za12b banner BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review

BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review

Today, we’re sharing our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse review with you to learn more about BenQ’s mouse. 

The Zowie ZA12-B is part of the ZA series that is slightly less popular than the FK and EC lines. There’s no reason for that since the ZA series still provides its no-nonsense approach from Zowie. It also reached the hands of legends coming from CS: GO like coldzera and Zyp9x. 

In our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse review, we’re putting the Zowie ZA12-B to the test. This review is where we’ll see if it’s worth including in your setup. 

BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Packaging

Our mouse arrived in time for our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse review, and it came packed in an all-black box. Its packaging’s design is pretty much the same as the product that sports a sleek and professional-looking exterior. It doesn’t have unnecessary fluff, and you’ll get simple packaging with only the essential details. 

benq zowie za12 b review1 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review2 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review

You’ll get an outline of the product, its name, the company’s branding, and that’s pretty much it.

Inside, you’ll find the Zowie ZA12-B securely tucked in a perfectly-fitting area. It won’t move about while in transit to your home, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.  

Aside from the mouse, you’ll get your usual documentation, some Zowie stickers, and replacement mouse feet. We greatly appreciate it when companies add extra mouse feet in their package. So that’s additional points for BenQ for including these. 

BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The Zowie ZA12-B from BenQ is a simple, minimalist matte black mouse without any fancy RGB lights. Its CPI range is narrower than other gaming options, and remember, you can only course through the default CPI presets. 

For the software, the Zowie ZA12-B doesn’t have a software application for setting macros or remapping buttons. It also feels responsive while using it for gaming despite its click latency not being as low as other mice. 

benq zowie za12 b review3 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review4 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review5 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review6 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review7 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review8 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowie za12 b review9 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review

Speaking of the coating on this mouse, it’s a standard matte black that looks sleek and ideal for the product. We loved how it looked. BenQ did an excellent job with its coat and build since the mouse allowed for an excellent grip. However, it was easy to notice oil and fingerprints on the mouse. 

While studying its design and build for our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review, we noticed some things about the mouse. Its shape is similar to that of the FK mice by slightly elevating its height along its back. Taking this design style provides the perfect ergonomics. 

It’s also a right-handed product with two thumb buttons, giving you a clear and sure advantage over opponents.

Build Quality and Form of the BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse

The build quality of the Zowie ZA12-B feels like the Zowie ZA11-B. However, there were a couple of squeaking sounds when we applied some pressure on its base. This mouse sports a 3360 optical sensor, so the Zowie ZA12-B can provide accuracy while keeping swift controls. 

Next to the optical sensor are two buttons. One button allows you to adjust DPI on-the-fly for easy and immediate shifting between settings. These range from 400 to 3200 DPI. 

The other switch allows you to swap between 125/ 500/ 1000Hz report rates to guarantee quick response times. It also helps prevent latency while you game, manage multiple projects, design graphics, etc. 

Additionally, the Zowie ZA12-B has a USB-A connection, making it compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. 

Plug-and-Play Design

We also took notice of its plug-and-play design while creating our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review. Altering the settings is possible to complete using the mouse itself. All you need to do is utilise a combination of specific buttons.

Simply put, the mouse is great for people travelling often or who change PCs most of the time. There’s no need to bother with software, etc. 

Key Features of the BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse

All products come packed with notable features, so what makes the Zowie ZA12-B special? We’ve listed every primary aspect of the mouse to give you an idea of what makes it a great option. 

High-profile Design

The ZA12-B has a high-profile design suitable for palm grip and claw grip. It provides additional palm support and allows movement that feels more stable. Plus, its smooth and seamless design prevents any discomfort caused by protrusions and jagged edges.

BenQ also removed its right-side buttons to prevent interference for right-handed users. And it has a raised mouse cable attachment point to lower the chances of cable dragging on the mouse pad.

Plug-and-play Design

Once out of the box, you can connect it to your computer and readily use the ZA12-B. You won’t need any drivers or accessories to make this mouse work.

PTFE Feet of the BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse

The ZA-12B uses 100% virgin-grade PTFE feet that provide a better gliding experience. The box also includes extra PTFE feet, so you can replace them when necessary.

Two Extra Buttons and Scroll Wheel

With two side buttons, you can have additional controls that you can take advantage of, especially in games. The scroll wheel provides ample grip when navigating a web page or a document and swapping equipment.

