katana superlight Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review

Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review

Today, we have our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review to discuss this lightweight mouse.

Ninjutso came around in 2019. The company made a massive impact in the gaming industry with its hole-free, lightweight, and affordable gaming mice.

A few years back, Ninjutso introduced their wired Katana Superlight mouse. Early this year, they decided to give us the wireless version.  

The Katana Superlight isn’t only light, but it’s also packed with outstanding features every gamer would love. 

We’ll share how the mouse stacks up to the market based on quality, performance, design, build, etc. But before we get to those, let’s see its packaging and contents.

Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Packaging

Our mouse arrived in time for our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review, and it came in a clean-looking box. We love its minimalist aesthetic, giving the product a premium feel. 

ninjutsu katana mouse review1 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review9 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review2 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review

The front shows you an image of the mouse at the centre. The mouse comes in two colours, black and white. So depending on the shade you choose, that’s the mouse displayed on your package. 

Everything was organised and neat inside: its charging cables were secure in a little box in the primary package. Other than the Katana Superlight, you’ll find a USB receiver, USB extension cable, and a MagEase magnetic charging cable. The company also included a user information guide in the package for your reference.  

Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review focuses on the mouse’s design and functionality. Design-wise, we knew it was a lightweight mouse. But when we got our hands on it, we didn’t expect it to be this lightweight. 

It’s the lightest mouse on the market and follows the same trend as the company’s Origin One X. Its minimalist design gives a smooth body, and the plastic’s feel has a slight graininess that helps improve your grip. 

ninjutsu katana mouse review3 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review4 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review5 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review6 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review7 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review ninjutsu katana mouse review8 Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review

Minimal branding is present on the mouse with a silverish grey logo at the base. Its shell feels solid with no flex, creaks, or any weaknesses, making it a solid mouse to have.  

There wasn’t any bottom flex. The only looseness came from slight rattling on the scroll wheel when we shook the mouse hard. 

The base of the Katana Superlight features two larger skates and a sensor ring along with the PAW3370 sensor. Its feet are 100% PTFE-made, so they’re thick and sturdy for prolonged use. Additionally, it comes with a sensor ring ideal for balance.  

Buttons, Switches, and Scroll Wheel

Of course, we didn’t skip on these essential parts in our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review. And starting with its switches, the mouse uses Huano Pink Dot switches rated for 10 million clicks. That number’s extremely low compared to its competition. 

Its scroll wheel has the same design as the Origin One X and uses a TTC-gold core encoder. The Katana Superlight’s wheel has an efficient grip with good tactility. You’ll instantly feel each step since there’s light tensioning present. 

The middle click feels good and satisfying with a medium amount of travel, giving you a great-sounding click. 

When we talk about its mouse wheel, it feels better than past Ninjutso mice. However, we love the extra tactile feedback from scrolling on the Katana Superlight. 

Its side buttons are well-placed, and we found these easy to activate without changing our grip. It’s situated on the left side and has a similar shape to the buttons of the G Pro Wireless. 

These have loud and crispy responses, as well as excellent tactility. However, we noticed a slight post-travel when using the mouse. The side buttons protrude slightly, and these have a bit of a hollow and loose feel when clicked. 

Key Features of the Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse

What makes this mouse better than its original wired version? Let’s discuss its key features in our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review.

The Lightest Mouse and Thinnest Shell in the Industry

Xtrfy spent over a year on repeated research and development to create the thinnest mouse shell in the industry. As a result, the Katana Superlight has a 0.6mm thin shell with a total weight of only 60g. And even with reduced weight, it doesn’t compromise integrity.

Fit for All Grip Styles

The shape is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mouse. And that’s not a problem with the Katana Superlight since it’s suitable for all grip styles. 

Charging with the Magnetic Cable

If the Katana Superlight runs out of battery, connect the magnetic cable to recharge.

V2 SnappyFire Wireless

The V2 SnappyFire Wireless technology offers zero lag and zero delays. Its seamless frequency-hopping delivers ultra-low latency that feels like you’re using a wired mouse.

