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NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today, we’re sharing our NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review to give you the bits and pieces about the keyboard. 

NZXT is a popular name and they’re known for their stylish components and cases. However, they’re officially entering the market of peripherals with their newest line of gaming keyboards. Today, we’re sharing details on their Function TKL mechanical keyboard such as its features, design, specifications, and more. 

This product has a low-profile build and it sports hot-swappable switches and a ton of options for customisations. The keyboard aims to provide you with a convenient on-ramp to the world of mechanical keyboards without burning the budget. 

But the thing is, do their keyboards have what it takes to reach the top in the gaming peripherals market? Continue reading our NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review to find out. 

NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

Our keyboard arrived in a simple-looking cardboard container that displays an image of the keyboard in front. Its name is written just above the image while NZXT is written in bold white letters on the box’s side. 

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Of course, we also unboxed it for this NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review. Inside, the keyboard was packed nicely and securely, so worrying about it getting damaged during shipping won’t be necessary. 

Other than the keyboard, NZXT also included a magnetic wrist rest and a 2m detachable USB-C 2.0 cable. You’ll also find a keycap puller, key switch remover, additional keycaps, and replacement swatches. 

NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

We love that NZXT used a foam-lined aluminium top plate for the keyboard’s foundation since it’s an excellent and durable material. It also feels sturdy especially when typing which is perfect for people who tend to occasionally smash on their keys. 

The layer of foam on the Function TKL rests between the PCB and chassis. It works well for mitigating any sharp clicking sounds. 

NZXT always values the aesthetics in their product’s design, and the Function TKL is no exception. It displays a low-profile case that works nicely with the aluminium top plate’s matte finish. Also, all the proffered switches utilise housings that display the RGBs even when it’s viewed at a certain angle. 

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We also checked out the rear portion of the keyboard for our NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review. Here, adjustable legs for ergonomics are present to elevate the product depending on your preferences. There are rubber pads as well to prevent the board from sliding while you’re typing or gaming. 

Media Buttons

The Function TKL has dedicated media buttons for sounds. The side of the keyboard has a volume control wheel as well as media keys like pause/play. These are available when utilised in conjunction with the FN (function) key.

Additionally, there are three buttons that span the left portion of the board. From top to bottom, they control mute, Windows key-locking, and RGB brightness level.

The retail models are shipped using the linear Gateron Red switches. However, if you purchase directly from NZXT, you can select from five varieties of switches and five accent keycaps. 

There are removable colours available so you can mismatch/match as much as you like. Plus, two shades of dye-sublimated PBT keycaps are present as well. Do note that retail models ship with the glossy ABS caps instead.

We observed this while writing our NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review. We feel the PBT caps feel, look, and sound much better compared to the ABS keycaps on the premade models. These are thicker and a bit textured which makes the typing experience better. 

Additionally, they’re more durable too so they won’t shine and show any finger oil. 

What’s most impressive about the keyboard are the swappable switches that let you change the aesthetics based on your style. 

The two-metre detachable USB-C 2.0 cable that’s included with the Function TKL is nicely braided. It’s also long enough to handle spacious areas and cable-managed setups alike. 

If you’re going for keycap accent colours, there’s a high chance that you’re going for NZXT’s Accent Keyboard cable. Just remember that you need to add an extra $20 for these coloured cables. 


NZXT is making things more interesting for everyone. That’s why they’re offering the chance to customise keyboards purchased directly from their official site. They offer a wider selection of PBT keycaps and switches in interesting shades than the laser-etched black ones. 

You can customise and go for Gateron key switches in red, brown, blue, and the Silent Black Ink V2 60g. They also have Aliaz Silent Tactile on their list. There are also three chassis colours, two keycap shades, plus five other colour keycap accents. 

You can also choose from five accent keyboard cables if you’re ditching the plain black cables for something more colourful. 

For our NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review, we also utilised NZXT BLD to create the keyboard we’re reviewing. Here, we have a grey-coloured TKL ANSI keyboard with Gateron Silent Black Ink switches. 

