provide us with any keyboard durability ratings. 

But since everything about the G915 TKL is of premium quality, worrying about it breaking isn’t necessary. Its easy-to-access on/off switch is sturdy, as well as the two sets of flip-out feet underneath. 

Its dongle compartment is solid. So, we’re confident it can keep your dongle in place even when travelling with the keyboard. 

Key Features of the Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard

To know what this product has to offer, we’ll discuss its features in our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review. Let’s find out what special technologies and features make this keyboard stand out on the market.

High-performance Low-profile Mechanical Switches

The G915 TKL comes with advanced GL mechanical switches that are low-profile. These provide the accuracy, speed, and performance of conventional switches but minus the height.

GL switches are thoroughly tested to meet strict responsiveness, accuracy, and endurance requirements.

The Compact and Tenkeyless Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard offers all the advanced technologies of the original G915 but in a compact package. This smaller design allows for portability and gives you more room for mouse movement. For convenience, you can store its USB receiver in the slot along the keyboard’s rear.

Seamless Control

Onboard profiles and game mode provides you with seamless control when using the G915 TKL gaming keyboard. For advanced features, you can access the Logitech G HUB software which you can download for free.

Thin and Refined

The G915 TKL is engineered and refined to have a thin design with no compromise. It’s comfortable, durable, and ready for the most intense gaming sessions. 

Lightspeed Wireless

The professional-grade Lightspeed wireless offers ultra-fast 1ms performance. It also provides full functionality when connected via USB, allowing you to charge while playing.


The smart LIGHTSYNC RGB technology lets you fully customise the lighting of each key across 16.8M colours. You can create animations or select from the available preset effects for an immersive RGB lighting experience.

Nonstop Gaming with the Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard

A single charge of the G915 TKL lets you enjoy nonstop gaming. The keyboard’s battery indicator and G HUB software will notify you when the G915 TKL is running out of charge.

Four hours provide you with a full charge. To continue playing while charging, simply connect the keyboard via micro USB and you’re all set.

Dedicated Media Controls

The onboard media controls of the G915 TKL are right at your fingertips. With these, you can easily play, pause, or skip music & videos, adjust volume, and mute audio.


The keyboard comes with specifications that we’re going through in our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review. It measures 368 x 150 x 22mm, weighs 810g, and has a cable that’s 1.8m long. 

Its low-profile GL tactile key switches have an actuation distance of 1.5mm while its actuation force is 50g. For its total travel distance, it measures 2.7mm. 

The G915 TKL’s battery can last for 40 hours with 100% brightness. Plus, Logitech included a 2-year warranty for the keyboard too. 

Hands-on with the Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard 

Continuing our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review, it’s time for us to look into its performance. 

Is the G915 TKL really durable enough to withstand continuous keyboard smashing? Is it as good as what Logitech claims it to be? We’ll find out. 

Logitech G HUB Software

G HUB is an extensive software that offers a ton of functionality for the G915 TKL. 

It has the “Lightsync Menu” that allows you to program each key’s lighting colours. Aside from this, you can also program the media keys, G logo, and the RGB brightness button.

Additionally, the software comes with nine RGB effects including the standard Screen Sampler and rainbow Wave. The Screen Samples creates an RGB effect that mimics whatever is on the screen. 

On G HUB, you’ll also find the Audio Visualiser RGB effect which comes with advanced settings. These include a percentage for clip & bass zone and mid-high noise thresholds for audio boost. 

Its animations are similar to having more RGB presets with more animated effects such as Verticool. This allows the keyboard to turn blue then green, row by row. Then, there’s Ocean Wave which slowly transitions between shades of sandy cream and blue. 

For its “Assignments Section”, it allows you to program the FN row which includes macros. There are special pre-installed actions that cater to gamers that utilise OBS, Overwolf, or Discord. 

Using the Keyboard

Now, we will discuss its performance in our Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard review. Its tactile GI switches were excellent for FP and competitive shooting games. For the linear ones, these were ideal for action and MMO games.

During our tests, all the keys were responsive and fast, and with short travel, doing long presses weren’t tiresome. This was especially true for games like Battlefield V when following leading soldiers. 

The bump felt less pronounced compared to the classic Cherry MX Brown switch. Pressing the keys was quick and easy just like with rapid inputs.

Compared to other gaming keyboards, the G915 TKL was excellent for typing. It allowed us to breeze through daily emails and get loads of work done with no issues or problems. Using the keyboard for both daily tasks or beating game opponents was perfect, and we loved everything about it.

Connectivity and Battery Life

After utilising the G915 TKL for more than a week, we never experienced any dropouts with its wireless dongle. Just as Logitech claimed, its Lightspeed wireless dongle technology allowed us to have a pro-grade wireless connection. 

We don’t usually recommend utilising Bluetooth over dongle connections during intense gaming. It’s no different with the G915 TKL since it has Lightspeed on it. 

Specifically, this technology is what everyone’s paying for when it comes to the keyboard. So, it’s best to use it instead of going for the dongle connection. But despite this, the G915 TKL displayed reliable Bluetooth connections throughout the time we used the keyboard.

Lastly, battery life was adequate, giving us 40 hours of gaming time even when we had its brightness at 100%. Though it did drop slightly when we utilised the RGB lighting effects. 

But worry not since you can still enjoy its RGB lights without having to charge every couple of days. 

Logitech G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard Review Summary

The Logitech G915 TKL is an impressive mechanical gaming keyboard. It offers tons of great features such as its compact design, connectivity with multiple devices, full RGB backlighting, and more. Not only that, you can use it with both Windows and macOS without any connectivity issues.

This stunning product is customisable via its complementary Logitech G HUB software which is free to download. And most importantly, it’s great for both intensive gaming and completing daily tasks for work.

With its aesthetics, features, and reliability, we highly recommend the Logitech G915 TKL. If you want this mechanical gaming keyboard, you can purchase it from the company’s official website.