Razer Viper Ultimate Review Razer Viper Ultimate Review

Razer Viper Ultimate Review

For the past few months, impressive and exciting gaming mice have continuously popped out on the market. And with how it’s going, it looks like a race to push boundaries and innovate, making things fiercer than ever. Just recently, Razer released their Viper gaming mouse, a lightweight mouse has been receiving rave reviews lately and now they are raising the stakes again with the wireless Viper Ultimate. How well it perform? Well that is the focus today in our Razer Viper Ultimate review.

It comes with Optical Switches, a ton of unique features, a new sensor, and a lightweight design. Razer sure didn’t make any compromises with the mouse, so it’s no surprise that gamers are excited about this.

Designed to win, the Viper Ultimate has a design perfect for every gamer, and it comes with cutting-edge technology. But despite all the grand claims, is this gaming mouse as good as what they say?

To learn about this gaming mouse, continue reading our Razer Viper Ultimate Review to get more details about the mouse.

Razer Viper Ultimate – Packaging

This portion of our Razer Viper Ultimate Review will focus on the packaging and contents of this gaming mouse.

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The Viper Ultimate comes in a similar-looking box as the Viper gaming mouse. It sports the same black theme with green hints, with an image of the mouse at the centre.

Razer’s logo is on the upper right corner of the box. To the left of it the image, you’ll find a list of its key features. At the bottom, the name of the mouse is present, along with its other key features. The back and sides of the package display a couple more details about the gaming mouse.

Once you open the package, you’ll find the Viper Ultimate packed neatly and securely in the box. Razer made sure to keep things protected to avoid any unwanted damage to the device.

Other than the mouse, other items included in the package are the charging cable and the mouse dock. Of course, you’ll also find the standard documentation and a printed note from Razer. It’s something from their CEO thanking you for purchasing their product. Also, there are a bunch of Razer stickers in the box as well.

One thing we liked about Razer’s packaging is that the mouse’s box opens from the side using a magnet system. The idea is to make everything convenient to repack if ever you’re going to a LAN or a gaming event.

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Razer Viper Ultimate Review – Design and Functionality

Now in our Razer Viper Ultimate Review, we’ll get more insights on the mouse’s design and functions.

For its design, the Viper Ultimate comes in a curved and sleek body with an ambidextrous design. Its palm rest comes with an RGB-lit logo of Razer and the panel it’s on curves out and inwards. Specifically, the curves are directed to the right and left side of the device.

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Above the palm rest, you’ll notice a glossy curve that brings you two buttons. Between them, you’ll find a snug scroll wheel.

For both left and right-handed users, the mouse’s left and right portions feature two additional buttons for their use.

The front portion of the Viper Ultimate has a micro USB port beneath the right and left buttons. You can also use it for charging, especially when you won’t purchase the charging dock.

Next up on this Razer Viper Ultimate Review are the key features of the gaming mouse from Razer.

Key Features of the Razer Viper Ultimate

Hyperspeed Wireless

Hyperspeed Wireless delivers 25% faster performance than any other wireless technology. It offers low click latency and high-speed transmission and smooth frequency switching.

Razer’s Focus+ Optical Sensor

Razer’s Focus+ Optical Sensor has 20,000 DPI and resolution accuracy of 99.6%. This sensor consistently tracks even the subtlest movements. Its intelligent functions increase the Viper Ultimate’s accuracy to deliver an acute level of precision.

70 Hours of Power

Enhanced wireless power efficiency keeps the Viper Ultimate running at its highest performance for up to 70 hours. A single full charge in a week gives you 10 hours of gameplay every day.

Five Onboard Memory Configurations

Bring your settings wherever you go and be ready for any match. Set up to 5 profiles and save these on your onboard memory through cloud storage.

Eight Programmable Buttons

The Viper Ultimate comes with eight buttons that you can fully configure through Razer Synapse 3. It grants access to macros and secondary functions to enable you to execute additional commands and moves smoothly.

100% PTFE Mouse Feet

The PTFE mouse feet allow for smooth mouse movements on any surface. PTFE is the material on the coating of non-stick pans.

Razer Optical Mouse Switch

The switches of the Viper Ultimate uses an infrared light beam to register clicks. With that, the mouse actuates a response time as fast as 0.2 milliseconds. The Viper Ultimate eliminates debounced delay and unintended clicks so you can fully control and flawlessly execute actions.

74g Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of the Viper Ultimate allows you to have faster and smoother control. Its total weight of 74g doesn’t compromise on the build and durability of the mouse.

Razer’s Reliability

The Viper Ultimate comes with a two-year warranty, and the company also offers reliable technical support. Purchasing directly from Razer Store gives you risk-free returns good for 14 days.


Now, this part of our Razer Viper Ultimate Review will provide you with all the specifications for this gaming mouse.

The Viper Ultimate comes with a Focus+ Optical sensor, and its buttons are the Razer Optical Switches. It has a DPI of 100 to 20,000 in steps of 50 and sports a wireless connection as well. In addition to these, its polling rate in is 125 | 500 | 1,000, plus it’s Razer Synapse 3-enabled. We like that the mouse is compatible with the Xbox One for standard input.

Speaking of its power, the Viper Ultimate has a battery life of about 70 hours without lighting. Though keep in mind that the mouse’s battery life also depends on your user settings.

The Viper Ultimate measures 126.7mm (L) x 66.2mm (W) x 37.8mm (H) and weighs approximately 74g. It has a 2.4GHz dongle plus a 1.8m Speedflex cable used for charging and wired use.

Hands-on with the Razer Viper Ultimate

We tested the Viper Ultimate on games where you needed to snap targets and sweep across the entire mouse pad. Surprisingly, it tracked movements precisely as any wired mouse would, and it didn’t matter whether how quick the movements were. It consistently felt sharp, and we never experienced any on-screen delays with clicks or movements. Plus, it performed excellently on different DPI settings.

There are times when we prefer playing with low sensitivity, and decreasing the DPI on the Viper Ultimate was easy. It’s all thanks to the little button at the base of the device that’s positioned nicely to avoid sudden nudging. It comes with five settings, and we were able to customize the DPI for each via the Razer Synapse software.

Tracking was also great since it was able to track on different surfaces. Using it on a soft mouse pad was good. But what surprised us was that it remained responsive even when using it directly on the desk.

When it comes to the left and right mouse buttons, the sensitivity was spot on. We never mis-clicked and it never missed registering when we pressed. It’s an entirely excellent gaming mouse that we’re happy about.

Battery Life

The Viper Ultimate’s long battery life allows for playing without worrying about running out of power. As Razer claimed, a single charge gives the mouse up to 70 hours of power. In our experience, we were able to use the mouse for a whole week without charging. Even if we didn’t charge it, the Viper Ultimate didn’t entirely run out of battery which makes it highly impressive.

Overall, the Razer Viper Ultimate did not only provide an outstanding build, but it also delivered excellent performance. With that, we’re giving this mouse five stars for its efficiency.

Razer Viper Ultimate Review Summary

The Razer Viper Ultimate is one of the easiest products to recommend since Razer knows how to produce high-performance products. It has an excellent form, it’s lightweight, and it comes with great features. Because of these, it’s able to deliver superior performance, making it one of the best gaming mice you can buy. Its accuracy and precision will allow anyone to win any competition.

To conclude our Razer Viper Ultimate review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to purchase this gaming mouse, it’s available for online purchase via the company’s official website.