For Palm Grip Users

The ZA12-B’s wider front-top sides help make lifting the mouse feel less slippery. It also has projected notches for users to raise the mouse conveniently.

Its steeper upper-front curve has a notable gap between the fingers and mouse. As a result, there’s less reliance on the fingers, making it ideal for palm grip users.

For Claw Grip Users

Aside from palm grip users, those with a claw grip can use the ZA12-B too. Its concave design offers more support on the finger, allowing claw grip users to lift the mouse properly.

Pixart 3360 Sensor

The 3360 is a flawless sensor used for most top-tier mice today. It provides perfect tracking with no prediction or acceleration.


We’re discussing the product specifications in our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review. It’s a vital part to include since it’ll let you know if this mouse meets all your needs. Plus, you’ll learn if it’s compatible with your system. 

The ZA12-B is a medium-sized symmetrical mouse for right-handed users. It measures 124 x 64 x 39 mm and weighs 78 g.

This mouse uses a Pixart 3360 sensor and provides four DPI presets, which are 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. You can also choose from three report rates which are 125, 500, and 1000Hz. It has a total of five buttons present. 

The mouse sports a plug-and-play design that connects via USB 2.0 or 3.0 with its 2m long cable. For the system requirements, it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Hands-on with the BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse

Of course, we used the product to share our experience with it in our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse review. Read further to determine if this mouse delivers the performance you need and if it’s worth purchasing.

When we started using the ZA12-B, we first tried the mouse clicks. These buttons had the same robust and tactile feel on each click with a reasonable travel time.

The right-click had a slightly higher pitch, but it didn’t affect the mouse’s performance. Although it wasn’t impressive, the 16-step scroll wheel wasn’t loud, and we didn’t have issues with it.

The side buttons were also noticeable and delivered satisfying tactile clicks that didn’t feel mushy. They also didn’t have excessive travel time when we clicked, which proved that BenQ constructed the ZA12-B excellently.

In terms of gaming, the ZA-12B was great for FPS since the mouse’s size is suitable for most hand sizes. However, we think users with smaller hands may struggle to reach some buttons with a fingertip grip.

As for MMO, we wouldn’t recommend the ZA12-B since it lacks customisable buttons as dedicated MMO mice.

The ZA12-B’s latency is 17ms. Although it’s not as low as other gaming mice, it was responsive enough to perform well. We would’ve liked this product more if it had a software application for customising its keys and other settings. 

Overall, the ZA12-B is a great mouse. Although it has several flaws, it didn’t affect its gaming and general performance. 

Aside from performing well, it’s comfortable to use and has a plug-and-play design, so it’s easy to recommend.

BenQ Zowie Mouse Fitting Kit

benq zowiemouse kit1 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowiemouse kit3 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review benq zowiemouse kit2 BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review

One of the most unique services that BenQ offers gamers is the Zowie mouse fitting it. One of the biggest problems for gamers when it comes to choosing which mouse to buy is finding a mouse that fits the hand perfectly. Most computer retailers don’t have all of the mice that they sell on display which makes it difficult to be able to try out the mouse for size in the store.

This is the problem that the Zowie mouse fitting kit solves. Gamers are able to order a mouse fitting kit from BenQ. Once ordered, BenQ will send out a box that contains the different Zowie mice available, allowing gamers to not only see how the mouse feels in their hand but also try it out on their computer whilst gaming.

Gamers are able to try out the mice for 2 weeks and once they have decided which mouse is perfect for them, they can then place an order for it. If you are not able to find a mouse that works for you simply send the kit back to BenQ.

This truly is a unique and innovative way for gamers to be able to choose their perfect weapon when it comes to gaming mice.

BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse Review Summary

The ZA12-B is one of BenQ’s mice under the classic Zowie series. It’s a symmetrical mouse that offers enough features to improve anyone’s user experience.

This mouse has a great design that offers comfortable use, whether you’re a claw grip or palm grip user. And aside from the design, it delivered crisp and tactile clicks.

During our tests for our BenQ Zowie ZA12-B Mouse review, we enjoyed using this mouse. It was fast, responsive, and consistent, making it great for general use and gaming. We didn’t mind using it for hours since its design provided a comfortable grip.

This medium-sized lightweight mouse is one of the best in BenQ’s ZA series. We highly recommend this product for its impressive design, construction, features, and exceptional performance.

To learn more about the Zowie ZA12-B, visit BenQ’s official product page to get all the information you need.