xtrfy m4 wireless Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review

Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review

Say hi to the wireless version of Xtrfy’s exemplary mouse that we’ll cover in our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review. This product is feature-packed with enhanced components, an adjustable form, and flawless 1ms connectivity to give you top-notch performance.

This mouse combines everything Xtrfy learned in the past, merging them into one mouse. You’ll get a customisable back shell, optimised build quality, rechargeable batteries, the Kailh GM 8.0 switches, etc.

Generally, full customisation on a mouse should increase its potential to make it fit you perfectly. But are the M4 Wireless’ features a hit, or did the company take on too much for the product? 

Learn everything you need about the mouse in our full Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review. 

Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Packaging

Our mouse arrived in your standard-looking Xtrfy box displaying the product in front. You’ll also find the company’s branding, the mouse’s name, and the usual key features. 

xtrfy m4 wireless review1 Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m4 wireless review2 Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m4 wireless review3 Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review

We didn’t miss out on checking the box’s contents for our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review. Other than the mouse, there’s a charging cable, extra back cover, wireless dongle, and magnetic screwdriver in the package. There’s even a wireless extender, a few stickers, a quick start guide, and replacement feet in the box. 

Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The design, build, and functions of the mouse are solid. And we’ve proven these while testing the mouse for our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review. 

It comes with a quality sensor which we appreciate. And the Kailh GM 8.0 switches for the mouse one and two buttons also have a nice touch. The mouse is lightweight at 71g, and it’s a plus in its favour when it comes to quality build. 

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The company went ergonomic for its M4 Wireless design. Each of its button and switches provide efficiency and comfort. And all we can say is it looks excellent.  

Although it’s lightweight, it doesn’t compromise the mouse’s sturdiness. And that’s because the product is well-built and doesn’t feel weak, as if it would break with a slight squeeze. The M4 Wireless sports a honeycomb body with holes around it. 

It’s also good to note that Xtrfy included RGB lights on different spots. These include the scroll wheel, inside the body, and the front end of the product. 

Keep in mind there’s no software support for the mouse. That means you only have what’s available through the preset light options. 

The M4 Wireless has swappable back shells, so it offers two shapes. The default shape that comes out of the box has a back flare with a more prominent curve. Aside from that, this main shell feels natural when holding the mouse.

The classic shell feels like your standard ergonomic mouse sporting a smooth and gradual hump towards the centre. For the second shell, it slopes down more suddenly along the rear. It leaves you less space to rest your palm or hand. 

The rest of the mouse’s coating is a soft matte finish similar to the wired M4. And its primary buttons use the Kailh GM 8.0 switches. 

These are consistent with minimal pre and post-travel. Most people shouldn’t have issues with these efficient switches.

When it comes to the side buttons, these are big and crisp. They also stick out, so we didn’t have issues reaching them with ease. 

The scroll wheel was also notable with its solid notches and tactile scrolling and clicking. We also like the subtle touch of lighting on the sides.

Now, let’s check under the mouse. Aside from the buttons and sliders, it has PTFE feet that are replaceable. We appreciate Xtrfy since they added a spare set in the box you can use when needed.

Key Features of the Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse 

We’ll discuss the product’s key features in our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review. It’s for you to know its unique elements and if it’s worth purchasing.

Customisable Ergonomic Shape

Use the M4 Wireless’ original shape or adjust its size with interchangeable parts to add extra support for your palm. 

71g with Adjustable Weight Distribution

This wireless mouse is ultra-light and has a design that allows weight balance adjustment. Xtrfy made it possible to adjust your grip since the centre of gravity moves depending on how you hold the mouse. With that, you can have a perfectly balanced mouse. 

Play for up to 75h on a Single Charge

The M4 Wireless mouse’s battery can last up to 75 hours of playtime. Charge it with Xtrfy’s EZcord Pro cable when the mouse runs out of power. It will allow you to play seamlessly even with the mouse connected.

2.4 GHz Lag-free Wireless Technology

With a 1000 Hz polling rate, the M4 Wireless works with the same speed and responsiveness as wired mice. 

High-quality Components of the Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse 

The M4 Wireless uses the Pixart 3370 sensor that offers perfect wireless precision. It also has the Kailh GM 8.0 switches that give 80 million clicks. 

For speed and stability, it features the ARM 32-bit microcontroller.

