TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review

Alder Lake processors urged memory manufacturers to produce more DDR5 products. Instead of releasing something new, TeamGroup revamped its current memory lineup. So, we will discuss this in our TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review. 

The product integrates tons of excellent features that would pique the interest of every builder. Moreover, the company also claims it offers more optimal performance to handle challenging or heavy tasks. 

To learn more about it, continue reading our TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review. We will discuss its design, functions, features, and performance. But first, let us unbox the product. 

TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Packaging

The box offers easy-to-read information plus an image of the product in front. This area also features the company branding, unit name, and several details. 

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Rotate the box to see more details related to the product. Each DIMM module proudly displays its SKU number and timings above the barcode. 

To the left are labels highlighting compatibility with major lighting control software options. These include MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, and ASRock Polychrome Sync.

A small badge denotes each of these software options to ensure clarity. For additional details, a QR code is available to grant access to extra information about the product.

We noticed tape around the package while unboxing for this TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review. TeamGroup used adequate amounts to prevent its contents from falling out while in transit. 

After cutting and removing the memory sticks from their outer packaging, you will see them in a protective clamshell. In addition, there is a folded sheet of paper with information about the warranty. There is also a quick guide inside for installing the memory.

TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review – Design and Functionality

This product has two shades for its heat spreaders: black and white. It draws inspiration from its DDR4 predecessor, offering a distinct light diffuser at the top. Plus, it gives you an angled pattern design. 

Aesthetic-wise, this kit exhibits subtle distinctions compared to the T-Force DELTA version. The latter uses an XMP memory profile instead of the EXPO version. 

The changes are minor, with nothing drastic, including a name change and a set of stripes. 

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Examining each DIMM module, you will see an identification sticker on one side. This sticker provides crucial information, such as the SKU and rated EXPO operating frequency. It also provides details about the applied voltage for the memory profile.

When you place the DIMMs on their sides, a distinct T-Force in black is at one corner. Moreover, the entire central plastic strip emits a captivating glow when your system powers on. Plus, you can effortlessly manage the lighting using compatible motherboard software.

Dimensions-wise, the T-Force DELTAα RGB weighs 48g and is 46mm high.

After removing the heat spreader, you will notice that these DIMMs are single-sided. They feature eight 2GB ICs for a total capacity of 16GB per DIMM. 

This specific kit has a thermal pad covering the PMIC and components. We appreciate this addition since many other vendors often omit this feature. Moreover, this thermal pad proves particularly valuable for users planning to engage in heavy overvolt activities.

SK Hynix

Our TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review will also look into the SK Hynix.

This kit has an SK Hynix A-Die. It is known for its exceptional overclocking capabilities, outperforming all other memory ICs currently on the market. 

While new 3GB ICs from Micron and SK Hynix are available, they tend to fall behind in performance. It happens because of their loose primary timings and sub-timings caused by increased capacity.

Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix are the three current primary suppliers of DDR5 ICs. For high-frequency memory, SK Hynix stands unrivalled, boasting no direct competitors. 

Samsung has been relatively low-key, with the B-Die (DDR5) rarely appearing in retail kits exceeding 6400 MT/s. Micron and Samsung are actively developing new revisions of their products. The A-Die memory of SK Hynix currently stands as the sole option that pushes retail boundaries beyond 8000 MT/s.

A significant change with DDR5 lies in the motherboard directly supplying 5V to the PMIC of the memory module. Unlike DDR4, the motherboard no longer regulates the voltages. 

The PMIC bears the part number 0D=9H, as reported by the software, indicating Richtek as the manufacturer. 

Key Features of the TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory

With the increasing number of DDR5 memory kits manufacturers offer, choosing the best one can be challenging. Learn the primary features of the T-Force DELTAα RGB to determine if it meets all your demands.

AMD Exclusive DDR5 Memory

The DELTAα RGB DDR5 Memory is perfect for AMD Ryzen processors and motherboards. It passes the reliability + compatibility tests from top-notch motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, ASRock, etc.  

Single-click Overclocking to Get AMD EXPO Support 

We learned plenty of information about the product while writing this TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review. It supports the current AMD EXPO technology, allowing you to experience optimised performance. It is all thanks to the optimised compatibility and top-notch high overclocking speed of the DELTAα RGB. 

The highlight of this feature? You get these within a single click time. 

RGB Colours with 120° Ultra-wide Lighting

TeamGroup modelled the T-Force DELTAα RGB after a stealth aircraft, offering a refreshing visual experience. Plus, it retains the clean geometric silhouette with 120° ultra-wide lighting of the DELTA RGB DDR4.

On-die ECC for System Stability

The T-Force DELTAα RGB supports on-die ECC. These provide error detection and correction to prevent compromising system stability for performance.

Carefully Selected High-Quality ICs for Stability and Reliability

TeamGroup uses high-quality ICs that underwent comprehensive reliability and compatibility tests. As a result, these ICs guarantee stability that will meet your demands.

Smart RGB IC Controllers Supporting Multiple Software for Lighting Effects

Our TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review will discuss one of the RGB features of the product. It works with a broad range of third-party lighting effects software. These include GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0, ASRock Polychrome Sync, BIOSTAR Advanced VIVID LED DJ, and MSI Mystic Light Sync. 

You can customise and synchronise the RGB of this memory kit with your PC build when using these software programs. With all the available lighting effects in these software interfaces, you can create a stunning lighting system for your build.

Strengthened PMIC Cooling Design

DELTAα RGB DDR5 has a professional thermally conductive silicon and reinforced PMIC cooling design. As a result, it delivers effective, stable PMIC operations.

Power Management ICs for Efficient and Stable Power Usage

The DELTAα RGB DDR5 memory uses PMICs to reduce noise interference. These also ensure efficiency and stability when distributing power across all components to keep everything fast and reliable.


  • Capacity: 32GB (16GB x 2)
  • Frequency: 6000MHz
  • Data Transfer Bandwidth: 48000 MB/s
  • Latency: CL38
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Dimensions: 46.1 x 144.2 x 7mm (H x L x W)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatibility: AMD 600 series

Hands-on with the TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory 

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The memory kit performed admirably, competing effectively against four other kits of similar speed. 

The RGB lighting was vibrant and dazzling and synced well with our other components.

Overclocking is usually a bonus for memory kits, and the T-Force DELTAα RGB handled it well. It delivered impressive overclocking headroom and offered significantly boosted performance. Plus, it did not have problems with cooling.

After all our tests, we conclude the T-Force DELTAα RGB is an excellent gaming memory kit. Its size is also suitable for most compact chassis, which are common nowadays.

TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review Summary

The T-Force Deltaα RGB is currently one of the most affordable DDR5 memory kits with its specs. It has a 32GB capacity, 6000MHz frequency, and RGB lighting. The best thing is its price will continue to drop with the increasing production of DDR5 chips.

We used the product for our PC to test for this TeamGroup T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Review. Surprisingly, this memory kit offers excellent speeds with solid overclocking headroom. It allowed us to push the system performance to its maximum. 

TeamGroup packs superb performance, high speeds, tight timings, and RGB aesthetics in this memory kit. All these, combined with its price, make it a compelling product with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. 

If you are building a high-performance PC, we highly recommend this memory kit from TeamGroup.

Visit the official product page of TeamGroup for more details about the T-Force DELTAα RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory.