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BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse Review

If you’re looking for a BenQ mouse that’s lightweight yet solidly built, you’ve come to the right place. Our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse review will discuss everything related to the mouse, like its features, design, functions, performance, etc.

BenQ is a trusted name in the market, and for years, they’ve looked into producing optimised gaming peripherals for everyone. The Zowie S1 is one of their best products with excellent features integrated. 

It has a comfortable form and size, excellent sensors, plus a convenient plug-and-play design. So if you need a mouse similar to this, look no further and continue reading our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse review. 

But before we get deeper into its specifications, let’s check out what’s inside the box. 

BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse Packaging

Our unboxing experience with the Zowie S1 is similar to other BenQ Zowie products we’ve reviewed. It sports a simple-looking black box that only features “S1” and the company’s branding.  

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Inside the box is the Zowie S1 is kept securely in place. It comes with other inclusions like extra mouse feet, user guides, and a couple of Zowie stickers. 

BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

Our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse Review will discuss the mouse’s aesthetics, exterior, and functions. 

The Zowie S1 features a matte black body with the Zowie logo on the front palm support in red. Although it has a minimalist design, the classic black and red colour combination look great and appealing. 

Despite its simplicity, it has a solid build that makes the mouse feel durable enough to withstand intense gaming. Plus, it has a notable performance to match its excellent design, but we’re focusing on that later in our review.

Considering its ergonomics, the Zowie S1 is a medium-sized mouse shorter than the low-profile Zowie FK1. Its hump is halfway between the Zowie FK1 and the ZA11, making it a good compromise between the two mice. It’s not too large for you to lose fingertip control, but it’s big enough to wrap your palm around it.

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The sides of the Zowie S1 slightly taper in like the ZA and FK variants. This design offers a more secure grip.

Since it’s a medium-sized mouse, its build is excellent for people with average-sized hands. And it’s also large enough for those with large hands to use comfortably.

It isn’t heavy since the mouse is only around 3g. The Zowie S1 is lighter than its FK and ZA equivalents.

This product is a right-handed mouse. However, it’s easy to mistake it for an ambidextrous type due to its symmetrical design. Since you can’t unbind the two buttons on its left, this mouse isn’t ideal for a left-handed person. 

The overall build quality of the Zowie S1 is excellent. It has a good weight distribution and balance when lifting the mouse, making it ideal for gaming.

Continue reading our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse review to know how DPI and polling rate customisation work on this product.

Like all Zowie mice, the Zowie S1 doesn’t require a software application to customise its settings. Instead, you’ll be accessing the buttons you need on the bottom of the mouse. Here, you’ll find a DPI button that cycles through four DPI levels which are 400, 800, 1600, and 3200.

There’s even a polling rate button that cycles through three choices: 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel 

All buttons of the Zowie S1 offer excellent tactile clicks that are firm and satisfying. These are ideal for games that need rapid-fire clicking like FPS.

The scroll wheel has a 16-step optical encoder. There’s a little distance before hitting the next notch when scrolling forward and back. But despite that, it’s good for gaming and doing other tasks.

USB Cable

The Zowie S1 is a wired gaming mouse with a plug-and-play design. All you have to do is connect it to your PC to use it.

This mouse uses the same soft and flexible rubber cable as other Zowie mice. Although braided types are more common these days to prevent wear and tear, we still like this mouse’s cable. Its thick rubber is sturdy and flexible enough for gaming.

BenQ slightly angled the mouse cable upwards, and because of that, the Zowie S1 doesn’t drag on the mouse pad.

Key Features of the BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse

We’ll discuss its key features in our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse review. It’s to help you determine if this is the mouse you need. 

For Different Grips

The Zowie S1 features concave sides, allowing you to lift the mouse better. Its front end is elevated, thus providing more space to place your ring and little finger in a suitable position.

Shorter Design for Vertical Movement

The S1 features a hump closer to the middle of the mouse’s body, offering palm support towards the front. It also has a shorter overall design that provides your hands more room to move vertically and freely.

No Cable Drag

The raised attachment point of the mouse cable reduces the chance of cable drag on the mouse pad.

Driverless, Plug-and-play Design of the BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse

One of the best features of all Zowie mice is the plug-and-play design. You won’t need to install any driver or software to customise its settings. Once you connect the cable, you can start using it.

Its feature is essential for on-the-go gamers who play on different PCs and customise settings frequently.

3360 Sensor

The Zowie S1 uses the PMW 3360, a flawless sensor registering everything you do with great precision. It doesn’t add any acceleration or smoothing. 

This sensor lets you choose between four DPI levels: 400,800, 1600, and 3200, which are the most common preferences.

No Jagged Edges

The S series’ mice have a smooth and seamless design with no aesthetic protrusions and jagged edges. As a result, you won’t experience discomfort even with prolonged gaming sessions.


This section of our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse review focuses on the different specifications of the mouse. To begin, it has a 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI with plug-and-play USB 2.0/3.0. 

It features five buttons, USB connectivity, and a cable measuring 2m (6.6 ft). The Zowie S1 has a report rate of 125| 500 | 1000Hz and sports a medium, symmetrical right-handed design. 

This product has outstanding compatibility with Windows and macOS. Plus, it doesn’t pose any issues with these. 

Hands-on with the BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse

The most important part of our BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse review is where we discuss our experience with the product. We’ve used it for almost two weeks to see how efficient the Zowie S1 is. 

Generally, the mouse is an ideal mix of comfort, design, and performance. Its sensor was exceptional, and we loved how it worked. The mouse performed remarkably in games like Valorant, plus our flicks, aim, and tracking got much better.

It felt great despite the mouse being slightly heavier than the other mice we tested. The Zowie S1 was smooth during flicks and tracking; we can say it was the sleekest stock feet we’ve tried.

We love that BenQ updated the clicks since these feel more accurate and refined. Its click latency was notable, so we didn’t notice delays while playing.

The combination of its perfect shape and the improved clicks and coating makes for an excellent mouse. It’s probably BenQ’s best effort yet if you ask us. 

Shape plays a vital part for us, but it’s generally subjective. But all we have to say is that we’re impressed with the Zowie S1. 

Thinking about it, the mouse isn’t the most revolutionary entry into the market. However, it has an ideal shape, great build, a flawless sensor, a set of buttons, and a decent cable. It means the Zowie S1 is one of the better mice on the market today. 

The Zowie S1 is a product to keep an eye on if you’re searching for a quality-made mouse. 

BenQ Zowie Mouse Fitting Kit

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One of the most unique services that BenQ offers gamers is the Zowie mouse fitting it. One of the biggest problems for gamers when it comes to choosing which mouse to buy is finding a mouse that fits the hand perfectly. Most computer retailers don’t have all of the mice that they sell on display which makes it difficult to be able to try out the mouse for size in the store.

This is the problem that the Zowie mouse fitting kit solves. Gamers are able to order a mouse fitting kit from BenQ. Once ordered, BenQ will send out a box that contains the different Zowie mice available, allowing gamers to not only see how the mouse feels in their hand but also try it out on their computer whilst gaming.

Gamers are able to try out the mice for 2 weeks and once they have decided which mouse is perfect for them, they can then place an order for it. If you are not able to find a mouse that works for you simply send the kit back to BenQ.

This truly is a unique and innovative way for gamers to be able to choose their perfect weapon when it comes to gaming mice.

BenQ Zowie S1 Mouse Review Summary

The Zowie S1 doesn’t have the flair and features of other gaming mice. But despite not having the bells and whistles, this simple mouse is solid, and its performance is superior.

This mouse is for right-handed users and those who don’t need over ten macro buttons on the side. It’s a classic five-button mouse with easily adjustable settings that don’t require drivers or a software application. Plus, it has the adequate power that gamers need.

The switches on the bottom of the mouse that allow DPI and polling rate adjustment are highly convenient features. Although the options are limited, it’s great to have easy access to these settings without needing to launch any software. Plus, it’s a great feature to have, especially when you need to use different PCs.

The Zowie S1 may not offer the same depth of customisation other gaming mice have. Despite that, its simplicity also has its benefits.

If you want a professional-looking mouse that you can easily use for gaming, the Zowie S1 is a great choice. This mouse is an ideal option that works for office and gaming purposes.

To learn more about the Zowie S1 Mouse, visit BenQ’s official product page for more information.