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Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review

When we speak of gaming mice, only a few names are as good and reliable as Roccat. So today, we’re sharing our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review that focuses on the Kone XP. 

Since the company’s release of the Kone (2007), Roccat maintained its production of excellent gaming mice. After a couple of years, the company made an update to the Kone, and this is the Kone XP. 

Roccat claims the Kone XP has a lot of enhancements and improvements, so we’re here to find out. The Kone XP has excellent ergonomics, 15 buttons, the Titan Optical switches, plus attractive RGB lights, among others. 

It also has other notable features, but are these worth the purchase? Continue reading our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review to learn more about the gaming mouse from Roccat.

Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Packaging

Let’s begin Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review by looking at the mouse’s packaging and contents. By the way, the mouse we have for this review is the Arctic White version. So, you’ll find an image of that specific product on the front portion of the package. 

roccat kone xp review1 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review2 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review3 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review

Aside from the image, you’ll find Roccat’s branding and the product’s name shown in front. You’ll also see the main features displayed on this part of the box. 

Inside, Roccat’s packaging of the mouse and other inclusions are excellent. That means you won’t have to worry about any damage to the product during shipping. 

Other than the mouse, you’ll also find a quick-start guide and an additional set of mouse feet in the box. 

Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

Continuing our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review, let’s look into its design and functions. 

The Kone XP takes most of its design from Roccat’s AIMO Remastered. So we’re naming some of the differences between the two. 

The Kone XP is lighter than its predecessor, and it’s slightly thinner too. It’s also more interesting because of its 3D RGB lighting, but the mouse is more than just its looks. 

roccat kone xp review4 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review5 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review7 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review6 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review8 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review9 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review roccat kone xp review10 Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review

Under the hood, the mouse sports the usual hardware we expected from the company. The Kone XP uses the Owl-Eye optical sensor from Roccat that’s capable of up to 19,000 DPI. It can even accurately track the movements of your mouse. 

The Kone XP features an adjustable lift-off distance that you can calibrate via Roccat’s Swarm software. Other highlights of the mouse are its 1,000Hz polling rate and debounce time. 

Secondly, the mouse utilises optical switches instead of mechanical ones, which are common on other gaming mice. It only means these will last longer, actuate better, and won’t let you down.

What’s more, the mouse gives a satisfying response. However, it’s not as clicky as those from SteelSeries’ mice. 

Ergonomics of the Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse

Another aspect we love about Roccat’s products is the ergonomics, so we appreciate that of the Kone XP too. It’s a right-handed mouse and is perfect for users with larger hands. It’s also ideal for users who love lots of comfort with a good fit.

The mouse has a slight slope on its side and provides a good thumb rest. Its buttons are well laid out and positioned adequately for easy reach. 


If you love buttons, you’ll enjoy pressing Kone XP’s buttons. It has a total of 15 that are programmable via Roccat’s software. Set up to 29 functions to allow easy access while being used. 

The left portion of the mouse features four thumb buttons, while another is on the thumb rest. The button marked with a plus symbol (the one on the thumb rest) is the mouse’s Easy-Shift[+] button. 

It’s a push-to-toggle button that works like the FN button on keyboards. When you press it, the Easy-Shift[+] opens another set of actions on the other buttons. You can customise these additional actions via Swarm, but its default settings are good enough.

The front of the mouse features the DPI up/down buttons which are also reprogrammable. There’s a big button behind the mouse wheel – the profile button. Press it to cycle between profiles you can set via software. 

As you press it, the RGBs change in colour, which helps determine the profile currently in use. The mouse wheel even has options. And because it’s 4D, you can push it in/roll it back and forth. 

Simply put, there are a ton of customisation options on the mouse. So if you’re an RPG or MMO gamer, you’ll love everything about the mouse.

Key Features of the Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse

We’re discussing the product’s key features in our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review. Here, we’ll find out what makes it better than the competition.

