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Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Finding the best and most visually-aesthetic mechanical keyboard great for typing and gaming can be a challenge. But in our Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard review, we have the best product to suggest for your needs. 

The VEM87 Summit R2 provides aesthetics and comfort despite prolonged use, making it ideal for gamers and professionals. It has the EC V2 Sakura switches and other notable features you shouldn’t miss. 

But before we get deeper into knowing more about the product, let’s check out its packaging and contents. We’re checking out what’s in the box in the first part of our Varmilo VEM87 mechanical keyboard review.

Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

Often, there isn’t much to say about the contents and packaging of keyboards. However, this isn’t the case with the VEM87 Summit R2.

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Its box is a work of art, and it excited us when we got our hands on the package. The whole packaging and the product ooze with class, and the artwork is undeniably eye-catching.  

We won’t stop here because our Varmilo VEM87 mechanical keyboard review will also discuss the package contents. Inside, you’ll find the VEM87 Summit R2, a keycap puller, and alternative CAPS and Scroll Lock keycaps. 

The company included a Varmilo keychain + the EC V2 Sakura switch inside, a micro-USB cable, and a switch testing kit. 

Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s delve deeper and discuss its design and functions here in our Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard review. Like all top-notch and premium keyboards from Varmilo, the VEM87 Summit R2 also has beautifully-designed textured PBT plastic keycaps. 

This keyboard is a TKL version of their popular Miya series. If you aren’t familiar with its size, don’t worry. It only means the VEM87 Summit R2 is almost close to the size of a full-sized keyboard. The only difference is it doesn’t feature a Numpad. 

This product is ideal for people who don’t require the Numpad. Plus, it’s great for providing extra space for your mouse. 

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The product has full-sized keycaps measuring 1.3mm. And the PBT construction is a more sturdy and top-quality plastic than acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS. 

Its PBT keycaps are lightly textured and don’t wear as fast or form shine as ABS keycaps. 

Each key has white backlighting, and you can set different brightness levels based on your preference. You can even switch to a breathing effect by pressing the Fn + arrow keys. 

Its media keys are labelled, and it even has a Windows lock option for convenience. However, the keyboard isn’t entirely programmable and doesn’t have configuration software. 

While writing our Varmilo VEM87 mechanical keyboard review, we flipped the keyboard to see its two feet sporting rubber pads. They were at an angle, and there was a channel throughout the entire keyboard. 

It allows you to bring its cable directly out the rear. You can also opt to run off to the right/left.

It plugs into a mini-USB portion on the board or any free USB-A port on your laptop/computer. It doesn’t come with a wrist rest, and we feel the feet are slightly easy to collapse if we suddenly exert force on the keyboard. However, its build quality is excellent, and we didn’t have any issues with that. 

The VEM87 Summit R2 has okay ergonomics and naturally stays at a 4° incline. It generally offers two incline settings which we find convenient. 

EC V2 Sakura Switches

Our keyboard for review has the EC V2 Sakura switches. It is among the three linear switch types the company offers. In terms of their heaviness, the one we chose is just right. 

To press these switches, you’ll need around 45g of actuation force; they’re steady and don’t wobble like other switches.

The overall clicking sound of the EC V2 Sakura switches sound similar to other classic mechanical keyboard switches. Though the difference is it feels smoother, and the keys’ stability is better. We can compare it to the Speed Silver and Cherry MX red switches. 

We can’t stress how stable they are and produce minimal sounds. It’s ideal if you don’t want to make a lot of clacking sounds while typing. 

The keyboard is best for high-end users who love the red switches and want the clicky, smooth keypress experience. If you’re someone with these preferences, the EC V2 Sakura switches are your best bet.

USB Cable and Cable Management

Strangely, it’s a mini USB-A, but it isn’t an issue. The port has a concave shape, and the keyboard’s rear has cable management routes to keep everything neat and organised. 

Key Features of the Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard

We’ve looked at the keyboard’s design and in-depth aspects, But what features make it unique and better than the competition? Continue reading our Varmilo VEM87 mechanical keyboard review to see what the keyboard offers.