No Need for Software

Flick a switch or press a button to control the M4 Wireless’ RGB brightness, colours, and effects. You can also adjust the debounce time, lift-off distance, CPI, and polling rate. Once you’ve made changes, you can set the top button to PGDN to bind it in-game.

Lightweight and Durable

Although the M4 Wireless is lightweight, it never equates to lower quality. It has excellent construction that minimises weight while retaining durability.

Made with Recycled Plastic

Xtrfy used 60% recycled plastic for the M4 Wireless mouse’s shell to reduce its carbon footprint.


Let’s continue this Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review and focus more on its specifications. The M4 Wireless has an adjustable ergonomic shape and uses the Pixart3370 optical gaming sensor. 

It has an adjustable RGB LED illumination, Kailh GM 8.0 main switches, and PTFE glides. We love its matte textured surface since it gives a clean feel during prolonged use. 

The mouse uses a 2.4GHz wireless/USB connection, and its connector is a USB-A to C cable+adapter+dongle. Additionally, this cable is a 1.8m Xtrfy EZcord Pro. 

This product uses a 500 mA battery that lasts for 75h. Its CPI settings are 400-19000, and its polling rate settings are 125|500|1000Hz. 

The M4 Wireless has a 2/4/8/12 ms debounce while IPS is 400 and maximum acceleration is 50G. Then, it weighs 71g without its cable. 

Lastly, the mouse operates with WinXP and the Mac OSX 10.1 or later. And it comes with warranties for Europe (2 years), the US (1 year), and Asia (1 year). 

Hands-on with the Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse 

We’ll share our user experience in our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review to let you know how the product works.

Of course, the essential part of our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse is the product’s wireless performance. During our tests, we noticed that the M4 Wireless performed excellently. Its motion delay was only 1ms, and it had outstanding general tracking. 

We appreciate the inclusion of a wireless extender, a great accessory to use these days.

The buttons’ response was firm and pleasing. There was a slight pre-travel on the back button, but the low post-travel complemented it. The scroll wheel was similar to older Xtrfy mice since it offered tactile scrolling with low noise levels.

The new and improved PTFE feet’s average thickness and slightly rounded edges provided fast gliding that made more convenient movements. 

After a minute of inactivity, the mouse switches off, including its lighting. Xtrfy states that the M4 can last up to 75 hours on a full charge. However, the company didn’t indicate the necessary polling rate and lighting settings for the mouse to achieve this.

As for charging, it was fast even with its 500 mAh battery. While charging, we used the EZcord Pro cable to continue playing. Since the cord was flexible, we didn’t feel restricted, and we still had a great user experience.

The on-device customisation on the M4 Wireless was simple. We made adjustments through button combinations. Also, we used the button below the scroll wheel, which has various functions depending on the slider’s current position.

The M4 Wireless switches off when the slider is in the far left position. But when positioned in other areas, the mouse switches on. The second position enables cycling through preset CPI steps, while the third allows cycling through RGB lighting effects. 

When we finished choosing a lighting effect, we started fine-tuning the RGB. 

The M4 Wireless’ top button acts as the keyboard’s PGDN key when the slider is in the right-most position. In games, PGDN acts as any in-game bind. We mapped this with various commands depending on the game we played, and to our surprise, it worked well.

We also used the button next to the sensor to cycle through these polling rates: 125, 500, and 1000 Hz.

The M4 Wireless RGB lighting zones are at the logo and scroll wheel. The colours were accurate and vibrant throughout our tests.

Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse Review Summary

Xtrfy paid a lot of attention to detail on the M4 Wireless, and we commend them. This lightweight mouse has a solid construction and a great design that makes it comfortable for daily use.

It lacks a software application, but we appreciate the on-device settings that allow quick customisations. 

Most importantly, the M4 Wireless delivered excellent performance. Tests for our Xtrfy M4 Wireless Mouse review showed its flawless sensor and lag-free switches. Its PTFE gliders were also smooth and allowed for swift movements necessary for gaming.

Overall, we recommend this mouse if you’re looking for an ergonomic lightweight mouse that performs excellently. It’s also a great option, especially if you’re looking for a highly customisable mouse.

To learn more about the M4 Wireless Mouse, visit Xtrfy’s official product page for more details.