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BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review

Today, we’re writing the BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review that focuses on everything about the Zowie EC2. It’s one of the top FPS gaming mice with an extensive ergonomic design fit for every gamer. 

BenQ went through a lot of research to perfect the mouse’s shape and build. Plus, it collaborated with top eSport players to produce a gaming mouse with the best features for enjoyable gaming. 

The Zowie EC2 has a well-rounded shape that offers more area for wrist movements. It also provides adequate space to hold/cover the product for accurate fingertip control. Additionally, all integrated features are present to optimise comfort for ideal performance in various games. 

Sounds promising? Are you getting more interested in the mouse? If that’s the case, continue reading our BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review to learn more about it. 

BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Packaging

The Zowie EC2 arrived in a standard-looking black Zowie package. The company aimed for a simple and minimalist approach; you won’t find any marketing on the box itself. There aren’t any superlatives about the mouse’s DPI counts, features, etc. 

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We continued opening the package for our BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse review. Inside, the mouse came along with other items like an instruction manual, warranty information, replacement mouse feet, and stickers. 

Again, we greatly appreciate it when manufacturers include an additional pair of mouse feet in their package. So, kudos to BenQ for this.

BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The Zowie EC2 is a medium-sized mouse designed for FPS and eSports. It has a high-rounded back with a slight curve for right-handed users. Additionally, there are two shiny buttons on the left side. 

The Zowie EC2 has BenQ’s branding on the back and is coloured red but without any backlight. Unlike other gaming mice, the Zowie EC2 doesn’t feature RGB zones.

Its EC2 sensor now has the PMW 3360 sensor instead. This optimisation makes the mouse a more solid and consistent product for tracking.  

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It comes with a simple five-button design which compliments the ergonomic shape, making it ideal for FPS and strategy games. However, its lack of buttons and programmable functions doesn’t make it an option for MMORPGs. 

Keep in mind that the mouse is slightly loud, but it isn’t noisy enough to bother people around you. The Zowie EC2’s wheel has pronounced steps with loud, audible clicks.

Its wheels’ rubberised material is ideally grippy with indented grooves. 

Along the base are two buttons, two large skates, LED lights, and the PWM 3360 optical sensor. The button on the mouse’s left side is for adjusting its polling rate between 125, 500, and 1000Hz. 

Its DPI button is on the right side and adjusts between four tracking sensitivity levels. These are 400, 800, and 3200 DPI. 

Its two plastic pads are on the base of the mouse and are also called skates/gliders. These allow the mouse to move smoothly on surfaces, and it’s another upgrade from the earlier version with four skates.

Compared to other premium gaming mice on the market, the Zowie EC2 has a plug-and-play design. That means it doesn’t require special drivers or software. 

You can perform all essential functions directly from the product though you can’t save specific profiles or change its functionality. To do this, you’ll need third-party software. 

While writing our BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review, we noticed how light its rubber cable was. However, there was a perceivable drag and a slight kink when we took it out from the box. 

We suggest you straighten the cable and route it to avoid excessive cable drag. 

Additionally, there’s a little detachable ferrite core on the end of the cable. It’s close to the USB-A plug, and it aids in signal fidelity. 

Key Features of the BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse

Here is a list of the Zowie EC2’s features. It’s for you to know what makes it an ideal option for enjoyable and seamless gaming. 

Made for Professional Esports Gamers

The mice under the EC series are the outcome of the company’s extensive research on ergonomics. BenQ also worked with eSports professionals to choose the features that increase comfort and reliability for competitive performance.

For Palm and Claw Grip Users

The Zowie EC2’s top shell has a natural curve and relaxed support for your palm and fingers. This shape makes it ideal for palm grip users.

You can also hold the mouse by curling your fingers with support from your lower palm for a better grip. It also allows for flexible movement from your palm’s front end to your fingers.

The concave shape of the mouse’s right side provides additional space for your ring and little finger. Its curved back allows the EC2 to provide flexibility for the index and ring fingers to click the buttons easily.

The position of its side buttons prevents accidental clicks while allowing your thumb to rest.

Smooth and Seamless Design

Like other Zowie mice, the EC2 has a smooth and seamless design without jagged protrusions and edges for aesthetics. During our tests for this BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse review, we noticed that holding the mouse was comfortable. We had no issues or discomfort, thanks to this feature.

Designed and Built for Competition

The Zowie EC2’s cable uses flexible rubber to prevent inner-wire damage when carrying it and travelling to competitions. Its 2m length allows you to move freely without the input latency of wireless mice.