Portable 87-key Keyboard

The VEM87 Summit R2 has a total of 87 keys. These include the function key row and additional commands on top of the arrow keys.

Although it has an 80% form factor, it’s a compact keyboard since it has thin bezels.

Durable and High-quality Build

This keyboard combines high-quality plastic and durable aluminium, making it a strong and sturdy product. It can withstand keyboard smashes and intense gaming for years without damage or issues.

Smooth Typing 

The Cherry PBT caps and textured print make each keypress feel great. You’ll want to use the VEM87 Summit R2 even more.

Varmilo EC V2 Switches

These smooth, light, and low-noise switches offer an excellent typing experience. EC means electro-capacitive, so these switches have a contactless design. They trigger actuation when two metal parts get close enough rather than touching.

As a result, the switches suffer less from wear and tear, thus, allowing them to last longer.

Our keyboard has the EC V2 Sakura Switches. These are linear with 45gf actuation force and are slightly heavier than the EC Daisy. Their actuation resembles that of traditional mechanical switches.

The EC V2 Sakura is also smoother and more stable, so they don’t shake.

Beautiful Design

Aesthetics are everything to Varmilo, but they don’t skimp on performance. The company’s keyboards look majestic, and they never sacrifice quality. Only a few manufacturers can achieve this.

Like all of Varmilo’s mechanical keyboards, the VEM87 Summit R2 is a top-notch product.


The VEM87 Summit R2 is a wired keyboard with 87 keys. It uses a mini-USB interface then its keycaps are made of PBT 1.3mm with dye sublimation printing.

Its backlight is white LED which looks clean, professional, and eye-catching. The keyboard weighs about 2kg with the package and measures 356 x 134 x 53mm with its adjustable feet.

The VEM87 Summit R2 is compatible with Windows. However, it isn’t fully compatible with Mac OS since it doesn’t support the board’s shortcut keys.

Hands-on with the Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard

This Varmilo VEM87 mechanical keyboard review will discuss our hands-on experience with the keyboard. 

Most of the keyboards we’ve used require the installation of drivers or a software application. Usually, these offer the option to program keys, customise lighting effects, and keep everything updated. But with the VEM87 Summit R2, we didn’t have to go through all of these.

The VEM87 Summit R2 is a simple plug-and-play keyboard. It was refreshing since we got to test it once we got it out of the box. The keys’ secondary functions are on the side, and you can activate its backlight with Fn and arrow keys.

Of course, our Varmilo VEM87 mechanical keyboard review won’t be complete if we don’t share our user experience. Continue reading to know how well it performed and if it’s the keyboard you need.

Since we review a lot of keyboards, we change these frequently. And usually, there’s a learning curve when it’s our first time using the product. Also, adjusting to a new keyboard often takes a few days.

To our surprise, it was a smooth transition for us when we used the VEM87 Summit R2. After an hour of using this keyboard, our typing speed started becoming fast. We also made only a few typos during our typing tests.

The PBT keycaps’ texture made each keypress more comfortable, whether it’s for typing or gaming. Our fingers didn’t leave greasy marks/smears, no matter how long we played. 

Even if our hands got sweaty, there weren’t any marks on the keys.

The switches were also impressive. They had low noise and were highly responsive because of their electro-capacitive features. They were touch-sensitive, and we liked these for gaming.

Our overall experience with the VEM87 Summit R2 was great, and we had no issues with it. Although there aren’t extras like programmable keys, macro, and customisable RGB, it’s a superior keyboard that improved our typing experience. It works well for gaming and typing, but we think it’s better for work uses.

Varmilo VEM87 Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The VEM87 Summit R2 is one of the most premium mechanical keyboards with 87 high-quality keys. It has an impressive design and superior build quality that feels durable enough to last in the long run.

With its switches and keycaps, you’ll have a great typing experience with this keyboard.

If you’re willing to spend, we highly recommend the VEM87 Summit R2. There are only a few options for keyboards that look and feel good while delivering excellent performance. And this mechanical keyboard is one of the best on the market.

Visit Varmilo’s official product page for more details about the VEM87 Summit R2 mechanical keyboard.