rog ctrea ii core review ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Review

ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Review

Gaming headsets are usually the huge over-ear products that offer excellent noise cancellation and gaming audio. But if you’re a mobile gamer who’s usually on-the-go, it’s best to find something that isn’t too inconveniently huge. In today’s ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review, we’ll check out ASUS’ latest in-ear gaming headset under their ROG line. 

The Cetra II Core is a pair of IEM’s or in-ear monitors which are follow-ups to the previous Cetra Core. This latest product from the company is a wired pair that links to your smart device via 3.5mm connector. 

This is the place to be if you want a pair of in-ears from ROG.

Our ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review will discuss its features, specifications, design, performance, and more. We’ll help you determine if this product is worth purchasing and if it’s something perfect for your needs. 

ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Packaging

The product that arrived for our ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review is the black-coloured Cetra II Core. It’s a sleek and stunning pair that gives off the usual premium vibe that you’d get from ROG products. If black isn’t your thing, you can opt for the white version instead. 

When it comes to its packaging, the in-ear headphones were shipped in a sturdy cardboard container. It’s a tough and durable box so we trust that the items inside won’t incur any damages while in transit. 

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On the package’s front, sides, and back, you’ll find information on the product’s technical specifications. Plus, there’s also information regarding all the items included in the package. 

The box has a flip-open cover which reveals the headset and the hard shell travel case once you open it. Inside the case, you’ll find the additional supplies included in the package. 

These items are all tucked nicely and neatly in place. So, you won’t have to worry about the case bumping against the headphones when they’re being shipped.

Other items you’ll find in the package are two additional pairs of silicone ear fins and silicone ear tips. The latter comes in smaller or larger ones compared to the preinstalled tips. 

Then, you’ll also find a pair of foam ear tips and a dual 3.5mm splitter cable inside the package. This is specifically for linking the product to devices with separate audio input/output. ASUS even included a warranty card and quick start guide inside.

ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Review – Design and Functionality

Before we discuss its key features and specifications, let’s take a look at the headphones’ design and functions.

As a pair of in-ears under the ROG line, the Cetra II Core sports a more gamer look. This is compared to standard in-ear headphones; and, it’s all thanks to the accents and ROG logo on each earpiece. Then combined with its sleek colour scheme, the Cetra II Core definitely has a premium look and appeal to it. 

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Now when it comes to the earbuds, ASUS utilised a matte black metal which is lightweight and durable. Then for its build, it feels sturdy and is tough enough to be used even when outdoors. 

The Cetra II Core comes with a cord that has an L-shaped connector. It’s ideal to use when connecting your smartphones for gaming. If you’re connecting to a computer audio setup with split outputs for mic/audio, you can utilise the included splitter 

Our ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review will take a quick look at the functions of the product. Here, it comes with a mic that’s equipped with three buttons. Specifically, these are the play/pause button, and the volume up & down buttons. 

It has a multiplatform design, so you can utilise it with different smartphones, PCs, gaming consoles, and handheld devices. If you plan to use the Cetra II Core in conjunction with a separate mic, don’t worry. You can simply use the included splitter in the package to allow this. 

When it comes to its operation, you’ll simply need to link the product to your smartphone then you’re all set. Basically, it’s a plug-and-play product that is convenient for all. 

If you’re using other ROG devices with the Cetra II Core, you’ll find special settings for enhanced audio output. You’ll find these in the settings area along with its equaliser. 

Key Features of the ASUS ROG Cetra II Core 

What makes these in-ear headphones better than its competitors? Let’s find out by discussing the product’s key features here in our ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review.

Liquid Silicone Rubber ASUS Essence Drivers

ASUS uses the Essence drivers on ROG Cetra II Core. These drivers are made of world-class LSR material to provide more stable speaker performance and strong bass. With its gaming-optimised audio, you can enjoy incredibly detailed sounds resulting in immersive gameplay.

Concealed Microphone for Clear Voice Communication

The ROG Cetra II Core features a concealed in-line microphone with noise-suppression technology. With that, you can be heard clearly during game chats and voice calls.

