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RODE Interview GO Review

Communicating and reaching out to people on camera requires you to be professionally presentable. That goes for your mic. Our RODE Interview GO Review will discuss the vital details of this portable product from the company. 

Interview GO is a simple and notable extension to the Wireless GO audio products from the company. It offers new ways to capture quality audio while looking sleek, professional, and presentable in front of an audience.

We will discuss the product in this RODE Interview GO Review, including its appearance, structure, functions, and more. But before we get in-depth with the product, let us see what is inside the box.

RODE Interview GO Packaging

The mic ships in a simple white cardboard package featuring an image of the product in front. You will also find the unit name and company branding there. 

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The only items in the package are the Interview GO and its pop shield, which are both RODE-branded. The handle features a gold dot and the company logo, while its foam windshield integrates two massive RODE logos. It would be better if the company decreased its size to something more subtle. 

RODE Interview GO Review – Design and Functionality

The Interview GO is a convenient adapter, transforming the Wireless GO transmitter into a portable handheld microphone. It becomes suitable for on-camera reporting and field interviews. 

It features a clamp that holds the cold shoe clip of the Wireless GO, ensuring secure placement of the microphone. Additionally, this adapter includes a dense windscreen to minimise plosive sounds. It protects the microphone capsule from wind interference during outdoor recording sessions.

When we unboxed the product for our RODE Interview GO Review, we noticed its 237mm handle. It is adequate for a comfortable grip, providing plenty of room and elevation for your arm/hand to rest naturally. 

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Its handle adapter turns the microphone into something more for reporters, making it ideal for interviews. The Interview GO also acquires more flexibility as an alternative for wireless products. Simply, it is perfect for compact, minimal, and travel-friendly setups.

Although expensive despite having a plastic handle, RODE integrated top-quality plastic to be tailored and well-built for the Wireless GO. 

The Interview GO features a distinct groove for effortless sliding of the Wireless GO clip. This ingeniously engineered groove establishes a highly secure hold, ensuring the Wireless GO remains stationary. This aspect is significant since any motion could lead to unintended sound pickup by the Wireless GO mic.

We love the attractive and professional look of the handheld adapter, thanks to its black finish. You will receive a stable connection when installing the Wireless GO since the process is straightforward and quick. 

How the RODE Interview GO Works

While tinkering with the product for this RODE Interview GO Review, we realised it was a plug-and-play mic. To use it, you only need to set the transmitter to the adapter before fitting the windshield. 

The Interview GO has a groove where the Wireless GO clip slides into. It helps establish a secure connection while keeping the Wireless GO in place. It is essential because the Wireless GO can pick up sounds between movements. 

The product is a practical accessory for the Wireless GO. It is also ideal for people who interview others regularly and rely on top-notch audio quality. 

Key Features of the RODE Interview GO 

How does the product fare in terms of what it can offer? Is it better than other similar products? Continue reading our RODE Interview GO Review to learn about its features. 

Transform Wireless GO Transmitters Into a Handheld Mic 

The mic features a handle and detachable foam windshield to help decrease plosives and wind noise. It also secures the capsule during outdoor recordings. 

Works Perfectly With the Wireless GO and GO II 

We recognised that the Interview GO works seamlessly with the Wireless GO product series. These are microphone systems with two transmitters and a dual-channel receiver. They share the same unique form factor, proprietary technology, and premium audio quality, making them excellent for content creation.

The Wireless GO and GO II have many powerful features, like universal compatibility with computers, mobile devices, and cameras. It also offers a more stable transmission and has up to 200m (line of sight) extended range, onboard recording, and more. It brings you advanced wireless audio innovation.


Our review will provide you with the product specifications. These consist of the measurements of each part of the Interview GO.

Adaptor Dimensions

  • Diameter: 23mm
  • Width: 42.9mm
  • Height: 237mm

Windshield Dimensions 

  • Diameter: 73.3mm
  • Width: 73.3mm
  • Height: 81.6mm

Product Weight

  • Adaptor: 84g
  • Windshield: 8g

Hands-on with the RODE Interview GO 

We will share our experience with the product in this RODE Interview GO Review. We used it for a week to see if it was as good as the claims and worth considering. 

The sound quality will be okay if the mic gets close to the audio source. Generally, the integrated omnidirectional condenser mic is better than expected. Plus, it uses a pickup pattern resembling the Reporter mic from RODE. 

Generally, the Wireless GO does a decent job, but it is not as good as the Reporter mic or a dedicated one. However, it is still an impressive budget alternative. 

The Interview GO provides audio with exceptional quality with clear and crisp voices. Even in the noisiest environments, everything still sounds excellent. Because of these, you can easily capture professional and quality interview threads without any background interference. 

Although it works effectively, it is not a mic that ENG crews or Vloggers will likely use.

You can use the Interview GO conveniently if you are a video journalist who works on interviews. It is most efficient when your lapel mic is not functioning.

The Interview GO combined with the Wireless GO performs impressively. It offers clear transmissions, and the audio quality remains unaffected, which is excellent. This aspect is vital for professional tasks and activities where everything is considered essential.

Connectivity and Convenience

The use of the adapter offers exceptional convenience. Managing the microphone becomes an ergonomic delight, with easy-to-access controls. This factor gains paramount significance, especially when on the go or operating within confined surroundings. 

Enhanced by the rubberised coating, the grip zone ensures a gratifying hold and thwarts unintended slips.

The connection between the adapter and mic is secure and, thus, will not hinder the recording process. Additionally, since its cable outlet is neatly designed, it can prevent cord clutter. Because of this, you can have a professional appearance during any interview. 

The versatility of the GO Interview is remarkable, catering to an array of scenarios. You can use it for shared stories, dynamic live interviews, and engaging podcasts. Its inherent portability and intuitive operation render it the ultimate tool for individuals on the go.

In its entirety, the Interview GO handheld adapter not only met but exceeded our expectations. The effortless setup, user-friendly handling, and consistently dependable audio output make it an ideal accessory for interviews and recordings. 

The seamless integration with the Wireless GO is a huge advantage, while its black colour adds a touch of style. We recommend the Interview GO to anyone who needs a reliable, practical, and functional solution for professional recordings and interviews. 

RODE Interview GO Review Summary

The Interview GO expands the versatility of the Wireless GO. It has a budget-friendly price but works as promised and offers satisfying performance.

You can hold the Interview GO confidently in front of a camera to achieve a more present approach to audio. Unlike wired clip mics or off-cam setups, it is ideal for interview-style projects and reporting. If your default microphone is stationary, pair it with a mic table, floor stand, or a portable tool.

In our tests, the RODE Interview GO Review functioned perfectly. Voices were crisp with adequate clarity, even in noisy environments. We did not have issues while using the product, which we highly appreciate.

Aside from satisfying performance, we love the user-friendliness of the Interview GO. It is straightforward, and anyone will quickly understand how to use it.

Interview GO is a lightweight, wireless option for podcasting, video livestreaming, and other content requiring recording voices. It has a low price but works perfectly, making it an excellent alternative for huge, clunky microphone setups. It is a superior option for those who want to free up more space and have an efficient microphone system. 

We highly recommend the Interview GO from RODE if you work on interviews and reporting projects or content. It is ideal for live events and filming huge groups, allowing speakers and audience members to pass their microphones. 

This product is necessary to create more recording styles behind and in front of the camera. It is perfect for freeing up space or needing a nimbler, agile, and mobile setup. 

In conclusion to this review, the Interview GO is the perfect add-on for your interviewing and recording needs. Visit the official product page of RODE for more information about the Interview GO.