amiron home review Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Review

Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Review

Amiron Home is Beyerdynamic’s invitation to quality and excellent audio. Today, we’re checking these headphones out in our Beyerdynamic Amiron Home review. 

The Amiron Home is a mid-range audiophile product packed with some of the latest and best technologies out there.

The Amiron Home will be against high competition from audiophile and mainstream brands. But with their stellar and trusted reputation, can Beyerdynamic hold their own? We’ll find out in our Beyerdynamic Amiron Home review. 

Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Packaging

The Amiron Home is packed in a simple white box with a theme that leans towards the minimalist style. In front, an image of the headset’s side is displayed at the centre. This will give you an idea of how it looks. 

Although simple, we think that the package of the Amiron Home is effective. 

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The bigger box is sturdy and durable enough to protect and keep the smaller package intact. Plus, it sports a rather interesting appearance to add to its aesthetics while presenting more details about the product. 

Everything about the entire packaging is nice with a hint of luxury as well. However, there isn’t much on the main package aside from its carrying box. 

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Like the headphones, its carrying box has an elegant and premium feel to it. And after taking the Amiron Home with us on errands and trips, we know that the box is durable enough. It will make an excellent headset carrying companion with adequate space even for a DAP (Player) inside. 

Other Inclusions

Aside from the Amiron Home, the box includes other accessories for the headphones. You’ll find a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter and a long yet sturdy-looking cable.

It would’ve been better if Beyerdynamic included other accessories like extra pads or a slightly shorter cable. However, we need to consider that these are desktop headphones. 

Our Beyerdynamic Amiron Home review will now discuss the design and functions of the headphones.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Review – Design and Functionality

When it comes to its build and quality, we consider the Amiron Home to be a well-built pair of headphones. The company utilised both plastic and metals on the product to distribute its weight evenly.

Beyerdynamic integrated the use of metallic insertions in the headband and ear cups for increased resistance. The rest of the product utilises plastic to keep its weight low. So even when wearing the Amiron Home for prolonged periods, you can guarantee comfort and relaxation the entire time.

The accented colours on the headphones are neither entirely black nor grey, which is present on the T70 and T90. The Amiron Home also features a dual-detachable cable system, unlike the earlier T-series’ non-detachable single entry cable system.

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These headphones feature a hard and durable plastic cup finish with brushed aluminium accents on their rings. Additionally, you’ll find a strip running through the centre with Beyerdynamic’s logo on it, which differs from the earlier T90. The latter’s open-mesh design was more uniform; plus, it lacked any form of branding on its front cup.

Like the older T-series, the gimbals have a solid silver/grey-finished aluminium with a slightly smoother cornering. This is compared to the brushed-black metal of the DT-1770, which felt a tad bit rougher. 

When you grab hold of the headphones, you can feel that it’s a very well-made pair of headphones. It comes with the classic robust build quality derived from Beyerdynamic’s highly respected studio monitors. There’s an adequate presence of these features that makes the Amiron Home a product that can live through many years.

All headphones from the company are handmade in Germany, so you can expect a flawless finished product. Beyerdynamic ensures top-notch quality combined with a choice of excellent materials, giving you an outstanding product like the Amiron Home. 

Let’s continue our Beyerdynamic Amiron Home review and talk about Amiron Home’s headband and earpads.

The yoke and headband portion where the open-back earcups pivot feels extremely great. Plus, the integrated micro-adjustments within the padded headband guarantees adequate micro-adjustments to the size. 

For the earpads, these feature a stunning velour style that goes perfectly with its size. We love that Beyerdynamic opted for this material instead of leather. And like with every other Beyerdynamic finishing part, the earpads will be accessible aftermarket.


The Amiron Home is exactly what it claims to be – the most comfortable yet durable headphones there are. Its velvety velour on the headband & pads, soft cushion on each side, plus deep large earpads make it unbelievably comfortable.

When worn, you’ll completely forget about the headphones being there. And with its open back, you can hear adequate amounts of noise coming from your surroundings. So basically, it’s like listening to your favourite tunes in an open-air concert. 

It’s good to note that the Amiron Home isn’t quite portable, and we think it’s entirely designed for indoor use. But, of course, it does offer excellent levels of comfort, as well as soft and pleasurable audio. 

You can easily slip these headphones on easily, and you won’t get that heavy feeling on your head. The pads along the 45mm drivers provide enough space no matter the size of your ears. 


The headphones feature detachable cables with a dual-sided entry. It comes with a 1/4″ jack adapter as well as a 3.5mm adapter. 

