sony h9 banner Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review

Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review

Today, we are sharing our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review. It will focus on everything about the headset, including its features, design, functions, performance, etc.

For quite some time, Sony released multiple gaming headsets associated with its consoles. And often, the company launches simultaneously as the PS4 or PS5. But recently, Sony switched its tactics a bit. 

The company is carefully shifting from products like the Pulse wireless to the latest Inzone headsets, which is good. 

The H9 Inzone is among the top-notch options available, and its price does not burn the bank. Despite that, you can expect the headset to have everything you would want from a high-end headset for gaming.

We spent over a week with the headset to see if it functions as Sony claims. And to know more about what it can offer, continue reading our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review. 

Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Packaging

The headset arrived in a simple-looking cardboard box that sports a royal blue theme. The front displays an image of one side of the product, its name, and the Sony branding. 

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Inside, you will find the H9 Inzone headset, a USB-C charging cable, and a USB transceiver. Sony kept things simple and minimal so you could test the headset immediately.

Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review – Design and Functionality

Let us continue discussing the headset in our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review. Here, we will focus on its design and functions. 

For the H9 Inzone design, Sony got some inspiration from the PS5 aesthetics. So, the top portion of the H9 Inzone sports a matte white colour scheme combined with black aesthetics. At first glance, it looked like a mix of the current ANC WH 1000-XM5 and the Pulse 3D headset. 

The design of its headband is based primarily on the XM5. From a visual standpoint, the H9 Inzone makes a positive impression, giving off a minimalist and sophisticated appeal. 

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The headband and plush ear cup pads are immediately eye-catching. This headband allows your head to rest on the thickest section of the cushion. 

It has the same size as the cushion on the ear cups, which is 2cm thick. Its size already makes a significant claim about wearing comfort.

The two ear cups can be tilted outwards and folded inwards. Additionally, a movable holder that houses them enables angle adjustment.

Controls of the Sony H0 Inzone Wireless Headset

The left cup behind the ear is where you can find the black volume dial. The NC/AMB button, which toggles between active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and default sounds, is beside the dial.

The microphone boom is on the exterior, while the USB-C charging connector and status LED are at the bottom. You can adjust the balance between the two spectrums using the Game/Chat button on the right of the screen. Next to it are the power button and Bluetooth-pairing button. 

The fixed microphone is on the left headphone. What makes it a nice feature is you can mute this by simply flipping it up. 

Overall, everything is well-designed and simple to access. 

Key Features of the Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset

Game-changing Audio

The H9 Inzone with 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming makes the most subtle sounds audible. We enjoyed using this feature when we tested the product for our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review.

You can hear and detect your opponents from a distance, and nothing can escape you. As a result, you can act immediately and take advantage of the situation during your missions.

Discover and Experience 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

The 360 Spatial Sound, activated by the Inzone Hub PC software, has a newly developed virtualiser for gaming. It recreates spatial sound with multi-channel audio signals as game creators intended. 

You can also enjoy a personalised spatial sound optimised for your ear shape. It is available via the 460 Spatial Sound Personaliser smartphone app. When you wear your headphones, you can immerse yourself and feel like you are in the game.

Advanced Technology that Optimises Acoustics

The H9 Inzone brings your game audio to life. The symmetric acoustic structure is flexible enough to fit various head shapes & sizes for better precision and sound quality. 

Authentic Sound Reproduction of the Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset

Sony developed the diaphragm of the H9 Inzone with expertise in music headphones. It has a unique shape to reproduce high and low frequencies excellently for a more immersive gaming experience.

Powerful Bass

The housing of the H9 Inzone features ducts that optimise and control low-frequency sound reproduction. This feature helps the headset deliver deep, powerful bass to make the sounds of engines and explosions realistic. You will hear the intensity of your game.

Comfortable Gaming

The ultra-comfortable design of the H9 Inzone allows you to play through extended sessions. It is secure and stable with minimal side pressure to prevent discomfort, no matter how long you play.

The H9 Inzone features soft-fit leather ear pads shaped to reduce pressure on your ears. It optimises contact with the side of your head, and the highly stretchable material provides stability, comfort, and sound insulation.

Noise Cancellation that Only Lets You Hear Your Game

The H9 Inzone features noise cancelling to eliminate all unwanted external noise, from heaters to PC fans. It also has the same Dual Noise Sensor Technology as the top-notch 1000X Series Sony headphones for an exceptional gaming experience.

Immersion and Awareness with the Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset

Although the H9 Inzone features noise cancellation, you can switch to an awareness mode to hear ambient sounds. Ambient Sound Mode never lets you miss important phone calls or doorbells while playing games. You can instantly switch to this setting by pressing a button on the headset.

Clear Communication for a Victorious Team

With crystal-clear communication, you can coordinate missions perfectly. The flip-to-mute boom microphone allows for effortless in-game chatting with your team.

The high-quality bidirectional boom microphone focuses on your voice. Plus, its shape makes it close to your mouth for clarity. Its polar pattern ensures clear voice pick-up. 

Also, this Discord-certified microphone guarantees that your voice will be excellently audible on Discord, video chats, and voice call. Experience seamless communication with friends while playing your favourite online games.

Wireless Freedom with Low Delay

The H9 Inzone lets you enjoy wireless freedom. Even without the cables, you will never miss a beat. You can enjoy the tight sound with picture synchronisation since it minimises delay.

Powerful Battery of the Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset 

A single charge lets you enjoy up to 32 hours of gaming. The long battery life of the H9 Inzone allows you to enjoy playing without interruption.

Easy Operation with the Simple Oval Design

The H9 Inzone has a simple oval shape with ergonomically designed control buttons and dials. You can quickly adjust its settings and change settings on the fly since they are easily accessible. 

Personalise your Gameplay

You may tailor your H9 Inzone experience by adjusting numerous functions, including various sound and hardware settings. You can do all these with the Sony Inzone Hub PC programme.

Using the EQ tool, you can fine-tune the sound frequencies in your game for better clarity and immersion.

Perfect for PlayStation 5

H9 Inzone lets you enjoy the immersive sounds of the PS5 Tempest 3D AudioTech for gaming with greater spatial expression. It works seamlessly with PS5 consoles and special PS5 features for enhanced performance.

Sustainability of Sony Products

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, Sony products are creations produced with the environment in mind. The H9 Inzone packaging contains no plastic and solely employs non-woven cellulose and recycled materials. It displays Sony’s dedication to helping the environment.


Now, our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review will focus on the specifications of this product. For its measurements, the H9 Izone weighs approximately 330g, while the driver unit is 40mm. 

The closed dynamic, circum-aural headset uses a neodymium magnet and has a 5Hz to 20,000Hz (JEITA) frequency response. It is a bi-directional mic with an effective frequency of 100Hz to 8,000Hz. 

It uses an integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery (DC 3.8V) with a maximum playback time of 32 hours without NC. 

The company utilises Bluetooth 5.0 with an effective range of approximately 10m for the mic. Additionally, it has a 2.4GHz band (2.4000GHz to 2.4835GHz) and supports SBC and AAC audio formats. 

Hands-on with the Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset 

You can download the Inzone Hub to use the headset and other Inzone peripherals on a PC. The Inzone Hub app is straightforward and includes EQ presets and the option to define a custom EQ. But it mainly provides a visual interface for managing everything the headset buttons can do.

The Inzone Hub is where you can manage the Spatial Sound functionality. This feature works like the Sony 360 Reality Audio via the Headphones Connect app. Plus, it is necessary when linking to another set of  Sony headphones.

You will need to take a photo of your ears and then upload it to Sony computers. Once done, the computers will create an individual HRTF profile for specifically tuned spatial audio for you. 

If not, Windows Sonic still works with the headset. Although it is much less involved, it is still functional.

We used the headset for over two weeks to check how well it performed. So now, we are sharing our experience with it in our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review.

Generally, the H9 Inzone works adequately for different games on both the PS5 and PC. It takes advantage of Tempest 3D technology that offers an immersive audio experience. However, you can also enjoy and experience 3D audio because of the spatial sound technology of the H9 Inzone. 

On the PS5, the ambient noise in the games we played was clear and crisp. When the action started, we heard the solid sounds from the combat and attacks on enemies. Due to the presence of spatial audio, it was easy for us to detect enemies that tried attacking from behind. 

We had great spatial awareness and could easily detect hidden enemies even before they tried ambushing us. 

On the computer, we played Doom Eternal for our test. The loud audio of the game sounded perfect on the H9 Inzone. We were impressed with the audible sounds of weapons when we defeated opponents.

We also tried Cyberpunk 2077 and noticed the clarity of all kinds of sounds and noise. While playing and using the H9 Inzone, we immediately noticed merchants and flying vehicles even from a distance.

The H9 Inzone was also excellent for non-gaming content like Spotify music and Youtube videos. Both types of audio content were rich and full of detail.

Whether we listened to pop, hard rock, and heavy metal, we loved how it sounded on its default profile. Of course, its audio quality improved after tweaking the EQ and desktop settings. 

The microphone performance was fantastic. Our chat partners heard us well on voice chats when we used Discord and PSN. Voices were clear and loud, perfect for communicating with teammates while gaming.

Overall, the H9 Inzone delivered excellent performance. It worked impressively for games, music, and videos and reproduced immersive, realistic audio full of detail.

Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review Summary

We were satisfied with the results during our product tests for our Sony H9 Inzone Wireless Headset Review. The product performed excellently and delivered the performance that the company claims.

The H9 Inzone is an exceptional product with all the features of a premium gaming headset. It has long battery life, is comfortable to wear, and delivers high-quality audio and ANC that works efficiently, making it ideal for gaming. This headset is an excellent choice, especially if you want something to match your PS5. 

Overall, we highly recommend this product. 

To learn more about the H9 Inzone Wireless Headset, visit the official product page of Sony.