Quick Control at Your Fingertips

The ROG Cetra Core II features user-friendly in-line controls. These provide easy access to play/pause your music and adjust volume levels.

Perfectly Comfortable

The ROG Cetra II Core comes with ear tips and ear fins that are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. For the earbuds, these have a slightly tilted front for a better fit. Plus, each earbud has a small bump at the base so you can wear it securely.

The ergonomic design of the ROG Cetra II Core enhances noise isolation and offers maximum comfort and fit. This way, you can enjoy the best listening experience with the Cetra II Core from ROG. 

Lightweight and Durable

These in-ear headphones are crafted from lightweight and sleek aluminium. With that, it looks striking and elegant while also being durable and scratch-resistant.

Ideal for Handheld Gaming

The 90-degree connector that keeps the cable out of the way improves comfort for portable gaming. That means, it’s definitely a convenient and user-friendly pair that’s perfect for mobile gamers who are on-the-go. 


The Cetra II Core comes with a set of notable specifications. And we’re looking into these in our ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review.

The ROG Cetra II Core features the ASUS Essence dynamic 9.4mm neodymium magnetic drivers. It has an impedance of 32 ohms while the frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 40kHz.

It uses a 3.5mm analogue (4-pole TRRS + dual 3-pole TRS) connectivity, while its in-line mic has an omnidirectional pattern. When it comes to its weight, the Cetra II Core weighs a total of 18g.

These wired in-ear headphones are compatible with PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 & 5, VR, and mobile devices. And for security, ASUS included a 2-year warranty for the ROG Centra II Core.

Hands-on with the ASUS ROG Cetra II Core

We also tested the product for our ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review to know how well it performs. During our tests, we used the headphones while playing several games and connected it to different platforms. Aside from games, we also checked its audio quality for music.

In terms of gaming, we were quite surprised that these in-ear headphones delivered impressive performance. For FPS games, we could hear the enemy’s footsteps clearly without having to crank up the volume to max. As for the bass, it was also extremely powerful and we loved this a lot. 

When it came to mobile games, these in-ear headphones delivered excellent audio as well. While playing single-player titles such as Genshin Impact, the Cetra II Core delivered clear and clean audio output. There were tons of bass and power which made the gameplay more exciting and immersive. 

Another element we loved about the pair is that they weren’t difficult to drive. We found that setting the volume at 50% was enough for our needs. 

Its staging wasn’t as wide compared to those full-sized headphones. Despite that, the product still gave us a huge advantage in FPS titles compared to using a smartphone’s speakers.

When we paired the in-ear headphones with a couple of smartphones, the sound output was quite neutral. When we tried it with iPhones and other Androids, we needed to adjust the equaliser and lower the bass levels. We did this to prevent it from getting too warm and close to the highs and mids. 

Overall, its audio quality was excellent, though on some devices, we had to make a couple of adjustments first. 

For this ASUS ROG Cetra II Core review, we also listened to different music like Pop, R&B, EDM, etc. It sounded great, but if you’re someone who prioritises vocals, it might sound less dominant with the Cetra II Core.

For potential sound leakage and passive noise isolation, the in-ear headphones worked just like how they should. We were entirely isolated from our surroundings and everyone around us couldn’t hear what we were listening to.

ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Review Summary

The ROG Cetra II Core from ASUS is an impressive pair of in-ear headphones designed for gamers. It has a lot of great features, and one of these is its compatibility with a wide range of platforms. So with the product, you can enjoy high-quality audio whether you’re gaming via mobile, computer, or console.

What makes the Cetra II Core excellent is its design. Plus, it also comes with additional accessories for all users to get the best fit. And even though it’s lightweight, it feels durable which is ideal for the most intense gaming sessions.

Overall, the ASUS ROG Cetra II Core is an excellent product that we highly recommend. It delivers optimum performance, so it’s definitely one of the best choices on the market today. If you think these in-ear headphones are what you need, check out ASUS’ store locator for authorised shops.