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Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review

Today, we are writing our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review, which is all about the mouse from Pulsar. This review will discuss whether this mini wireless mouse is good for gaming. We will also see if it is something worth purchasing. 

Additionally, we will discuss the vital aspects of the mouse that make it a good option for your needs. 

The aspects of a gaming mouse can be subjective such as its shape, size, weight, and appearance. Then, specific factors end up being essential based on your situation. 

A gaming mouse also has features like button switches, sensors, RGBs, etc. However, the importance of these, again, depends on your needs and preferences.

To better understand the X2 Mini, continue reading our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review. Learn everything you need about it and what it has to offer. 

Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Packaging

Our all-black X2 Mini arrived in a simple-looking black cardboard container. Pulsar kept things to a minimum and only showcased a few elements on the package. 

pulsar x2 sym mini review00001 Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review pulsar x2 sym mini review00002 Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review

The front features an image of the mouse and the company branding. A few other elements are present on the sides and rear of the box. 

Inside the package, you will find the X2 Mini, a wireless receiver adapter, a wireless receiver, and a USB-C cable. 

Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

When we unboxed the mouse for our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review, we saw how lightweight it was. It weighs approximately 52g, making it an ideal contender in this category of mice types. 

Since we have tried several lightweight gaming mice, we can easily see the competitive side from a different angle. Many people spend hours using the mouse no matter the situation, so a combination of ergonomics and weight reduction is excellent.

You will not find extras like RGB lights, sweeping logos and text on the product. The reason is that the manufacturer relies on a simple design with a solid build. 

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Also, the only colour options available for the Pulsar X2 Wireless are matte white and black. In our case, we opted for the all-black version. 

While gripping the X2 Mini, we noticed its coating is smoother than previous mice. Despite that, it is not too rough or smooth. Also, fingerprints and smudges do not stay on the mouse.

At the centre of the front of the mouse is a USB-C port for charging. You will also find a black ribbed scroll wheel with silver highlights in the area. 

Since it is a symmetrical gaming mouse, current models are for left and right-handed users. Plus, these are primarily for fingertip and claw grip types.

100% Pure PTFE feet/skates are on the X2 Mini. It is the most common material used for mouse feet and skates. You are likely more familiar with it being called Teflon.  

There are different PTFE grades, but virgin-grade PTFE (100% pure) has the best quality and the least friction. 

Overall, it has an excellent build without any loose components or creaks. All its buttons are solid and crisp, while the scroll wheel is tactile. 

Key Features of the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse

Let us look at the features of the mouse as we continue our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review. 

No Lags, Delays, Low-powered 2.4Ghz Wireless Technology

You will not experience lags with the mouse since it sports the latest MCU and algorithm for better performance. These elements provide wire-free and continuous connectivity with a fixed and balanced 1ms report rate. 

Aside from the low-power sensor from PixArt, the mouse offers an impressive 70-hour battery life. Additionally, it features the next-gen receiver and the 2.4GHz adapter.

Extremely Lightweight Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse

Pulsar kept the idea of “simple but not simpler” in mind, just like how they designed other mice from the line. They aimed to create a mouse that appeared simple as possible while retaining its durability and efficiency. 

As a result, you have a high-performing gaming mouse that weighs lighter than an egg. 

PixArt Motion Sync Technology

The current PixArt sensor sport some of the highest specifications with heightened 99.6% resolution accuracy. 

For more accurate tracking, Pulsar integrated this technology into the sensor. Your computer extracts data from other sensors at a rate that does not accurately match signals sent from the mouse. These mouse signals come from extracted data from another sensor. 

The Motion-Sync Technology syncs signals adequately at the appropriate intervals your computer extracts data. Doing so allows tracking to be close to perfect. 

However, this can lead to some motion delays (less than 1ms). Fortunately, it is not an issue due to being unnoticeable during in-game play. 

You can switch the Motion-Sync Technology on/off via Pulsar Fusion Software. 

