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Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review

We are writing this Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review to look into this wireless gaming mouse from Roccat. The company is known for offering the best value gaming peripherals. And today, it will impress us with sits Kone Air. 

It is a mid-range wireless mouse that offers a solid array of features that are excellent for its price. These include up to 800 hours of battery life, a 19K DPI sensor, etc. 

On paper, Kone Air is the best value for money. However, does it work efficiently for various tasks? Let us find out in our Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review.

Roccat Kone Air Mouse Packaging

Our white Kone Air shipped in a typical-looking mouse package made of thick cardboard. In front, you will find an image of the product, its name, and the company branding. At the back of the box, you will find its key features.

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Roccat ensured the mouse was secure by surrounding it with a thick cardboard piece. It is also wrapped in plastic to guarantee safety. Aside from the mouse, the box includes one AA alkaline battery, a 2.4GHz wireless receiver, and a quick-start guide. 

Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

Let us continue our Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review and look into the design and functions of the product. 

The Kone series is known for its comfortable yet chunky form factor that pairs nicely with plenty of programmable buttons. Aside from these, the mouse also has unique RGB lighting effects that are eye-catching. 

Its construction is primarily solid, though it also has a textured plastic finish. The latter feels good to the touch, while the rubberised grips give you comfort while using the mouse for hours.  

The Kone Air is an excellent option for users with large hands. Plus, its matte finish helps keep your grip firm on the mouse. 

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The finish goes towards the middle of the product and on its primary buttons. The mouse uses textured and rubberised grips on either side for optimised and easier hold. 

Its base features large PTFE glide pads to give the mouse smoother and larger sweeping movements. Plus, you will find the on/off switch on its underside. Conveniently, it also lets you choose between Bluetooth/2.4GHz wireless modes. 

There are no USB ports for charging since the mouse uses AA batteries. However, it is generally efficient since batteries are always replaceable. Plus, it means the mouse can last longer than other mice that use integrated batteries that wear out over time.  

Moreover, you do not need cables to charge the product, thus, freeing up space on your desk. 

The Roccat Kone Air differs significantly from its XP counterparts by forgoing the flashy design elements. Unlike its predecessors, the Kone Air has more subtle features. The design is likely to conserve power for its impressive 800-hour battery life. 

We cannot deny that the extended battery life is a valuable feature. However, there is untapped potential for Kone Air to explore. 

Buttons and Switches

The mouse sports an ergonomic design with a comfortable indent on the left side for the thumb. Additionally, a thumb rest complements this indent. 

The left-hand side has two buttons that are programmable for gaming. They have a convenient position that is within easy reach during intense gameplay. Moreover, there is a third button beneath the thumb. 

This button activates the Easy-Shift[+] mode to provide an additional layer of programming functionality. It lets you double your nine programmable inputs, creating a total of 17. 

Resistance is impressive and can withstand accidental presses, thanks to its size. It makes it easier to hit with the knuckle when necessary but does not hinder everyday use.

You can adjust the mouse DPI level using the button behind the mouse wheel. In addition, it has five settings available for quick changes. Overall, the Kone Air is comfortable to use and has features tailored to your needs. 

Key Features of the Roccat Kone Air Mouse

In our Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review, we made a list of all the product features for you to know what it can offer. These will help determine if the mouse has everything to suit your needs. 

Manage and Take Control of Your Activities

The ergonomic shape and form of the mouse are due to years of perfect refinement and effort from Roccat. It also guarantees long-term comfort due to its rubber side grips. 

Roccat integrates the Easy-Shift[+] duplicator technology that works by expanding nine dedicated buttons to 17 programmable functions. 

Extreme Versatility

Flicking a switch allows swapping between Bluetooth for more versatility and 2.4GHz Stellar Wireless for low-latency gaming. 

The Roccat Kone Air Mouse for Long Hours of Gaming

You can maximise the battery life of Kone Air by inserting two AA alkaline batteries. However, doing this will increase its weight. Use a single battery if you prefer having a lightweight mouse for gaming.

