xtrfy m42 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review

Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review

Today, we’re writing the Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review to share everything you need to know about the M42 wireless. It’s an upgraded version of the M42 wired mouse. The M42 wireless comes with Kailh GM 8.0 switches, a revamped customisation system, and a 3370 sensor.

The mouse has other notable features, and you can get everything at an attractive price point. Continue reading our Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review to learn everything you need to know about the product.

Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Packaging

Our package arrived with the mouse secure in a sturdy-looking cardboard box. You’ll get the usuals on the package’s front. There’s an image of the mouse with its name, the company’s branding, and its selling features.

xtrfy m42 wireless review1 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m42 wireless review2 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review

We noticed that the mouse came with other extras in the package while writing our Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review. You’ll find an extra back shell, a screwdriver, and a set of mouse feet. There are also paperwork, stickers, a charging cable, an extension dongle for the wireless receiver, and two unique keycaps. 

xtrfy m42 wireless review3 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review

Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

When we first saw the mouse for this Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review, it was almost all holes, design-wise. . 

We consider the M42 Wireless a tiny mouse, and despite being just 67g, this wireless mouse is efficient. 

The matte coating on the mouse feels excellent since most of us get clammy hands when gaming for long periods. This mouse also didn’t feel gross after an intense match. 

xtrfy m42 wireless review4 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m42 wireless review5 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m42 wireless review6 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m42 wireless review7 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review xtrfy m42 wireless review8 Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review

We’re sharing one of the product’s selling points in our Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review. If you purchase the mouse, it comes with two shells. One has an increased hump on its rear for added palm support, while the other has a flatter profile dialling down the palm support. 

We consider it a clever idea since it helps make the mouse more personalised. 

You can swap the shell of this mouse, and you only need to undo three screws. Its buttons are also swappable, and it’s a simple task to remove them.

The issue is returning the buttons since we had to position this a few times before getting it right. You need to be careful because there’s a chance of permanently breaking the buttons or the mouse. So we strongly recommend leaving the buttons as is.

On its base are two PTFE feet that offer a slick glide. We didn’t have issues with the feet, but take note these are different from the ones on the wired version. It means these aren’t backwards-compatible. 

The Kailh GM 8.0 on the mouse offers fast clicks, and it didn’t have any pre, sideways, or post-travel. Buttons were consistent no matter what surface we placed the mouse on, and its clicks were the best we tested. 

The side buttons worked well, though one mouse button felt mushier than the other. However, pre and post-travel were limited in this category. 

The top of the mouse has another button that allows binding to function like your keyboard’s page down key. 

Because of its placement, we won’t bind it to crucial functions needed during the heat of game battles. But we honestly think it’s good to have.

We love the M42 Wireless mouse’s scroll wheel since it’s entirely silent but tactile. It didn’t feel like we had to slide into small glass panels with each step. And it felt easier to press than the wired version’s scroll button. 

Pressing the wheel actuates with a crisp and nicely-tensioned click. 

Key Features of the Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse

Here, we’re sharing the different features of the mouse that make it a crowd favourite. Let’s see if these will suit your preferences and needs.

The Most Versatile Mouse from Xtrfy

The M42 Wireless has a symmetrical shape and adjustable size. It’s as versatile as the original M42 and is comfortable for all gamers. 

Its upgraded components and enhanced features help you perform at your peak when gaming.

Symmetrical Shape and Adjustable Size

Any grip style will work with the mouse since it’s versatile with an ambidextrous shape. You can swap the back shell to get the perfect fit.

67g with Adjustable Weight Balance

The M42 Wireless is one of the lightest wireless mice on the market. Since users have different experiences with a mouse’s weight balance, Xtrfy made it possible to adjust it to your grip. Move the battery toward the back or front and find the mouse’s perfectly balanced weight.

A Single Charge for 75 Hours of Playtime

The battery of the M42 Wireless lasts up to 75 hours. When it runs out of power, connect the cable so you can continue playing. The mouse comes with the Xtrfy EZcord Pro charging cable that allows smooth movements even with the mouse plugged.

