reolink 822a banner Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review

Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review

We got our hands on the RLC-822A camera. So today, we will focus on everything about this product in our Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review.

Reolink is a company that focuses on a wide selection of security cameras for home and small business use. Their RLC-822A is a 4K dome camera that offers triple optical zoom. 

We will help you learn more about the camera, so continue reading our Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review. Today, we will discuss its features, specifications, design, functions, and performance. But before that, let us quickly peek at its packaging and contents.

Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Packaging

When the package arrived for our Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review, we saw it shipped in a simple-looking box. It sports a blue and light-blue theme, which is pleasing to the eyes. Plus, it has an image of the camera in front with the product name and company branding. 

reolink rlc 822a review1 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review2 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review3 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review10 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review

There is some information on the sides and rear of the box, which you can refer to when necessary. 

Inside, all the items are secure to avoid unwanted damage during shipping. Here, you will find the RLC-822A, a 1m network cable, a waterproof lid, one mounting template, and a pack of screws. 

Reolink also included a quick start guide, plus a surveillance sticker in the package.

Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review, we learned the camera has a 1/2.8 CMOS sensor. It gives you optimised light sensitivity, making it better than similar products. 

It has an f-2.8 to 8mm and an F-1.6 with a 94-degree to 50-degree horizontal field of view. Also, it has a 53-degree to 30-degree vertical field of view. 

The product fits into a circular base, measuring slightly over 10cm. Plus, the camera protrudes from a 9.5cm tall dome-shaped housing. It sticks out from the front that encloses on three sides.

reolink rlc 822a review4 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review5 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review6 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review7 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review8 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review9 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink rlc 822a review11 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review

The RLC-822A has support thanks to the hinge, and you can raise or lower it to guarantee precise positioning. Also, the base can even turn 360 degrees. 

The company uses white ABS plastic for the housing, which is very noticeable. It is a feature with an optimised deterring effect and increases the chance that a burglar will notice it.

The lens housing sports a square profile and features a black faceplate. Its lens occupies a small amount of space on the surface since the motion sensor occupies most of the area. Aside from the sensor, 18 infrared night vision bulbs also rest in this spot. 

Moreover, it has a sturdy aluminium-constructed lens housing, so even if the camera falls, it will not easily break. 

Picture and Video Parameters

The RLC-822A picture and video parameters are identical to the Reolink RLC-820A. Its video and image are in 4K super high definition – 3840 x 2160 by default with 25fps. 

The RLC-822A has 18 infrared LED lights that provide a bright night view of up to 30m. It also incorporates cutting-edge 3D-DNR technology that helps reduce noise. 

Additionally, the camera can display time-lapse and automatically convert from day to night.

A notable aspect of the camera is its motorised lens that can provide triple optical zooming. With the feature, you can draw closer to details at a distance, such as the number plates of vehicles, etc.

Additionally, the RLC-822A performs adequately with its zooming capabilities since it does not distort image quality. 

Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera with IP66 Rating

This product is IP66-rated, so it is resistant to rain and dust. You cannot submerge the camera, but it can handle water splashes and rain. 

The RLC-822A can withstand rainstorms, so you do not have to worry about it breaking. Plus, it can handle dusty desert environments, which means the RLC-822A can work in any climate.

Key Features of the Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera

In this Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review, we listed the features of the RLC-822A. These essential elements help determine if the camera has what you need for your home or office. 

4K 8MP Ultra HD for Sharper and Clearer Details

This feature will allow your home security to shift from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD. That means you will receive 1.6x more efficient results than Super HD and 4x more clarity than 1080p HD. 

The details you will see around your office or home will be perfectly reproduced during playback and live streams. 

Triple Optical Zoom for Closer and More Precise Discovery

This camera has a motorised varifocal lens that supports triple optical zoom. With this feature, you can zoom in and out on specific details without worrying about decreasing the image resolution. 

Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera for Easier Detection

The RLC-822A can easily detect vehicles, humans, and pets by analysing the shapes on board. This product does this before sending you real-time alerts. 

It will ignore the less vital movements of the object, thus, will lessen instances of false alarms. It will only trigger the necessary notifications that you need to know. 

