roccat vulcan max banner Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review

Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review

Roccat is a brand worth considering when searching for a high-quality gaming keyboard. Today, we will look into one of their keyboards in our Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review.

The Vulcan II Max keyboard stands out from the company line-up. It is a top-of-the-line product that incorporates current technological advancements. 

This keyboard is the larger version of the recently released Vulcan II Mini and shares many of the same features. These include the Roccat Titan II optical switches, 24 Smart dual-LED switches, an anodised aluminium top plate, and more. 

Read more about the product in our Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review. to learn about its best features, design, functions, and more. 

Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Packaging

Our keyboard shipped in a standard-looking keyboard box with an image of it in front, its name, and company branding. In addition, the back of the box features another visual representation of the product with the keyboard features.

roccat vulcan ii max review1 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review

Inside the package, the keyboard ships with a detachable palm rest and a quick-start guide.  

Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

Before we look into its features, specs, and performance, our Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review will discuss its design. We will also share details on the keyboard functions to determine the differences and similarities with its smaller version. 

The keyboard has a full-sized design and a slim, lightweight plastic chassis. It even features an anodised aluminium top plate for increased durability. 

The Vulcan II Max measures 463 x 154mm, with an 82.6mm detachable wrist rest. We are reviewing the white variant with a matte silver top plate and mirrored border.

roccat vulcan ii max review2 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review roccat vulcan ii max review3 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review roccat vulcan ii max review4 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review roccat vulcan ii max review6 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review roccat vulcan ii max review5 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review roccat vulcan ii max review7 Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review

Despite weighing only 1040g, the keyboard stays in place while you type, thanks to its anti-slip strips. Additionally, it provides three levels of tilt adjustment via its two sets of flip-out feet. Each foot has anti-slip strips as well. 

The keyboard has a fixed 1.8m braided cord with two USB-A ports. You can find it at the top of the board, and note there are unavailable wireless versions.

The keyboard features dedicated media buttons and a volume roller. It also includes Easy-Shift+, which provides additional shortcuts and alternate functions.

The switch base of the keyboard is clear, and the keys sit on top of it. This setup and design allow the RGB lighting to shine through. 

This style format looks efficient and is practical against dust/dirt falling into the keyboard. Instead of particles getting stuck below the keycap, these will sit on the base. 

There are two types of switches available: tactile brown and linear red. Although they appear similar on paper, the brown ones have a slightly higher actuation point and produce a lighter sound. On the other hand, the red switches allow for faster key presses but lack a satisfying click.

The Easy-Shift button duplicator technology is included in the keyboard, providing an extra layer of functionality. This technology allows keys to switch to alternate functions when pressing the Fn key. 

Additionally, 24 smart keys offer even more secondary functions. The keyboard is capable of storing up to five loaded profiles.

Key Features of the Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard

Before looking deeper into the keyboard, our Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review will list its primary features. These will help determine if this product is worth adding to your setup. 

Second Generation Titan Optical Switches

The Vulcan II Max uses the new and improved second-generation Titan optical switches (TII Optical). As a result, it offers smoother keypresses with increased customisation potential.

TII Optical red switches have a smooth, instant actuation, making them perfect for competitive games. In addition, these are ideal for rapid, precise, and quick presses.

On the other hand, the TII Optical brown switches have a gentle bump in mid-press. These are best for gamers who want light keypresses with tactile feedback.

EZ Functions

Easy-Shift [+] is a unique feature that lets you unlock a programmable second layer on the 24 multi-function Smart Keys. Plus, the Vulcan II Max has a LED indicator that shows if the secondary functions are active.

Stunning Illumination with AIMO 

AIMO lighting offers twice the refresh rate of a standard gaming keyboard. As a result, it produces smooth and vibrant lighting, which you can sync with compatible AIMO-enabled products.

Aluminium Top Plate of the Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard 

Anodised aluminium plate protects the keyboard from wear and tear while reinforcing its structural integrity. This material increases the durability of the Vulcan II Max.