Optimised for FPS Games

This mouse uses the 3360 optical sensor that ensures accurate tracking and provides reliability in gaming performance. As a result, you can execute fast and smooth movements without unpredicted cursor acceleration. It also allows you to choose from four DPI levels: 400, 800, 1600, and 3200.

Customised eSports Performance without Software

The Zowie EC2 lets you adjust the report rate, and you can choose from 125, 500, and 1000Hz. And what makes it better is you don’t need to install any software application. This mouse has a plug-and-play design with a switch for fine-tuning these settings.

Lasting Durability

The Zowie EC2 comes with a limited one-year warranty. BenQ also included extra mouse feet you can use to replace worn-out feet.


Our BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review will now discuss the specifications of the mouse. The Zowie EC2 has 400|800|1600|3200 DPI and uses a plug-and-play USB 2.0/3.0 plug.  

The medium-sized mouse has five buttons on its body and sports an ergonomic design. It’s a wired mouse with a 2m (6.6 ft) cable and has a report rate of 125|500|1000Hz. 

The Zowie EC2 can work efficiently with the macOS x 10.7 Lion, Linux, and Windows 10 operating systems. 

Hands-on with the BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse

This part of our BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse review is the most essential since we’re discussing our experience with it. The Zowie EC2 was easy to set up and manage, making it an ideal mouse for gamers. 

After plugging the mouse, it automatically placed 1000Hz polling and 400 DPI tracking. The polling rate was ideal when we played intensive games, and it would work even better on a faster computer. 

If your computer setup is simple/modest, or if you’re using a 120Hz (or under) monitor, it’s completely alright. You can opt to use a lower polling rate to remove load from your computer. 

We also adjusted the DPI using its dedicated button and cycled smoothly through four modes. Also, we appreciate the inclusion of the indicator light since it informed us what level we were on. 

When we tried playing FPS games, we ensured playing with a low base DPI. We even adjusted in-game sensitivity multipliers instead of the DPI itself. But if you prefer starting with a higher DPI that causes drastic sensitivity adjustments, that’s fine too. 

Do this by accessing one button at the bottom of the mouse, and you’re all set. 

We used the mouse for over a week, and our hands didn’t experience any discomfort whether we played or worked. 

The mouse’s weight was ideal and provided ideal comfort. It was light enough and well-shaped to prevent us from experiencing fatigue. Also, it was heavy enough to allow us to have proper control over the Zowie EC2. 

We love its weight since it prevents instances of lifting from rapid double clicks. However, it can become an issue for some fingertip grip users or people who prefer ultra-light mice. 

The Zowie EC2’s click latency was extremely low, and it felt highly responsive during our gaming session. 

For its skates, these glided smoothly. However, we think its optical sensor works better on matte surfaces. So, we suggest using it on a mousepad or desk mat. 

BenQ Zowie Mouse Fitting Kit

benq zowiemouse kit1 benq zowiemouse kit3 benq zowiemouse kit2

One of the most unique services that BenQ offers gamers is the Zowie mouse fitting it. One of the biggest problems for gamers when it comes to choosing which mouse to buy is finding a mouse that fits the hand perfectly. Most computer retailers don’t have all of the mice that they sell on display which makes it difficult to be able to try out the mouse for size in the store.

This is the problem that the Zowie mouse fitting kit solves. Gamers are able to order a mouse fitting kit from BenQ. Once ordered, BenQ will send out a box that contains the different Zowie mice available, allowing gamers to not only see how the mouse feels in their hand but also try it out on their computer whilst gaming.

Gamers are able to try out the mice for 2 weeks and once they have decided which mouse is perfect for them, they can then place an order for it. If you are not able to find a mouse that works for you simply send the kit back to BenQ.

This truly is a unique and innovative way for gamers to be able to choose their perfect weapon when it comes to gaming mice.

BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse Review Summary

The Zowie EC2 is a simple yet impressive mouse with a high-quality optical sensor. The product features excellent design and construction, providing adequate comfort for users with different grip types. There’s no doubt why it’s a standard for eSports professionals.

Its performance is ideal for FPS gaming since it delivers adequate precision and speed. Since it has a comfortable grip, using it for prolonged gaming sessions is not a problem too.

Overall, this mouse is excellent for those who prefer performance and comfort over aesthetics.

Learn more about the Zowie EC2 Mouse by visiting BenQ’s official product page for more details.