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WD My Passport SSD Review

Hard drives allow users to store their data externally and make it easier to transfer big files. The problem with this is that it takes too long for hard drives to transfer files. In our WD My Passport SSD review, we’ll talk about an SSD that boosts up this process by more than half the speed. 

External SSDs are slowly becoming popular in the modern world. They hold more storage and are genuinely faster at reading and writing data compared to regular external hard drives. This saves up time for the user, bringing efficiency into the game. 

With that, let’s head right on to our WD My Passport SSD review.

WD My Passport SSD – Packaging

Before we can discuss our WD My Passport SSD review, here are the items that come with the product when making the purchase.

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The WD My Passport SSD comes in a small yellow and white packaging. Here, you will find the image of the product and its logo on the front.

When checking the sides of the packaging, there isn’t much to look at, but at its back is where you will find the contents.

There is a description regarding the product details in several languages as well as the price ranges. You notice several features this product has at the bottom of the package. 

With that, let’s open the package.

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To open, you simply remove the latch on top of the package and pull outwards. There you will find the main product, the hard disk drive covered in plastic, USB cable and instruction manual.

With that, we can tell that Western Digital cares for the quality and safety of its products. 

WD My Passport SSD Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s now focus on the design and functions in our WD My Passport SSD review. The WD My Passport SSD is a one-of-a-kind external storage device. 

Our WD My Passport SSD scores a shiny black metal finish which makes it smooth on its surface. This device can fit entirely in your pocket and is similar in size to a pocket wifi. 

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It remains compact and durable with this design, making it portable and ready for anything. With its tough exterior, you are sure to have your data secured physically. 

The product is also shock and vibration resistant. This helps protect your SSD from external damages that may happen. 

With the USB cable, it allows direct connection to the PC without any restraints. You won’t need to make any unnecessary installations when using this device. 

All things considered, the WD My Passport SSD is a product that is focused on keeping your data safe and secured. 

Key Features of the WD My Passport SSD

Moving forward from its design, we now go to the features of this product in our WD My Passport SSD review.

Accelerated Performance

It is important for a solid-state drive to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is recommended for anyone looking to use solid-state drives. 

With the WD My Passport SSD averaging 1000 megabytes per second in both reading and writing processes, you are sure to maximise your SSD’s full potential.

This indicates that the SSD will run faster and smoother, granting the movement of files to be much quicker.


Other than the shock and vibration resistance, SSDs need internal protection. Here, you’ll find out that the WD My Passport SSD has password protection with hardware encryption. 

With this in play, your data will be kept safe and secure from anyone looking to snoop around. 


It is common nowadays to back up your files on a secondary device. Inside the SSD, there is a backup software designed for this. 

With this, it makes it easier to enable a backup check for your files to your drive or cloud service account. This removes the stress of losing your data. 

Out of the Box

The best thing about this is that there is no setup needed for this to run. No more installation, software downloads or driver installations. It is made with the idea of having direct access from the SSD to your computer.

Its compatibility with both Windows and Mac makes it much easier for anyone looking to use an extra SSD. 

With that in mind, Western Digital has provided only the best for its products. Keeping the same quality and efficiency will, in turn, boost overall performance for both work and play. 


Our WD My Passport SSD review wouldn’t be complete without checking the product’s technical details. Let’s start with its size.

Looking at the WD My Passport SSD, its dimensions are 100.08 by 55.12 and 8.89 millimetres in length, width and height, respectively. 

The WD My Passport SSD has a total capacity of 1 terabyte. This is the average storage for most devices these days due to the increase in the average file size. 

For its interface, it uses a USB 3.2, and its cable is USB Type C. It is also compatible with today’s most software systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, macOS Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra.

If you were to pair it with an older version of the operating system, you would have to reformat the operating system. 

Going now to its performance, for the sequential reading, it holds a steady 1050 megabytes per second. This means that this is the analysing speed of the device.

For the sequential writing performance, it goes up to an average of 1000 megabytes per second. This determines the overwriting processes or input of files to the device. 

Thanks to that, moving files has never looked so quick and easy. Western Digital’s target is to reduce the time it takes to move files around. 

Hands-on with the WD My Passport SSD

Alright, going away from the technical details, we now press forward to see if our product is worth the buy in our WD My Passport SSD review. 

2021 03 26 10 10 26 CrystalDiskMark 8.0.1 x64 Admin 2021 03 26 10 13 24 AS SSD Benchmark 2.0.7316.34247

Efficiency is the ability to reach maximum productivity with a minimum wasted amount of effort involved. 

When testing our WD My Passport SSD, it was direct and fast when transferring large amounts of files from our PC to the SSD. We had no trouble with the transfer.

Thanks to its quick transfer speed, we didn’t waste any time and effort during the operation. This is due to the reading and writing speed of the device, which averages 1000 megabytes per second.

Reliability means to be consistent in providing quality and performance. 

During the test, we noticed that with each file we transfer, the average reading speed did not change. It remained consistent and fast. 

It was reliable in maintaining its speed and progress without any interruptions. With its password protection and hardware encryption, we knew our data was safe. 

Reliable also means trusting your device, and with its protective software operating in the background, we knew we didn’t need to worry.

We talked about the device being efficient and reliable. Now we check to see if it is safe. 

External hard drives and SSDs have similar features in terms of storing data. But the difference between both is the protection they provide. External hard drives don’t have that protective feature.

This leaves your data unsecured and in danger of tampering or damaging from viruses or hackers. 

The WD My Passport SSD enables a 256-bit AES hardware encryption that stops people from entering your data. This acts like a gate that keeps users from accessing your data.

With its own password protection software, this makes it harder for users to easily access your external SSD. Thanks to this, you are ensured your data’s privacy and protection.

Overall, the WD My Passport SSD provides quality in its features. It allows the user to save time; it is consistent with its speeds and secures your data safely.

With that, Western Digital has designed its product with the purpose of the user’s needs.

WD My Passport SSD Review Summary 

Before we end our WD My Passport SSD review, we will determine our verdict for this product. 

The WD My Passport SSD is an intelligent external device that is faster and consistent with its operations. Western Digital weighed the importance of putting the user’s needs before their own, and we see that with their product. 

Efficient, reliable and protection are the main factors of the success of this product. Faster and safer speeds to save time is always the better choice when paired with its consistency. 

With that, we highly recommend the WD My Passport SSD to anyone looking for a better and safer external storage device. If you are interested in purchasing this product or any of Western Digital’s products, click here

We hope you found our WD My Passport SSD review helpful!