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Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review

Pulsar is expanding its portfolio with its latest asymmetrical mouse. So today, we are writing our Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review, which will discuss the X2 Wireless. 

The X2 Wireless sports the PixArt PAW3395 sensor that offers a 26,000 DPI for its resolution. It is lightweight at around 56g, making it ideal for quick movement when gaming. 

It has other notable and promising features, but are they enough for your needs? Continue reading our Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review to get more insights about the product. 

Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Packaging

When our mouse arrived for this Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review, we immediately loved the simple yet premium packaging. It sports an all-white theme which matches the mouse for our review. 

pulsar x2 sym review00001 Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review pulsar x2 sym review00002 Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review

On the front and side of the box, you will find an image of the X2 Wireless. The product name and company branding are also on the package. 

Inside, you will find the X2 Wireless with other inclusions like the wireless receiver adapter and USB-C cable. Aside from these, you will find a wireless receiver as well. 

Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The Pulsar X2 Wireless has a similar design to the X2 Mini. It has a simple exterior, weighs slightly heavier at 56g, and has a solid shell without discernible lighting. The mouse is also the younger sibling of the Pulsar X2 Mini.

You can choose from black and white versions, but we opted for white for our Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review. Both colours are devoid of RGBs since Pulsar did not design the mouse to draw visual attention.

Pulsar chooses to ignore aesthetics in favour of concentrating solely on the functionality and dependability of the mouse. It comes with a low price, for a fraction of what competing brands charge for exclusive mice.

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First impressions reveal a white, simple-looking mouse devoid of unnecessary lights and design.

It comes with a standardised ambidextrous design favoured by FPS fans. Aside from its style, the mouse is also incredibly lightweight for the most acrobatic gameplay possible. The X2 Wireless is ideal for fast movements since it is lighter and requires less effort to move.

There are five buttons on the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless mouse. Typically, gaming mice have six; however, remember that more of these make the mouse heavier. So basically, it is a trade-off of what you consider important. 

Despite being lightweight, the actual item has a sturdy construction and is devoid of warping or manufacturing flaws.

Additionally, the mouse is solid, so no cranking or creaking is present. Plus, all its buttons are tactile, and nothing on the mouse feels loose. 

Sensor and Switches of the Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse 

While writing this Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review, we also realised the charm of this product. It lies in the current PixArt PAW3395 sensor integrated into the mouse.

The sensor promises to be an enhancement to the already-established PAW3370. The latter is often in various powerful devices on the market. 

Further, the Kailh GM 8.0 switches, which offer 80 million clicks, feature a reliable and satisfying tactile feeling. It also provides you with medium-sounding feedback.

The mouse has a TTC gold-encoded rotary knob, giving the median button an excellent tactile sensation without plenty of noise.

Key Features of the Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse 

Low Power with Zero Lag and Delay

You can use the X2 wirelessly via 2.4GHz technology or connect the USB cable for completely lag-free wired connectivity. 

The wireless technology uses the latest algorithm and MCU for a consistent and stable connection with a 1ms report rate. This mouse also uses the flagship low-power sensor of Pixart, allowing it to last up to 70 hours.

Lightweight Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse for Swift Movements

Pulsar kept things simple while designing the X2 wireless mouse. The company used a minimalist build while ensuring that it retains its durability. As a result, Pulsar produced a high-performing gaming mouse that is extremely lightweight. 

Tactile Clicks and Scroll Steps

With Kailh GM 8.0 switches, each button of the M2 can withstand up to 80 million clicks. It also has a TTC gold encoder for well-defined steps on the scroll wheel.

We noticed these features when we tested the product for our Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review. The Kailh switches produced tactile feedback and made the buttons feel durable, while the well-defined scroll wheel steps remained smooth.

Highly Efficient and Powerful PAW3395

The X2 Wireless uses the latest flagship PAW3395 sensor of PixArt and has 650 IPS sensitivity and 50g acceleration. It also offers up to 26000 programmable DPI levels and a polling rate of 1000 Hz / 1ms. 

