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RODE NTH-100M Headset Review

Most gaming headsets are tuned and set for amplifying footsteps or cinematic bass. The setting is excellent for gaming but horrible for podcasts or YouTube video production. Fortunately, RODE is about to change that, and we will discuss its latest offering in our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review.

The NTH-100M is a professional over-ear product. It integrates the excellent sonic performance of the NTH-100 and the broadcast quality of headset mics. 

It also features other excellent elements you will love. So no matter what you do, whether for podcasting, gaming or working, the NTH-100M will get the job done. The headset will give you pristine audio and crystal-clear voice capture. 

Continue reading our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review to learn more about the latest product from RODE. 

RODE NTH-100M Headset Packaging

Our headset arrived at the right time for our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review, and it shipped in a standard-looking box. Inside, the headset is secure and protected to prevent damage during transit. 

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Aside from the NTH-100M, RODE included other items in the package, such as the NTH mic and a headset bag. You will also find a 2.4m TRRS cable, a splitter cable, and one NTH-100 ID set in the box. Plus, you will also see a 3.5mm to 1.4-inch adapter included. 

RODE NTH-100M Headset Review – Design and Functionality

The headset is the latest offering from RODE, the maker of some of the best content creation tools today. Generally, the NTH-100M is the same as its predecessor, the NTH-100. However, the difference between the two is the product for our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review features a mic attachment. 

But that is not all it offers. The NTH-100M sports a notable feature where its wire can plug into either side. And due to its versatility, the headset can shift into a gaming headset. 

The product is identical to the original version, sporting the same rugged build quality. Every component present on the NTH-100M can withstand the rigours of everyday use. 

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These components include the scratch-resistant spring steel headband, durable Alcantara cushions, and locking cable connectors. The product also has replaceable elements available. 

The headphones make an immediate positive impression out of the box. These have a surprising weight, but it is not too heavy to be considered an issue. 

 Looking closely, you can see that RODE put a lot of thought into its design. So, you know this headset can withstand the test of time despite the heavy daily use. 

Generally, these headphones are perfect for everyone. These include gamers, camera operators, etc. 

RODE NTH-100M Headset Comfort and Durability

We closely inspected the product for our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review. And we noticed it has all the ideal reinforcements for better and optimised performance. 

The headband is made of flexible metal, while the yokes and pivots are also metal. These help prevent instances of cracking.

The material used for the earcups is durable plastic. Also, its cable is detachable and replaceable, which we consider very convenient. We also noticed a recessed lock connecting to either ear cup. 

It cannot be detached/pulled out accidentally because of its internal lock. So, it is unlikely that you will suddenly torque the earcup enough to cause damage. 

Even the design of its top adjustment band is for dependability and longevity. There is also a rotating FitLok system that prevents accidental adjustments. 

This same system makes on-the-fly adjustments more challenging. But once set, you do not have to adjust it often, so it is not a big deal. 

These earphones prioritise comfort, hence, why RODE used cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions. The company also uses breathable and comfortable Alcantara – a high-quality, supple material. 

Although comfy, remember that these get a little warm as a closed-back headset. However, these are still wearable throughout the summer without making your ears sweat. These are nothing like leather-trimmed pads, which is a big plus. 

The NTH-Mic

The included boom arm microphone has an omnidirectional polar pattern and a mini condenser capsule. These elements provide clear and detailed voice reproduction.

The mic screws into the TRRS input of the headset held in place via a locking bayonet connector. RODE opted for this position to give you maximum plosive protection. Plus, you can easily remove and refit it as needed. 

Key Features of the RODE NTH-100M Headset 

Our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review will discuss the product features. Knowing these details will help determine if this headset will meet your needs.

Incredible Audio

The NTH-100M has a precision-engineered acoustic construction and custom-matched drivers to deliver accurate frequency response. It also offers highly detailed sound with low distortion. 

With its broadcast-grade microphone, your voice will be rich and intelligible. It also reproduces voice naturally and rejects plosives excellently, making your voice clear and audible.