Kone XP AR Experience

Scanning the Kone XP’s QR code with your smartphone gives you Roccat’s AR experience. It will allow you to see how the mouse will look with your setup.

Iconic Ergonomics with Multiple Buttons

The Kone XP features a refined shape for superior ergonomics and comfort. It also has 15 buttons and an Easy-Shift[+] duplicator technology that gives you up to 29 button functions.

Krystal 4D Wheel

The mouse’s left and right lateral inputs increase the standard vertical click and scroll functionality. The best thing is Roccat delivers all of these with the company’s signature tactile feel.

The Krystal 4D Wheel also uses translucent materials to diffuse RGB lighting. 

Titan Switch Optical on the Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse

Roccat’s Titan Switch Optical offers tactile, responsive clicks with ultra-fast actuation for unparalleled precision and speed. It’s faster and more durable than mechanical switches since it has a lifespan of 100M clicks.

3D RGB Lighting

The Kone XP’s translucent shell allows for the most attractive illumination of the mouse’s 22 LEDs and eight light guides. This 3D RGB will give you the most immersive lighting experience.

NVIDIA Reflex Compatible

With NVIDIA Reflex, you can take advantage of the Kone XP’s full potential. NVIDIA Reflex uses Geforce RTX 30 Series GPUs with NVIDIA G-SYNC monitors to deliver the lowest latencies and fastest responsiveness.

Since the Kone XP is compatible with NVIDIA Reflex, you can achieve precise aiming and execute actions quicker.


Let’s focus on the specifications of the mouse in this part of our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review. 

It uses an Owl-Eye 19K optical sensor from Roccat and has the PAW3370. Its minimum and maximum DPI levels are 50 and 19,000, respectively, and it works with all game genres. 

The mouse sports the Roccat Titan optical switches with a 100M click life cycle and 15 buttons. There are 29 programmable buttons, while five thumb buttons are present. 

The Kone XP supports all grip styles and has a grip width of 59mm. Plus, it has a 1.8m cable length which is adequate for use. 

The mouse measures 126 x 40 x 76mm (LxHxW) and weighs 104g.

Hands-on with the Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse

We tested the product for our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review and immediately recognised its excellent performance. Thanks to its maximum DPI of 19,000 and the Owl-Eye optical sensor, it delivered exceptional performance, especially in games.

We used the mouse for daily work and gaming for two weeks and tested it in more demanding scenarios. Also, we checked its in-game performance in multiple titles and set macro buttons. 

To our surprise, it was fast, responsive, and precise. Even the programmable buttons delivered the same responsiveness as the main buttons. 

The Titan Switch Optical performed as advertised. It was faster, more tactile, and more accurate than regular mechanical switches.

With its NVIDIA Reflex compatibility, we plated compatible games and enjoyed the ultra-low latency. It kept up with demanding game categories like MOBA, FPS, and RTS.

We also enjoyed tweaking the programmable buttons via Roccat’s Swarm software. Its simple interface made customising easy.

Even for everyday use, this mouse worked perfectly. It performed well when we switched between windows, scrolled pages, and did other work-related tasks. Another thing we liked is its simplicity:  plug it in, and it’s ready to use.

Overall, the Kone XP is an excellent mouse making it ideal for gaming and everyday use. It performs well at all tasks, and its unique features offer more convenience for better gameplay and workflow.

Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review Summary

The Roccat Kone XP is a superb and affordable gaming mouse that’s rich in features. It’s another impressive addition to Roccat’s series of gaming mice. Its 19,000 DPI sensor and 3D RGB lighting are some new elements that make it better than its predecessors.

This gaming mouse has a great ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable to hold. After testing it for two weeks for our Roccat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review, we didn’t suffer from wrist strain. Its heat-treated PTFE feet allow the Kone XP to provide smoother and easier gliding on most surfaces. 

It has a gorgeous design and superior performance, making it worth the purchase and easy to recommend. To learn more about the Kone XP Gaming Mouse, visit Roccat’s official product page for more details.