Crisp Clicks and Perfectly Defined Steps

The X2 Mini uses durable and ultra-crisp Kailh GM 8.0 switches that offer an 80-million-click life cycle. It also has TTC Gold Encoder for well-defined and balanced scroll wheel steps.

Powerful and Efficient Sensor for the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse

With the latest PixArt flagship sensor PAW3395, the X2 Mini can offer 650 IPS, 26000 programmable DPI, and 50g acceleration. It also has a polling rate of 1000 Hz / 1ms to deliver optimum performance.

We used the product to find out if it was a high-performing mouse. But we will discuss the results of our tests later in our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review.

Tweak it Your Way

Use the Pulsar Fusion Wireless software to make macros, adjust debounce time, reassign keys, etc. Find the best settings for your mouse and achieve optimal performance.


This part of our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review is about the product specifications. These details are essential to know if the product will work for your setup. 

The X2 Mini measures 116 x 61 x 37mm and weighs 52g. It uses the PAW3395 sensor and offers up to 26000 DPI. 

Its sensitivity is 650 IPS, making it ultra-fast and responsive. Also, the X2 Mini offers 50g acceleration and a 1000 Hz / 1ms polling rate.

This symmetrical gaming mouse has five buttons and uses a 32-bit processor with Kailh GM 8.0 switches. For charging, it connects via USB-C, and it has a Superflex Paracord cable in its box.

Pulsar used a lag-free wireless technology for seamless connectivity while utilising a TTC Gold Encoder for smooth yet tactile scrolling.

Additionally, the X2 Mini is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The Pulsar Fusion Wireless software works with Windows 7 or higher versions. You will also need a USB port when charging the mouse.

Hands-on with the Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse 

We used the mouse for over a week to test it for our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review. So, we are sharing our experience with it to give you an idea if it is something worth the purchase. 

The Pulsar Fusion Wireless Software is the utility suite for configuring the settings of the X2 Mini. Although this mouse has a minimalist design, it has customisable functions for everyone to have the best user experience.

Since the X2 Mini does not have fancy features like RGB lighting, it focuses on mechanical settings. In the Pulsar Fusion Wireless software, we adjusted its sensor lift distance, double-click speed, acceleration & accuracy, etc.

The X2 Mini has onboard memory for saving a profile, which is a convenient feature. Running the software was unnecessary the next time we used it since we had access to our previous configuration.

Having onboard memory in the mouse helps conserve memory and computing power. It is a convenient feature for those with limited computer storage.

The Pulsar Fusion Wireless software had a user-friendly interface and was easy to navigate. All the settings were highly accessible, and we did not find the Pulsar Fusion Wireless software challenging to use.

When we used the X2 Mini, we immediately noticed its minimal pre-travel and post-travel. Its PAW3395 sensor was adequately smooth for a wireless mouse, which improved our performance more than the already impressive 3370. 

We had no issues with the DPI of the X2 Mini, but we appreciate that it is programmable by up to 26000. It is ideal for those wanting a sensitive mouse for swift movements.

Another thing we loved about this mouse was the excellent poll rate consistency. It continuously delivered smooth movements and prevented motions from being choppy.

Although it is a wireless mouse, it had lower latency and was highly responsive. It was excellent even for fast-paced games, and its shape made it easier to control.

We were satisfied with the overall performance of the X2 Mini during our tests. 

Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review Summary

The X2 Mini is the ideal gaming mouse for many people. It has all the necessary capabilities for the most competitive, lightweight experience and is also budget-friendly. This mouse is an excellent entry-level gaming mouse for industry competitors. 

Aside from its excellent features and lightweight body, it is a highly responsive mouse, thanks to its PAW3395 sensor. We tested it in various games for our Pulsar X2 Mini Wireless Mouse Review, and the product performed flawlessly.

With every release, Pulsar becomes closer to meeting the same standards as top competitors. The excellent performance and durability of the X2 Mini make this product easy to recommend.

To learn more about the X2 Mini Wireless Mouse, visit the official product page of Pulsar.