Titan Optical Switch

The Titan Optical Switches from Roccat offer instant actuation, giving you a competitive edge in games. Plus, it has a 100 million click life cycle for unparalleled durability.

Later in our Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review, we will discuss our user experience during our tests. We will also explain how well the Titan Optical Switches performed.

Smooth and Accurate Movements with the Owl-Eye 19K DPI 

The Owl-Eye 19K DPI Optical Sensor allows you to enjoy pinpoint accuracy and many skill shots. Also, you can move the Kone Air smoothly with heat-treated pure PTFE glides.


We will discuss the product specifications in this section of our Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review. Here, we listed all its specs to make it easier for you to scan through. 

General Specifications

  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz Stellar Wireless via USB-A Receiver
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • On-board memory: 1 Profile
  • USB Report Rate: 1,000 Hz
  • Battery: 1/2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Switches: ROCCAT Titan Switch Optical
  • Life Cycle of Switches: 100 million clicks
  • Software: ROCCAT Swarm

Roccat Kone Air Mouse Sensor 

  • Sensor: ROCCAT® Owl-Eye 19K Optical Sensor
  • 50g acceleration
  • Minimum/maximum DPI: 50 | 19000

Dimensions and Compatibility

  • Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 8.2 x 4.3cm
  • Weight: 96g (no batteries) and 119g (with one AA battery)
  • USB 2.0 (or higher)
  • Windows 7 and above (software support)
  • Internet connection (for driver software)

Hands-on with the Roccat Kone Air Mouse 

We will focus on our hands-on experience in this Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review. But before that, we will discuss all the necessary information about the Roccat Swarm software.

Roccat Swarm

Roccat Swarm is the utility software for Kone Air and other Roccat products. Accessing this program allows remapping buttons and adjusting the DPI of the Kone Air.

Although Kone Air has seven buttons, it has 17 programmable inputs. And as mentioned, you can access the secondary function using the Easy-Shift[+] button.

Roccat Swarm has a simple interface with appealing aesthetics. Its clean layout makes it easy to navigate menus and options.

Performance of the Kone Air Mouse

Kone Air makes for an excellent FPS mouse. It works perfectly for titles like Apex Legends and CS: GO due to its accurate and responsive tracking. Plus, the PTFE glides make moving smoother, easier, and faster. 

The Titan Optical Switches are satisfying since they are snappy. Although these need more force than lighter gaming mice, the switches do not break our gaming experience. 

We also have no complaints about the Owl-Eye optical sensor since it offers smooth tracking across different surfaces. In addition, it does not have noticeable dragging even when we set the mouse at 3,200 DPI. Aside from that, it maintained an accurate lift-off distance.

Some users may need a few days to get used to its size, especially if your previous mouse is lightweight. Also, others may be unable to make agile and nimble movements due to the weight of this mouse. However, it should be fine for most casual gamers.

Connectivity is another thing we appreciate about Kone Air. Whether we use the 2.4GHz wireless receiver or Bluetooth, the mouse delivers seamless performance. Also, switching between both connection options is quick and easy.

Since Kone Air has no RGB lighting, it can last long on AA batteries. It is excellent for those who want a minimalist setup. This mouse delivers an 800-hour battery life, so we did not need to replace the batteries for a whole week.

Even when gaming for over eight hours on some days, the battery of Krone Air lasts long. It also retains its responsiveness when used for long periods.

Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review Summary

Kone Air is another excellent wireless gaming mouse from Roccat. It is ideal if you have large hands and do not like RGB lighting. This mouse has all the essential specs and features to boost your gaming performance and experience.

This wireless gaming mouse shines on its comfortable frame and rubberised sides that offer extra grip. It also has a fantastic battery life and a user-friendly software interface for configuring various settings.

The product performed flawlessly in our tests for this Roccat Kone Air Mouse Review. It offered excellent sensitivity and responsiveness without issues like dragging. Overall, we highly recommend Kone Air for its superior performance and affordable price.

Learn more about the Kone Air Mouse by visiting the official Roccat product page for additional details.