Optimal Comfort

RODE designed the NTH-100M to provide maximum comfort to reduce wearing fatigue when worn for long periods. It has the Alcantara ear cup and headband cushions that are breathable and soft. 

Each ear cup has a layer of CoolTech gel, which absorbs and eliminates heat around your head and ears. Plus, the ear cups feature an ergonomic design with memory foam and bi-directional movement.

It also has an adjustable headband, making them comfortable even when wearing glasses. With the FitLok system, the headset can fit any head perfectly and keep the correct adjustment when worn.

Sleek and Professional Design

The clean lines and high-quality finishes of the NTH-100M make it looks professional, sleek, and stylish. It has a low-profile headset mic that will not cover your face. This design prevents visual distraction, allowing you to look your best on camera.

Durable, Solid, and Reliable

The NTH-100M can endure the rigours of all-day wear since it uses high-quality materials from RODE precision facilities. Aside from the FitLok system and the Alcantara cushions, it has a durable build, modular design, replaceable parts, and a lifetime warranty. 

NTH-100M User Guide

RODE offers a comprehensive user guide for everything you need to know about the NTH-100M. It covers instructions for setting up the headset, cleaning, maintenance, etc.


We will discuss the product specifications in our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review. It has a 40mm transducer, a dynamic NTH-100M, and a permanently polarised NTH-Mic operating principle. 

We saw it features a JFET impedance converter, an omnidirectional polar pattern, plus a 67dB signal-to-noise ratio. The NTH-100M has a 5Hz to 35kHz frequency response with 20Hz to 20kHz on the NTH-Mic. 

The equivalent noise level of this product when A-weighted is typically 27dBa, and its impedance is 32Ω. We looked into its max SPL and learned it has 106dB SPL RMS (plug-in power 1% THD). There is also a 123dB SPL RMS (plug-in power 10% THD). 

Then comes its max output level at 307mV @1kHz, 10% THD to 1KΩ load. And then its max input power is 1700mW, 1% THD @1kHz. We also need to mention that the NTH-100M has a circumaural ear coupling and 200dBA ambient noise attenuation. 

Additionally, its dynamic range is 92dB @ maximum input.

Connection-wise, the NTH-100M has dual TRRS cable attachments, while the NTH-Mic has a 3.5mm bayonet jack. Plus, the product uses a 2.4m cable. 

For the NTH-100M and the NTH-Mic measurements, the headset is 80 x 190 x 188mm (L x W x H). And the mic measures 123 x 40 x 17mm (L x H x D). The headset and mic also weigh 350g and 5g, respectively. 

Hands-on with the RODE NTH-100M Headset

Of course, we tested the product to see its performance. And as always, we will share our experience with it in our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review. 

RODE delivered a combination of balance and fun with the NTH-100M. With its boosted bass, the audio of music and games sounded full. The increased treble energy revealed more detail and nuances without making the sound sharp and sibilant. 

Although this headset did not offer audiophile-grade sound, it delivered a fun listening experience. We enjoyed listening to various types of music, which was not usual when using headsets designed for gaming.

We also edited some videos while testing the NTH-100M, which gave us a good user experience. To our surprise, it never missed the mark for the audio mix. It delivered accurate audio when we connected it to another PC and made some adjustments.

Moreover, we tested the microphone for recording and voice chats. It captured our voices well and delivered clear, natural, and realistic audio with significantly reduced background noise. It is ideal for chatting, video conferences, and even guesting on live streams or podcasts.

RODE NTH-100M Headset Review Summary

The NTH-100M is a solid and versatile headset with a microphone that performs well. It works excellently for gaming, content creation, voice chats, and video conferences, making it ideal for lifestyle and productivity use.

We enjoyed using this product for our RODE NTH-100M Headset Review. It was comfortable to wear and delivered superior audio quality. Thanks to its high-quality materials, we had no problems wearing it for long periods.

Overall, we highly recommend the NTH-100M. It is a high-quality headset inside and out and is excellent for multiple uses. 

Visit the official product page of RODE to learn more about the NTH-100M.