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Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review

Today, we are writing our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review. It will discuss every detail about the 4K PoE camera from Reolink, like its features, design, functions, etc.

Reolink is known for its top-notch, cloud-based, and cutting-edge home security systems. The company made all its products with your protection and security, giving you peace of mind when monitoring your home/office. 

With the system it offers, you can see everything happening in your home. Plus, you can control your home security conveniently via computer or Smartphone and receive real-time alerts if something occurs.

Additionally, Reolink cameras are user-friendly and easy to set up, so you can use them immediately after unboxing. 

If you need a security camera for your home or are interested in the product, we are here to help. All the details you need to know about this camera are in our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review. So sit back, relax, and continue reading our review, and we will discuss its packaging and contents. 

Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Packaging

When our camera arrived, we realised how similar it looked to the RLC-882A packaging. Both share the same white and light-blue theme and sport an image of the product in front. Of course, you will find the company branding and the product name on display. 

reolink rlc 820a1 reolink rlc 820a2 reolink rlc 820a9

The items inside include the RLC-820A, a waterproof lid, a 1m network cable, and a quick start guide. You will also find a surveillance sticker, a pack of screws, and the mounting template. 

Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review, we also noticed the design of this camera. It has a similar build and design as the RLC-822A, so you can expect it to have a minimalist aesthetic. 

It is also a PoE camera, but their difference lies in the sensors. The RLC-820A has an integrated 1/2.48 CMOS sensor, while the RLC-822A utilises a 1/2.8 CMOS sensor. 

The former offers excellent sensitivity, while the latter provides optimised light sensitivity. 

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PoE means Power over Ethernet, allowing the power supply via network cable. So, connect it to the provided network cable before linking it to your router. 

Remember, your router should be a PoE-enabled type with Ethernet ports to use with the camera. If your current router is not PoE-enabled, you do not have to worry about it. 

Since the RLC-820A comes with an integrated power cable, you can power it using a 12V, 1A power supply unit. However, this is not in the camera package from Reolink. 

Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Support for Recording and Storage

The camera supports three kinds of storage mediums and recordings. RLC-820A can record by scheduled recording, motion detection, and continuous recording. 

Its storage options include an SD card slot that supports up to 256GB capacity. You can also use NVRs to save videos for long periods.

Key Features of the Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera 

We will discuss the product features in our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review. Knowing the primary elements of a security camera is essential to determine if it offers what you need.

Smarter Guard that Accurately Detects People and Vehicles

The RLC-820A uses an on-device detection technology, allowing it to identify people, vehicles, and pets from other objects. Its accurate detection makes keeping a sharp eye on real threats easy and eliminates unnecessary notifications.

Flawless 4K Ultra HD Video

Say goodbye to 5MP home security cameras. The RLC-820A offers 4K Ultra HD, making it four times higher than 1080p and better than Super HD. 

Ultra Clear Night Vision with the Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera

The RLC-820A has 18 powerful infrared LEDs that emit invisible lights with a brightness level of up to 30m. These work with the advanced 3D-DNR technology that reduces noise for sharper, clearer, and smoother night performance.

Stunning Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse can record and shorten long-term events like sunrise, blooming flowers, city scenes, and construction projects.

Faster, Simplified & Lower-cost Installation with PoE Technology

You will not need an adapter or power cable when installing the RLC-820A. This camera uses PoE technology to transmit data and power simultaneously via a single network cable. With less wiring, you will spend less, and installation becomes more convenient.

Remote Access, Control, and Live View

A few clicks on the Reolink client or app lets you stay updated with home or business activities. Conveniently check the situation on the go, even when you are busy or travelling.

Notifications in Real Time

The RLC-820A will instantly send a push notification to your device once it detects something suspicious. Aside from the alert, you will receive an email with a detection snapshot to let you know what is happening in real time.

Easy Playback with the Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera

You can replay saved videos to find vital information and filter them by detection modes. Plus, conveniently control the timeline and locate the parts you want to see.

Motion Zone

Customise the motion zone based on your preferences. Decide where the RLC-820A will detect movements of objects and where it will not.

Multiple Recording Options

We will also discuss one of the best product features in our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review: recording options. 

This PoE camera supports motion-triggered, scheduled, and continuous recording. Moreover, it saves all three recording types into the micro SD card, FTP server, or Reolink NVR. 

To enjoy customised security, choose your preferred recording methods. 

Micro SD Card Support and Connecting with the Reolink NVR

The RLC-820A supports micro SD cards up to 256GB. You can connect it to a compatible Reolink NVR or security camera system to save videos for lengthier periods. You can also do the latter when connecting multiple cameras.

Survives the Rain, Snow and Wind

The solid housing and body of the RLC-820A are also waterproof. It works excellently in and out of the house in any weather condition.

Hands-free Control

The RLC-820A is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for hands-free voice control. Once you speak, Google will show the video on Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs. For Alexa, it will play on Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Fire TV.


We also looked into the camera specifications while writing our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review. Here, we saw that it comes with a 1/2.49 CMOS Sensor. It has a video resolution of 3840 x 2160 (8.0MP) at 25fps by default.

It has a fixed f=4.0mm: F=2.0 lens with an IR cut filter and uses an H.265 video format. 

This camera offers up to 87-degree horizontal and 44-degree vertical field of view. Also, it can provide up to 30m night vision with its 18 infrared lights.

The RLC-820A uses IEEE 802.3af, 48V Active PoE technology and DC 12.0V⎓1A power. Plus, It consumes less than 12W.

This camera has a DC power port and one 10M/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet port. It also features a built-in microphone and supports 256GB micro SD cards.

Finally, Reolink included a 2-year limited warranty for the RLC-820A.

Hands-on with the Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera

reolink nvr screens13 reolink nvr screens15 reolink nvr screens16

We will share our hands-on experience with the product in our Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review. Here, we will discuss if this security camera performs well and if you should have it in your home/office.

After installing the RLC-820A, we recorded videos and observed if it would send unwanted alerts like many other security cameras. 

When we played the recorded footage, we were surprised that it captured the fine details in high definition. The image quality was crystal-clear and impressive. Plus, we did not notice anything low-quality since the files were not software-compressed.

The 18 infrared lights also worked like Reolink claimed, allowing the RLC-820A to deliver high-quality images at night. It gave us a view of up to 30m, and we could see every detail visible in daytime shots. Aside from that, there was minimal noise, thanks to the 3D-DNR technology.

Its motion detection feature was accurate and did not fail too. We tested this over a week, and it did not send any unnecessary notifications.

Reolink products have always been famous for exceptional picture & video quality, and the company did not fail with the RLC-820A. It records high-definition footage and captures the tiniest details day and night.

Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review Summary

After our product tests for this Reolink RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera Review, we found it to be a high-quality camera. It has all the features and specifications of an ideal PoE security camera.

This product performed excellently, and we love its unique features like people and vehicle detection, plus multiple recording options. What makes it better is it does not send unwanted alerts since it does not detect objects.

The RLC-820A is easy to install. It saved us time and money since we only needed one cable. Plus, it connects to the NVR, which detects the camera easily and quickly. It eliminates the installation hassles that we experienced with other security camera brands.

We highly recommend this product for its excellent features, build quality, and performance, 

Learn more about the RLC-820A 4K PoE Camera by visiting the official product page of Reolink