The Latest PixArt Motion Sync Technology

The Pixart PAW3395 is the sensor that features the highest specifications and offers up to 99.6% resolution accuracy. But note that this does not equate to more accurate tracking.

The PAW 3395 sensor integrates the Motion Sync Technology to enhance the tracking accuracy of the X2. 

Your PC extracts data at a rate that does not match the speed of the mouse, resulting in inaccuracy. Thanks to Motion Sync Technology, the PAW3395 synchronises the signals of the X2 and your computer. With this feature, you can enjoy excellent precision in tracking.

You can enable or disable Motion Sync Technology via the Pulsar Fusion Wireless software.

Fully Customise Just the Way You Want

With the Pulsar Fusion Wireless software, you can configure the X2 the way you want. Adjust its debounce time & sensitivity, reassign keys, and create macros.


Our Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review will give you the specifications of this wireless mouse. It uses the PAW3395 sensor, has a DPI of 26000, a 650 IPS, and 50g acceleration. 

The mouse has a 1000Hz / 1ms polling rate and a 32-bit ARM processor. It has an attractive symmetrical form factor and five buttons on its configuration. 

We love its ultra-lightweight build, accompanied by the current flagship 26K sensor and lag-free wireless technology. Pulsar also included the Kailh GM 8.0 Switch and a TTC Gold Encoder to deliver optimal performance.

Dimensions-wise, the X2 Wireless measures 120mm x 63mm x 38mm (L x W x H) and weighs 56g. You will need a USB port for charging and Windows, Mac, or Linux OS to use the mouse effectively. 

For the Pulsar Software, make sure to have Windows 7 or higher and a good internet connection for downloading. 

Hands-on with the Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse

Before discussing our hands-on experience with the mouse, our Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review will first check out the software. It is called the Pulsar Fusion Wireless Mice. It is where you can manage various settings to adjust how the mouse functions.

The Pulsar Fusion Wireless concentrates on mechanical features like double-click speed, bounce durations, and sensor lift distance. It even focuses on acceleration, accuracy, and resolution profile adjustments. That is because it does not require computing power to customise elements like RGB lighting with numerous zones.

Conveniently, the software from Pulsar loads a configuration profile to the X2 Wireless and then saves it into the mouse. We appreciate that it does not require an actively running program to provide you with all its features. 

If you think about it, this is highly favourable when saving processing memory and power. It is also most evident for people playing on resource-limited systems. 

We tested the mouse after tweaking some settings on the Pulsar Fusion Wireless software to see how well it performed.

Since the PAW3395 sensor can support up to 26000 DPI, we played fast-paced games to test its capacity. To our surprise, it was seamless and responsive, which helped enhance our gaming performance. Although we did not need to use its maximum DPI levels, we appreciate having this option.

We loved the snappy, tactile buttons and the well-defined steps of the scroll wheel. These offered excellent feedback and felt durable.

Pulsar has mentioned that Motion Sync Technology decreases delay to boost tracking accuracy. We noticed the difference when we enabled this feature, but the mouse was also highly accurate when disabled. 

The X2 delivered excellent accuracy and precision, making it ideal for various game genres. Since it is programmable, you can change settings for different games and tasks.

Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review Summary

Gaming-optimised mice dominate the market far more than other peripherals, including keyboards and RBG-illuminated products. Numerous independent companies and brands have emerged due to gamers looking for next-level gaming performance in mice. Whether the mouse is ambidextrous and wired or wireless, the problem is control accuracy.

The new X2 from Pulsar promises to be a reliable wireless mouse, and we can attest to its capabilities. Our tests for this Pulsar X2 Wireless Mouse Review have proven that this product can deliver optimal performance. Aside from functioning seamlessly, it is a highly customisable gaming mouse to suit the needs of any user.

With its advanced sensor, durable switches, accurate tracking, unique features, and durable construction, we highly recommend the X2. It is one of the best lightweight gaming mice on the market today.

Learn more about the X2 Wireless Mouse by visiting the official product page of Pulsar.