Dedicated Media Controls

The Vulcan II Max has a complete set of media keys and a push-to-mute volume knob. Media control is under your fingertips, so your gaming will have no interruptions.

Onboard Profiles and Detachable Palm Rest

You can customise lighting, reassign keys, and do more configurations via Roccat Swarm. You can also save up to four profiles directly on the keyboard.

The detachable translucent palm rest offers a stunning light show.

Next, let us discuss the product specifications of the Vulcan II Max Keyboard. 


  • Adjustable Height: Yes, with a double kickstand
  • Cable: 1.8m 2x USB-A
  • Form Factor: Full Size
  • Keyboard Rollover: Full-key (NKRO) with 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • Onboard memory: 4MB
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex M3
  • Profile Onboard: 4
  • RGB: per-key illumination with 16.8 million colours + 24 smart keys
  • Software: ROCCAT SWARM
  • Switch Lifecycle: Tested to 100 million

TITAN II Optical Switches

TITAN II Optical Red

  • 1.4mm Actuation Point
  • Linear
  • 3.6mm Travel Distance

TITAN II Optical Brown

  • 1.8 mm Actuation Point
  • Tactile
  • 3.6 mm Travel Distance

Hands-on with the Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard

Now, our Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review will focus on the performance of this product. We used it for a week to see how well it functions. But before that, let us discuss the keyboard.  

The Roccat Swarm software is necessary for configuring your keyboard. You can download it from the official website of Roccat. 

The app has a neat and organised layout with plenty of advanced features once you become familiar with it. Swarm enables you to customise the RGBs, including AIMO. It adjusts the lighting naturally without requiring any manual adjustments. 

You can also customise individual lighting and modify the lighting that illuminates the wrist rest.

The Vulcan II Max, powered by the Roccat Swarm software, provides an array of programming and feature controls. It includes clicking-sound feedback, character repeat, and profile cycling.

With the keys assignment feature in the software, programming macros onto the keyboard is a breeze. It also has a distinct feature – the Easy-Shift technology – for assigning a complete second set of functions to the keys. Moreover, you can effortlessly switch between the two with a predetermined modifier key.

We were pleased with its setup process while testing the product for this Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review. All we had to do was connect the hardwired 1.8m USB cable. 

The end of the cord has two USB-A connections, which are usually necessary to make RGB lighting work. However, the lighting of the Vulcan II Max works well even when we only use one USB-A cable. 

Once connected, our PC immediately detected the keyboard.

As we mentioned, the Vulcan II Max can have the TII optical mouse has two options: brown and red. These switches are responsive and quick with a 1.4mm actuation distance, so pressing hard is unnecessary. Moreover, using this keyboard does not require extensive force since they already respond with light presses.

Some people may find the Vulcan II Max too sensitive upon first use. Other users may need time to get used to its keys and require you to be highly accurate. 

Although the keys are sensitive, we have no instances of accidentally typing in random letters when we accidentally press keys. Furthermore, we did not experience any issues with the mouse during our tests.

The thin, lightweight ABS keycaps without walls expose the key switches, making these flat and slippery. But despite that, these perform well and allow users to execute actions faster.

Some people think this keyboard is unsuitable for gamers prone to sweating. Fortunately, you can replace the keycaps with third-party cross-mounted ones.

The media controller looks standard, but we appreciate its ease of access. It allows us to control our audio on the fly. These buttons offer satisfying tactile feedback and are all responsive without latency.

Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review Summary

The Vulcan II Max is an exceptional keyboard with a stunning RGB light show. Although it is pricey, it offers more than aesthetics. This keyboard has superior functionality that will please hardcore gamers and power users. 

When we tested the product for our Roccat Vulcan II Max Keyboard Review, we were impressed with its responsiveness. Light keypresses are registered, allowing us to execute moves fast in games.

Despite being expensive, its premium features will please gamers and general users. It performs excellently, has a user-friendly software utility, and displays impressive RGB lights. We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a high-quality keyboard.

Visit the official Roccat product page for more details about the Vulcan II Max Keyboard.