Night Vision for 24/7 Security

After dark, the RLC-822A has up to 30m night vision, so it keeps your family safe. Its infrared lights offer great nighttime recording when used at night or in places without other external light sources.

Time Lapse for Enjoyable Recording

This feature is most suitable for capturing the dynamics of long-term events. Time-lapse makes it easier to watch events like the sunrise or even flowers blooming. 

Easy PoE Setup

You do not need an adapter or a power cable for the camera. Since it utilises Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, the RLC-822A can send data and power over the same network line. 

That means you will have lesser wires plus a cheaper and more practical camera.

Remote Access & Control

With a few clicks via the Reolink App/client, you can watch your home or business at all times. 

Get Real-Time Alerts for the Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera 

When the camera detects suspicious activities, it will immediately send you a push notification and email. These will include a detection snapshot for your reference, allowing you to know what is happening at all times.

Easy + Smart Playback and Motion Zone

Aside from replaying saved video footage to see essential information, you can filter videos via detection modes. Moreover, control your timeline to find what you need to see immediately.

Then with Motion Zone, you can make customisations based on your preferences. Decide where the object movements will and will not be detected to make detection more personalised.

Multiple Recording Options

The camera supports 24/7 recordings, scheduled, and movement-based recordings. Plus, you can save three types of videos on its micro SD card, FTP server, or Reolink NVR.

No matter what option you choose, enjoy customised security with the RLC-822A. 

Have Hands-free Control Over Your Cameras

You can easily manage the camera with Google Assistant and Alexa. Once you speak, the camera will display the live feed on your Chromecast-enabled TV or Google Nest Hub. If you are using Alexa, it will show the video on Fire TV, Echo Spot, or Echo Show. 


The camera has a 1/2.8 CMOS sensor, an f-2.8-8mm, and an F-1.6 lens with an IR cut. Its horizontal field of view is 94 to 50 degrees, while the vertical view is 53 to 30 degrees. 

Its video resolution is 3840 x 2160 (8.0MP) at 25fps by default, while its video format is H.265. We love that Reolink included a day and night IR-cut filter to the camera, which has an auto-switching feature too. 

PoE is an IEEE 802.3 af, 48V (active) with a 12.0V = 1A and less than 12W DC power. Also, the camera has one 10M/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet port. It conveniently comes with an integrated mic and a micro SD card slot with a 256GB maximum capacity. 

All these details are essential when purchasing a camera. So we included these in our Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review for your purchasing reference.  

Hands-on with the Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera 

reolink nvr screens13 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink nvr screens17 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review reolink nvr screens18 Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review

This section of our Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review focuses on our experience with the camera. We tested it for over a week and set it up by our front yard. 

With a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, the RLC-822A is a 4K camera that does the job right. Its image quality is higher than most home security cameras, so it successfully reads a licence plate from the street.

It was also possible to get more details, and we were surprised by its clarity and preciseness. To look closer, we utilised the app and took advantage of the RLC-822A triple optical zoom. 

The camera has night vision powered via its 18 infrared bulbs integrated into the lens housing. The bulbs do not emit visible light. Instead, the infrared glow reaches up to 30m. 

The RLC-822A had good audio recording quality, but it did not impress us. Since there was not much noise reduction, strong winds were still a problem. However, we successfully heard discussions and voices during our recordings under most conditions. 

Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review Summary

We were impressed with its performance during our tests for this Reolink RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera Review. All of its features work well and deliver true 4K quality, which is a surprise considering its price tag.

We loved its triple zoom capacity, wider viewing angle, and crystal-clear night vision. Other security products often claim to have similar features but usually fail to deliver what the companies claim. That is why the RLC-822A impressed us a lot.

Aside from unique features, installing the RLC-822A is quick and convenient. The optical zoom also offers flexibility and gives more location options for placing the camera.

The RLC-822A is an exceptional camera, and we highly recommend it. This product has all the necessary security features, and its performance exceeded our expectations.

To learn more about the RLC-822A 4K PoE Camera, visit the official product page of Reolink