Full Precision with PAW3370

With the Katana Superlight, you can aim like a bot because of the Pixart PAW3370. This industry-leading optical sensor allows fine movements with 1:1 tracking from your hand to the screen.

Improved V2 Assassin Feet

There’s no need to replace the Katana Superlight’s feet with an aftermarket product. Ninjutso used the improved V2 100% PTFE Assassin Feet with extra rounded edges and 0.7mm thickness. These provide fast, buttery smooth gliding and are also more durable.

Plug-and-Play and Customise

The Katana Superlight has a plug-and-play design making it ready to use once out of the box. But what makes it great is it gives you more options. You can customise advanced features like LOD, debounce time, macros, and other settings via its software.

The mouse also has onboard memory for you to save your presets.


Although it’s just a mouse, we need to know the specifications of the Katana Superlight. So we’re discussing those in our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review. 

The mouse has a battery life of 96h and a 2.4GHz USB connection and uses a PAW3370 optical sensor. 

This gaming mouse uses the Huano switch, has a 19000 dpi, and a maximum acceleration of 50G. This switch feels good and is enjoyable to use even when gaming. 

You’ll find six buttons on the mouse and a scroll wheel too. 

Speaking of its dimensions, the Katana Superlight measures 60 x 125 x 39.2mm (WxDxH) and weighs 60g.

Hands-on with the Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse

We’re sharing our hands-on experience in this Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review to let you know how the mouse works. We used the Katana Superlight for two weeks to see if it’s a good mouse to purchase. 

The Ninjutso software for Katana Superlight is a lightweight program with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can customise all the standard setups like DPI values, polling rate, key assignments, debounce times, and lift-off distance. 

We appreciate how Ninjutso designed its software’s layout since everything is on one page and easy to sort through. 

You’ll find an indicator close to the top showing the mouse’s current DPI value and battery life. 

All options have their tabs, and the first tab has button remapping to mouse, media, keyboard, and macro functions. 

The second tab has CPI adjustments. It goes up to four colour-coded levels ranging from 50 to 16,000 in increments of 50. 

Debounce Time stands for instant latency that you can adjust from 0 to 20ms in increments of 1. Other options include polling rate, lift-off distance, and the ability to set x & y-sensitivities. 

The last tab holds the macro editor. 

You can also find program management. When applied, all the settings are on the onboard memory. That means you don’t need to keep the software running. 

Because of the software’s customisation abilities, the mouse can recycle CPI levels and polling rates via its two buttons. 

The software is generally responsive and light, just like how a mouse software should be. We didn’t notice any clunky performance, obtrusive marketing, or clogged UIs. 

The mouse’s performance was excellent, and we didn’t experience any issues when we used it. Its tracking, LOD and latency were notable, plus it was well-tuned out of the box. Because of these, our performance was stable and consistent. 

It wasn’t our top performing shape. However, it still met our expectations and gave us a comfortable platform to focus on games. 

We also think the mouse is well-suited for tactical shooters where holding angles and crosshair placement is vital. It’s because we felt lots of consistency and reliability during our tests. 

Its battery lasts up to 96 hours of use on a full charge. And considering we already highly rated the Ninjutso Origin One X’s battery life, the Katana Superlight lasted even longer. We went through a week of frequent use without charging it.

Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse Review Summary

The Katana Superlight has a lot of great things to offer. It has a long battery life and a top-notch sensor necessary for enjoyable gaming and better performance.

This mouse has an excellent build quality that feels durable enough to withstand rough handling during intense gaming sessions. And thanks to its sensor and V2 SnappyFire Wireless technology, it delivers flawless performance. 

When we used the product for our Ninjutso Katana Superlight Mouse review, we had a better gaming experience. It didn’t have any issues or hiccups in our tested games. The Katana Superlight’s speed, quality, and excellent build make it an ideal option for a wireless mouse.

It may not be the cheapest, but it offers good value. With that, we highly recommend the Katana Superlight.

To learn more about the Katana Superlight Mouse, check out Nnjutso’s official product page for more details.