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Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Today, we’re writing our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review to discuss everything about the V2 Mini.

The mouse is the lightest, smallest product Pulsar has to offer. Plus, it has a notable click latency and low minimum lift-off distance. It seems like a good product, but is it as excellent as claimed? Will Pulsar’s V2 Mini live up to the hype? 

Continue reading our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review to find out. But first, let’s check out its box and what’s inside. 

Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Packaging

We’re glad our package arrived in time for our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review. So, we immediately unboxed it to try and test the mouse. 

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The V2 Mini we got is the white variant. So we received an all-white box with an image of the mouse in front. You’ll also find the company’s branding and the product’s name written on the package. 

Inside, you’ll find the V2 Mini, a USB-C cable, a wireless receiver, and a wireless receiver adapter. 

Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

We’re now discussing the functions and design of the mouse in our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review. It’s technically the smaller version of the company’s original and flagship mouse. But, the V2 Mini has all the improvements of its larger sibling. 

The design features of the V2 Mini are rare in gaming mice. It has a compact and ergonomic build designed for gamers while keeping things small and compact. 

If you aren’t familiar with the term, ergo is short for ergonomic. It means having an asymmetrical shape that offers comfort when in use. 

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When it comes to its weight, the mouse is only 55g. It’s technically light but has a solid feel without flex or creaks. 

What we love about the mouse is it no longer has gaps across most of its side panel’s length. 

It’s still possible for your finger to touch the V2 Mini’s remaining perforations. However, the polished, smooth, and line-shaped holes aren’t the most noticeable weight-reducing perforations we tried. 

It has an impressive polish quality extending to the V2 Mini’s connectivity. The lag-free wireless technology that powers Pulsar’s connection was accurate. It was also as responsive as current wireless offerings from the big names in the market. 

The V2 Mini’s build quality is on-par with Logitech and other top manufacturers today. There’s neither noise nor flex when trying to squeeze the mouse, and its matte texture is like PBT. 

Additionally, the mouse has a lovely matte texture coating similar to PBT. 

Continuing our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review, we saw that the V2 Mini also relies on cables to the coupler of the dongle. It means you’ll link the cable’s USB-A (ends) to the coupler while the USB-A dongle will connect to the coupler’s end. 

If you need to charge, remove the dongle’s coupler before plugging the cable into the mouse. It’s to switch to a wired connection while charging the mouse. 

Buttons, Switches, and Scroll Wheel

Pulsar used the Kailh 8.0 switches for the V2 Mini for the main mouse buttons. These have precise clicks and tactile feedback, and that’s why we love these.

Compared to other mice we’ve used, the buttons of the V2 Mini weren’t as snappy. The feedback was tactile but sounded duller than other mice using Kaihl 8.0. But despite that, we didn’t notice any pre or post-travel on both buttons, and each click felt precise.

The side buttons were also as tactile as the main buttons.

The scroll wheel’s quality surprised us since it wasn’t flimsy and didn’t feel hollow. Pulsar designed the scroll wheel to feel more solid and durable than full-metal scroll wheels.

Key Features of the Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse

We’re discussing the product’s key features in our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review. Here, we’ll find out why it’s better than other gaming mice on the market.

Low Power Technology with 2.4GHz Wireless and Wired Connectivity

It doesn’t matter if you use the V2 Mini with or without the cord. You won’t see lags. This mouse uses the latest MCU and algorithm, which provides consistent wire-free connectivity and a stable 1ms report rate.

Superior Comfort and Ergonomics

The V2 Mini’s shape allows the hands of right-handed users to rest comfortably on the mouse. It also has a perfectly distributed weight for better ergonomics and stability.

Covered Side Holes of the Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse

The V2 Mini’s predecessor had side holes that didn’t appeal to many users. Pulsar made changes and covered these for the V2 Mini for better rigidity and grip.

The Flagship Sensor with 20K DPI

PixArt’s latest PAW3370 is the sensor of the V2 Mini. It’s capable of 400 IPS speed, 20000 programmable DPI, 50g acceleration, and 1000 Hz / 1ms polling rate. It’s the highest performing optical mouse.

This flagship sensor has a low-power technology that allows the mouse to last up to 70 hours.

Highly Customisable Settings

You can reassign keys, create macros, set debounce time, and precisely adjust the DPI of the V2 Mini. 

Upgraded Feet Design of the Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse

With bigger, rounder, and wide PTFE feet, the V2 Mini provides contact and tracking stability.

Lightweight and Solid

The first time you hold the V2 Mini will surprise you. It has a solid build, and at the same time, it’s lightweight at only 58g. 

Crisp and Durable Kailh GM 8.0 Switches

The pre-sorted switches guarantee crisp and even clicks. These are also durable every 80 million times.


Let’s discuss the specifications in our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review.

This ergonomic mouse has a PAW3370 sensor and a 50 to 20,000 DPI resolution. Its speed is 400 IPS, 50g for acceleration, and 1000Hz/1ms for its polling rate. The V2 Mini sports a 32-bit ARM processor, plus a Kailh GM 8.0 switch with 80M for its durability.

The mouse has lag-free wireless technology and works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Other elements you’ll need include an internet connection for software download and Windows 7 or higher. The latter is for Fusion Software. 

Hands-on with the Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse

After unboxing and checking out the product, we started using it to see how well it works. We also downloaded the complementary software to tweak the mouse’s settings and see if it makes any changes.

The V2 Mini supports Pulsar’s dedicated software. It has a simple interface, allowing you to find the settings easily. We also didn’t see it malfunction while adjusting the mouse’s settings, and everything worked fine.

The settings include macro assignments, DPI adjustment, lift-off distance (1-2mm debounce time), control/linear correction on/off, etc.

Adjusting the settings based on your preferences will help you make the most out of your game.

We tested the V2 Mini by doing general tasks and playing several games. While using the mouse, we first noticed its flawless and lag-free wireless connectivity out of the box. Also, the PAW3370 sensor impressed us since it performed excellently on any surface or mousepad.

This mouse never showed any stuttering, unnecessary acceleration, or spin-outs. Its performance was on par with top-selling brands and significantly improved our gaming performance.

As mentioned earlier, we adjusted some of the V2 Mini’s settings via the companion software. We were pleased since it performed better than its default settings.

Once we adjusted to the mouse’s size and shape, we noticed the proper weight balance. It was one of the great features of this mouse since it made using it more comfortable. Also, we saw its equal accuracy for the flick and tracking shots, no matter what game we played.

The main buttons had an extremely short travel distance, and there was no pre and post-travel. These made spamming clicks easier, especially when we had to hit maximum fire rates. Since the mouse responded with our most rapid clicks, we were more efficient in playing other games.

The actuation and right-click movements also felt effortless, even when we needed to do quick clicks. Also, the PTFE feet were incredibly smooth, allowing us to move the mouse faster than ever. It responded well, even without pressure or pressing down while swiping.

Overall, we were happy with the V2 Mini’s performance. Its lightweight body and ergonomics, combined with high-quality components, resulted in optimal performance during our tests.

Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review Summary

Pulsar delivered on all grounds with the V2 Mini. It has a solid build quality that feels durable even though it’s lightweight. Also, we loved its ergonomic shape, tactile buttons, and larger PTFE feet.

During our tests for our Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review, we didn’t experience any issues with it. This mouse worked excellently with the right amount of sensitivity and responsiveness, making it excellent for gaming. Overall, it’s one of the best lightweight mice on the market, and we highly recommend it.

Visit Pulsar’s official product page to learn more about the Xlite V2 Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse.