reolink Reolink CX410 Camera Review

Reolink CX410 Camera Review

More people are finding ways to keep their homes safe, which is why night-vision security cameras have become popular. A trusted name in security cam manufacturing has something to offer. So we will discuss this product in our Reolink CX410 Camera Review.

The CX410 from Reolink sports its ColourX technology, which provides high-quality colour night vision. It has a solid and durable build; plus, it captures full-coloured videos in low-light conditions, even without additional lights.

Reolink CX410 Camera Packaging

For this Reolink CX410 Camera Review, the product ships in a standard-looking Reolink package that sports its usual white-blue theme. The front shows an image of the camera, the unit name, company branding, and its MP. The back has additional details about the camera, which you can refer to when needed. 

reolink cx410 review1 Reolink CX410 Camera Review

Inside, the CX410 ships with several items and accessories, including: 

  • Waterproof Lid
  • Mounting Template
  • 1m Network Cable
  • A Pack of Screws
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Surveillance Sticker

Reolink CX410 Camera Review – Design and Functionality

The first time we held the product for our Reolink CX410 Camera Review, we realised how well-built it is. It is a quality-made camera incorporated with top-notch materials to ensure its durability and sturdiness.

This camera sports a standard bullet form factor and a metallic exterior combined in a compact body. It tapers slightly along the ends and features a decorative band outside. 

The CX410 has an excellent finish and fit, giving it a premium overall feel. On its rear, you will find a speaker on the camera for a two-way audio function. 

reolink cx410 review2 Reolink CX410 Camera Review reolink cx410 review3 Reolink CX410 Camera Review reolink cx410 review4 Reolink CX410 Camera Review reolink cx410 review5 Reolink CX410 Camera Review

Behind the camera is a microSD slot secured by screws. Around it is a rubber joint to protect the card from humidity, dust, rain, etc. Due to its location, this area has no further access after installation.

The layout is how a security camera should be – burglars cannot easily steal the microSD card. Since this is the case, set one before installing the CX410. You can have enough storage for more than 95 hours of footage by using a 256GB micro SD card. 

Another way to save videos is via an FTP server. You can also link the camera to an NVR or network video recorder.

Reolink CX410 Camera Lens

Let us also discuss the camera lens in our Reolink CX410 Camera Review. 

You can find it in front of the product, with a glass cover to secure the lens and other electronics. 

This sizeable lens lets you see it immediately at the centre. Plus, it also has a matte housing design, a quality feel, and is premium to the touch. 

Its daylight sensor is built into the ring type, while its integrated mic is below the lens. Four LEDs are arranged along the lens, which you can configure via the app. 

Using the app lets you immediately switch on the camera at night. This time is when monitoring conditions are lower than the 0.05 lux threshold.

Cabling and Reset Button

All the CX410 cabling extends from the base and can go through the walls or in a junction box. Its connectors include an RJ45 Ethernet port and a 12V power input jack. Aside from that, you will also find the reset button in this area. 

Unlike most security cameras, the reset button is not on the main body of the CX410. It allows you to hide it and prevent anyone from resetting the camera. 

All connectors and the reset button have protective caps, another implementation we appreciate. It eliminates our worries about water getting into the reset button. 

Key Features of the Reolink CX410 Camera 

This product incorporates notable elements, making it an excellent space protection option. And we will look into all of these in our Reolink CX410 Camera Review. 

3000K Warm Lights

This camera has an adjustable 3000K warm light feature that you can gradually adjust when switched on. You can increase/decrease its brightness to lessen the chances of disturbing your neighbours and contributing to light pollution. 

Fortunately, whether you increase/decrease the lights, the camera can still capture full-colour images at night. You will receive adequate-looking, vibrant, clear, and quality videos, even under low-light conditions.

Reolink CX410 Camera – The First ColourX Camera

The CX410 integrates the ColourX feature from Reolink, a next-gen night vision colour technology. Thanks to its extra-large F1.0 aperture, the element helps eliminate the limits of capturing images in darkness.

It also features an advanced 1/1.8-inch sensor to produce true-to-life details and colours in extremely-low light conditions. You will not notice extra illuminations as well. 

Intelligent Detection for Precise Notifications and Alerts

With this intelligent feature, the camera accurately distinguishes cars, humans, and pets. From there, the camera will send up-to-date and accurate notifications to you. 