The battery charge of the mouse depends on elements like play style, Hertz, and lighting. 

Top-notch Components

The Pixart 3370 sensor offers excellent wireless precision. These Kailh GM 8.0 switches provide up to 80 million crisp clicks. 

Also, the M42 Wireless uses the ARM 32-bit microcontroller for uncompromising stability and speed. This mouse’s design is for excellent performance.

Optimised for eSports

Flick a switch or press a button and you can manage your mouse’s RGB, CPI, polling rate, debounce time, and lift-off distance. After adjusting your settings, you can set the top button to PGDN. Also, you can bind it to any in-game commands.

Ultra-light and Durable Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse

Reduced weight doesn’t always mean lower quality for the M42 Wireless. With excellent engineering, it retains high levels of durability.

We found it easy to use while testing for our Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review. Since it was lightweight, we moved faster in-game, resulting in better performance.

Made with Recycled Plastic

Xtrfy promotes reducing carbon footprint. So, the company used 60% recycled plastic to create the M42 Wireless shell.


This section of our Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review discusses the product’s different specifications.

The M42 Wireless has an adjustable symmetrical shape and a Pixart 3370 optical gaming sensor. It connects wirelessly via 2.4 GHz technology and USB for wired connectivity. 

The USB connector works with a USB-A to USB-C cable, adapter, and dongle. Also, it comes with the Xtrfy EZcord Pro, which measures 1.8m long.

In terms of illumination, this mouse uses an adjustable RGB LED.

Its body weighs only 67g without the cable and has a matte-textured surface. The main switches use the Kailh GM 8.0, while the glides are 100% PTFE feet. A 500 mA battery powers the M42 Wireless, offering 75 hours of use.

The mouse’s CPI settings range from 400 to 19,000 CPI, while its polling rate is 125/500/1000. For debounce, you can choose from 2, 4, 8, and 12ms. Xtrfy recommends using 8ms or higher to keep it covered by the warranty.

The M42 also has an IPS of 400 and a maximum acceleration of 50 G. It works with Windows XP and later versions or Mac OSX 10.1 or later.

This product’s warranty period differs depending on where you buy the product. Europe’s warranty is good for two years. 

Though in Asia and the US, the warranties are valid for up to a year. 

Hands-on with the Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse

We also tested the product to discuss its performance in our Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review.

The PAW3370 sensor was flawless during our tests, and we didn’t notice any issues in this area. It drew less power than the previous standard sensors in wired mice.

The wireless technology of this mouse was also impressive. Some wireless mice from other brands take a little time to wake up after a short period of inactivity. But the M42 Wireless was quick and highly responsive even after inactivity. 

Although this doesn’t impact performance, it indicates responsiveness which makes this mouse’s wireless design great. We didn’t see the mouse dropping its connection despite having multiple wireless mice connected to our PC.

When charging the product, its RGB goes on charge mode. The RGB zones become dark, then flash orange until the mouse completes its charge. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change this colour, but we have no complaints since it doesn’t affect the mouse’s performance.

Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse Review Summary

The M42 Wireless is an impressive ultra-light ambidextrous gaming mouse. Its honeycomb body significantly reduces its weight while retaining a durable and sturdy build quality. Also, the excellent design and swappable parts make it suitable for hand sizes and grip types.

The mouse also has PTFE feet and a unique cable that allow quick movements. We also noticed its low latency during our product testing for this Xtrfy M42 Wireless Mouse review. Even when we played different games and performed various tasks, the mouse had no lags and delays.

The M42 Wireless is an excellent upgrade if you plan to replace your mouse. It’s one of the best gaming mice we’ve used. It’s lightweight with a solid construction, highly customisable, and most importantly, it delivers excellent performance.

For more information about the M42 Wireless Mouse, visit Xtrfy’s official product page.