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Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review

The Burst Pro Air is a promising wireless mouse. And today, we will feature it in our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review. 

This mouse is considered one of the best products the company has released. It sports excellent lighting, notable performance, and a distinct design. Also, the mouse has a decent price point which is not as much as usual high-end wireless mice. 

But will the product be suitable for your needs and requirements? Let us find out and continue reading our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review. 

Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Packaging

Our mouse arrived in time for this review, so we were excited to unbox and check out what Roccat included. The product shipped in a basic black cardboard box with an image of the mouse in front. The lit RGBs shown on the package give you an idea of how it looks. 

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In front, you will also find the company and the unit name written. It also indicates the mouse uses the Titan optical switch to provide a stellar wireless connection. 

Of course, we also checked inside the box for our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review. Although excited, the only items we found in the box were the Burst Pro Air and a quick start guide. 

Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The mouse we received for this review is the black-coloured version. It looks sleek and classy, which is perfect for our setup. 

The middle shell of the Burst Pro Air is semi-transparent, which makes the honeycomb RGB lighting stand out. Usually, RGB lighting on a gaming mouse can be useless because your hand covers it, but not in this case. The mouse has four RGB zones, and its colours alternate beautifully. 

The product is easy to carry and use for lengthy gaming sessions because of its streamlined and lightweight chassis. Also, Roccat claims and advertises the mouse as having a symmetrical shape for comfort and performance.

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However, the mouse is not entirely symmetrical because it only has two thumb buttons on the left side. It is above the rest for your right thumb. Left-handed players who may have hoped for an ambidextrous design will not benefit much from this.

While writing our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review, we also found the DPI button below its central wheel. It allows you to switch between presets to customise its resolution for all your games. 

Under the mouse, two switches allow you to choose between Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless technology. There is also a button that connects the switches.

Additionally, the mouse comes with the Phantom Flex cable for charging and heat-treated PTFE feet on the bottom. They help provide a more fluid movement.

By mouse standards, it is medium-sized and lightweight at 81g. The mouse has a symmetrical design and is water and dust-proof thanks to its shell. Also, it supports NVIDIA Reflex, a programme that uses GPU and game optimisation to lower latency.

The mouse sports Titan switches which is what Roccat refers to as the TTC opticals. These are switches that utilise light induction to trigger presses. 

These types of switches are faster compared to mechanical switches. So having these on the mouse is excellent. 

The Burst Pro Air shines with the AIMO lighting system from Roccat. AIMO automatically changes the RGB lighting of Roccat peripherals based on the current content on your screen.

It can produce captivating designs since the mouse features intricate honeycomb lighting patterns on the top and bottom. You can also go for a variety of solid colour selections or more conventional rainbow options.

Key Features of the Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse

We listed the features of the mouse that we will discuss in our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review. These will help you determine if the mouse is ideal for your setup. 

Symmetrical Shape

The Burst Pro Air has a symmetrical shape that offers more comfort than other mice. Its ergonomic design that Roccat crafted from scratch allows you to perform at your best without feeling any discomfort.

Stellar Wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth

When using the Burst Air Pro, you can choose from two wireless modes: 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 5.2. It has a 100-hour battery life on a single charge, giving you uninterrupted gaming sessions. Plus, a 10-minute quick charge gives you five hours of playtime.

Roccat Bionic Shell

The Burst Pro Air weighs 81g and has a dust and water-resistant Bionic Shell. With four AIMO RGB zones, you can enjoy an enhanced RGB display.

Titan Switch Optical

The Roccat Titan Switch Optical is faster than other mechanical switches. It has a 100 million click cycle and high-speed actuation for excellent precision. Plus, you can adjust the debounce time of the mouse.

ROCCAT Owl-Eye Optical Sensor

The Owl-Eye optical sensor offers 19K DPI and 400 IPS tracking speed. It also has excellent power efficiency while enabling smooth, precise tracking.

NVIDIA Reflex Compatible

While writing our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review, we learned the mouse is compatible with the NVIDIA Reflex.

It offers sub-25ms response times thanks to NVIDIA G-SYNC displays and GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs. NVIDIA Reflex compatibility with the Burst Pro Air lets you acquire targets more quickly and accurately.


Here are the product specifications, which we will share in our Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review. The mouse uses the Owl-Eye 19K optical sensor based on the PAW 3370. It has an adjustable lift-off distance, a 50g acceleration, and 400 IPS for its tracking speed. 

The Burst Pro Air is compatible with Windows 7 & above and connects with USB 2.0 or higher.

Hands-on with the Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse

When we focus on hardware management software, Roccat Swarm performs admirably, which means it is not entirely impenetrable. You can find ways to fine-tune your Burst Pro Air and set it up for flawless, seamless switching between games.

However, we think it could use some tutorial to outline what you can do with its game-specific profiles. 

Remember, you need to connect it with a USB-C cable to change its settings.

Eight buttons, including the DPI switcher, can be programmed with macros or alternative uses. Plus, you can save five colour-coded configuration profiles for various games. 

You can adjust RGB illumination in various ways, including preset colour schemes and different ways of cycling between them.

You can go as low as 50 DPI and choose how many DPI settings you can switch. Power-saving options are available, including timing out the LEDs after a predetermined amount of inactivity. You can even configure general sensitivity settings like vertical scrolling speed when utilising Windows.

We will now share how the mouse performed during our tests for this Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review. 

We used the mouse for everyday work and played numerous games to see its capabilities. But before that, we will discuss how comfortable it was when in use.

When we worked and played with the mouse for 10 hours, we did not experience discomfort. Its design allowed us to hold it comfortably, and its optical switches had a nice mechanical feel when clicked.

Roccat claimed that the battery of the mouse lasts 100 hours. Although we have not yet reached this total playtime, we did not need charging within a week of daily use. 

We also tried using the Burst Pro Air with the cable plugged in. To our surprise, the Phantom Flex paracord cable included in the package was highly flexible. It did not disrupt our gaming, so we did not mind using the mouse while connected and charging.

The mouse also worked well when we did regular computing tasks like browsing websites and navigating through tabs while working. It was quick & responsive, and we did not experience misclicks and other issues.

We tested the Burst Pro Air with various games and noticed that it performed across all titles excellently. Also, we had no difficulties gunning down opponents, interacting with characters, and controlling our teams. This mouse allowed us to execute commands quickly and accurately without our hands feeling cramped or fatigued.

We also used the Burst Pro Air for The Sims. To our surprise, moving around, building rooms, and placing furniture were easy with this mouse.

Roccat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review Summary

The Burst Pro Air is a mouse with an excellent design that delivers a satisfying user experience. It feels good in the hand, so it is comfortable to use for gaming and daily computing tasks.

The Burst Air Pro differs from other similar products in its low-profile body. It has unique RGB lighting that does not resemble anything on the market. Also, the Burst Pro Air offers excellent value with robust construction and low-battery life.

This mouse is one of the best Roccat released, and we highly recommend this product. It is a premium wireless mouse with unique features, a distinct design, and exceptional performance.

Learn more about the Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse by visiting the official product page of Roccat.