Get Warned About Unwanted Guests 

When the CX410 detects motion, a warm, vibrant light will shine, and the notification will trigger simultaneously. Doing so will deter unwanted guests before a crime occurs. 

You can manually activate the siren/lights and link the camera to IoT gadgets like the Reolink Floodlight. Using the latter can better deter intruders. 

Detailed Surveillance with 2K Super HD

Capture sharp images that show every detail with the 2K 4MP. Its 30fps video frame rate also guarantees a seamless viewing experience. Later in our Reolink CX410 Camera Review, we will share our test results and the video quality of our recordings.

Real-Time Conversation with Two-Way Audio 

The CX410 has an integrated microphone and speaker, allowing you to speak with the person in front of the camera. You can greet visitors or warn intruders wherever you are.

PoE for Quick and Effortless Installation of the Reolink CX410 Camera 

PoE installation makes the CX410 ready to use after a few minutes. It eliminates cable clutter and only requires one network cable for data and power transmission to reduce installation costs.

Enjoy Flexibility with Multiple Storage Options

This camera supports motion-triggered, scheduled, and 24/7 recording. You can store the videos on a microSD card, FTP server, or the Reolink NVR. With all these options, you can ensure the safety and security of your data.

Works Efficiently in Any Weather

The CX410 has an IP66 weatherproof housing, protecting it from dust and water jets. Its durability allows it to withstand outdoor use.


  • Image Sensor: 1/1.8-inch CMOS
  • Default Video Resolution: 2560*1440 (4MP) @30fps
  • Video Format: H.264
  • Audio: Two-Way 
  • Colour Night Vision: 4pcs / 3W / 3000K / 400 Lumens
  • Horizontal 89°
  • Vertical Field of View: 46°
  • DC Power: 12V⎓1A, less than 12W
  • PoE: IEEE 802.3af, 48V Active
  • Ethernet: 10M / 100Mbps RJ45
  • Frame Rate:
    – Main Stream: 2-30fps (25fps by default)
    – Sub Stream: 4-15fps (10fps by default)
  • Code Rate:
    – Main Stream: 2048-6144Kbps (4096Kbps by default)
    – Sub Stream: 64-512Kbps (256Kbps by default)
  • Storage: microSD Card with a maximum capacity of 256GB
  • Browser Supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • OS Supported: PC (Windows and MacOS), Smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • Dimensions: Φ67 x 187mm
  • Weight: 480g

Hands-on with the Reolink CX410 Camera

We tested the product for two weeks to discuss its performance. Our Reolink CX410 Camera Review will focus on the Reolink app, image quality, and camera performance.

The Reolink app is necessary for setting up and accessing controls over the CX410 to maximise its features and functions. Its functions include scheduling recordings, browsing saved videos, assigning motion zones, and setting up 24/7 recording. Also, it allows video playback and timelapse mode to compress long videos into shorter durations.

In the app, you can also activate motion sensing, which is unusual in cameras within its price range. You can create motion detection zones, calibrate the camera sensitivity, and configure auto-tracking for people, pets, or vehicles.

We installed the camera in different locations to see if it could capture high-quality videos in varied lighting conditions.

The Reolink CX410 camera worked excellently. In daytime recordings, the videos were excellent. 

The colours were slightly contrasting, but the overall quality was sharp. Objects were adequately detailed and well-defined, even from a distance.

It showed colour and impressive quality using default camera settings, even in night recordings. Although the videos were not as detailed as the daytime footage, people and objects were identifiable. 

We did not need to add lights since its 3000K warm lights were bright enough. All recordings were detailed and of high quality in every location.

Reolink CX410 Camera Review Summary

The CX410 is an excellent product with a budget-friendly price. The camera has a simple, practical design with a metal aluminium casing, making installation easy. It also has an IP66 weatherproof rating, allowing it to withstand any weather conditions.

Aside from its durable build, we love its compatibility with PoE, which makes hacking difficult due to the wired signal. It is more secure and eliminates constant charging since it uses wired power. Another benefit is the multiple storage options, which makes this product more versatile.

Of course, the most important thing about a security camera is its image quality and performance. As expected of Reolink, It performed excellently during our product tests for this Reolink CX410 Camera Review. The ColourX technology also worked efficiently in providing high-quality recordings under low-light conditions.

We highly recommend the CX410 for its robust build, straightforward installation, impressive features, versatility, superior performance, and budget-friendly price. Learn more about the CX410 Camera when you visit the official product page of Reolink