Then, both our accent keys and cables are yellow coloured. We loved how it turned out so we really appreciate NZXT for having this option. 

Key Features of the NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review

Tenkeyless Design

Nowadays, tenkeyless is a popular form factor for gamers who want a larger keyboard without a number pad. The Function TKL combines the tenkeyless design with a low-profile aluminium topped chassis, giving it a premium appearance.

Hot-swappable Switches

The Function TKL features MX-compatible 5-pin hot-swappable sockets, allowing you to change the switches anytime.

Versatile Standard Design

With the standard design of the Function TKL’s bottom row, you can install any standard aftermarket keycaps. 

Customise with CAM Software

This keyboard is CAM-powered and has four onboard profiles so you can customise RGB, lighting effects, and macro control. 


We checked out every inch and corner of the product for this NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review. This TKL ANSI keyboard measures 361.7 x 127.8 x 40.3mm. The keyboard weighs 778g while its wrist rest is 254g. 

What we have comes with PBT Grey Cherry Profile and an aluminium top plate material. Switches on this keyboard are the Gateron Silent Black Ink which have a rating of 50 million key presses. You’ll get RGB lighting per key which is pretty neat. 

The keyboard is compatible with 5-pin Cherry MX switches, plus it even has N-key rollovers, anti-ghosting, and shine-through. This Function TKL has an OEM profile and four customisable profiles which can be managed via the CAM software. Additionally, the system OS it works with includes Windows 10 and 11. 

Lastly, the Function TKL comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Hands-on with the NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard

You don’t have the ultimate gaming keyboard without any RGBs. Luckily, the Function TKL comes with this, and you can manage these on NZXT’s CAM software. You can conveniently download the software from the company’s official site. 

Like every other product from NZXT, the app’s interface is clean and organised. It has tons of PC monitoring options like overclocking and temperature management. 

There are only three preset colour modes for the product, but despite that, you can customise each key’s RGBs. You can even program macros across the keyboard’s four onboard profiles. 

For the app’s performance, it was alright. However, it would’ve been better if it had more RGB presets to choose from. Nevertheless, it was easy to use and navigate, plus the entire interface was neat and organised. 

When it comes to macros, if you want to name it, just add and then select your activation key. If you want to use the FN key, just check the box that says, “Use FN for Activation Key”. 

From there, record your macro. If you want, you can also add each of the functions individually then manually set the delay times. 

On this part, we weren’t sure of what to do since there wasn’t any confirm button or any visual feedback. What you can do is just return to the keyboard screen. 

For remapping, just go to the Remap Keys section. There, drag your selection from Keys, Special, or Numbers to the key you need to remap. We know, it isn’t a very intuitive solution, but it isn’t so bad once you figure it out. 

Now, let’s focus on the keyboard’s performance in this part of our NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard review. When we first used it, the Function TKL felt very responsive under our fingers. Plus, its polling rate was great so we were happy about that. 

We tried using it for games like Call of Duty Warzone and World of Warcraft. In-game, all the buttons responded reliably and fast, so we didn’t have any problems with it. 

While we were using the keyboard, its RGB glow was vibrant enough to act as another accent. It wasn’t the crazy and overbearing light show that we were expecting, and we’re happy about that. 

NZXT Function TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

NZXT’s Function is the company’s introduction to the world of customisable mechanical keyboards. And for a first, it holds strong appeal to the mainstream market. That’s because of the hot-swappable switches and its wide range of customisation options.

Even if it’s the company’s very first keyboard, it performed excellently when we tested it. We had no issues with its performance which was good.

The Function TKL is a great mechanical keyboard and it’s an inexpensive way to start getting into keyboard customisation. If you want, you can also opt for the full-sized or the smaller mini-TKL versions. With its limitless durable construction, customisation options, user-friendly software, and flawless performance, we highly recommend it.

For more information about the Function TKL mechanical keyboard, check out NZXT’s official product page