If you want, you can utilise the Amiron Home as a balanced pair or with XLR outputs. The thing here is you’ll need to purchase an aftermarket cable that’s compatible with the headphones. 

Now, let’s move to the fun part of our Beyerdynamic Amiron Home review – the key features of the Amiron Home. 

Key Features of the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home 

Pure Musical Enjoyment

The Amiron Home is a gateway for you to completely enjoy listening to music. So just sit back, relax, and let the Amiron Home produce sounds that will take you away. 

These headphones deliver high-quality, detailed audio that will make your living room sound like a concert hall. 

The name Amiron Home represents high-quality headphones that show the company’s boundless passion for music. It’s your ideal companion that will reproduce and deliver reliable audio for you to enjoy in the long run.

Cutting-edge Tesla Technology

The Tesla technology is Beyednamic’s innovation that gives you a superb listening experience. For the Amiron Home, this feature has been optimised further to reduce unwanted vibrations and treble resonance. The refined version of Tesla is now more precise than ever, which will impress the most discerning music enthusiasts.

Precise and High-resolution Audio

The Amiron Home delivers concert-quality audio with its transparent mids, precise bass, and clear highs. With that, you’ll hear the details of every musical instrument. It’s an excellent choice for people who enjoy a wide range of music genres.

Open Design

 As its name suggests, the Amiron Home is designed for you to engross in music amidst your home’s peaceful surroundings. With that, the Amiron Home features an open design, allowing it to offer a spacious and natural sound. This open design feature also makes the audio feel like you’re transported to a concert hall.

The Amiron Home gives you a whole new world through its impressive audio reproduction. By using these headphones, you can indulge in your favourite songs in your haven of tranquillity.

Perfect, Comfortable Fit

Beyerdynamic’s Amiron Home has an optimum design and a perfect fit. With that, you can enjoy your music for long periods without feeling discomfort. 

Its headband exerts balanced contact pressure to remain secure and comfortable around your ears. As a result, it doesn’t feel too tight when worn. The perfect fit creates an auditory space, allowing your music to unfold to its full potential.

Additionally, it utilises the highest-quality Microvelour and Alcantara microfibres. These make the headband and ear pads velvety soft. With this high level of comfort, you can fully pay attention to your music for hours.

This time, our Beyerdynamic Amiron Home review will focus on the different specifications of the headphones. 


The headphones utilise a dynamic transducer and open operating principle, plus it has a frequency response of 5 – 40,000Hz. Its nominal impedance and SPL is 250 Ohms and 102dB (1mW/500Hz), respectively, with a <0.05% THD.  

Beyerdynamic utilised circumaural sound coupling to the ears, plus a gold-plated mini stereo jack and 1/4″ adapter for its connection. It has a 3m, double-sided detachable cable as well. Without the cable, the Amiron Home weighs 340g.

Hands-on with the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home

The Amiron Home somewhat has a high impedance of 250 Ohms. With that, it greatly benefits from being utilised with an audiophile-grade DAP or amp. Simply put, it’s best at providing you with an easy yet enjoyable listening experience. 

Audio output is great: you’ll get every detail in each tune, but it won’t be overwhelming in any way. Each component of the song will be evident, yet it won’t sound too forceful, which is great. 

The headphones’ close to neutral bass is excellent at displaying nuance. It’s also exemplary at being tight and quick. For its mid-range, it was a bit soft but perfect at producing quality and pleasing sounds. 

The headphones’ low-ends draws most of its warm sounds from the raised mid-bass response and full sound performance. This is instead of having a pure sub-bass rumble.

Bass for this open back product is highly impressive with its deep extension. It’s also extremely notable with its retrieval of layers from the mid-bass. There’s great impact at the lowest end, and it retains its good sound presentation. 

For the mids and vocals, everything was smooth and clean. Resolution and clarity are combined with a forward but non-aggressive approach to audio reproduction. Strings brought magnificent weight, while both decay and reverb were the highlights. 

The top notes in various audio give off perfect clarity and sound prominent in front of the mid-range. 

The treble is quite sparkly yet still has a bit of softness to it. This makes everything sound more revealing and natural, as well as airy and well-layered. The detail isn’t subdued, nor does it sound too forward. 

Soundstage for the Amiron Home is categorised from the medium to the broader side. Plus, it has a lot of spacing when you start listening to them. 

We found it extremely easy and convenient to place instruments and realised that it sounded very lifelike and natural. 

For its overall sound signature, the Amiron Home’s bass is more on the lower levels. When it comes to its sub & mid-bass, as well as mid-range, these have a very clear presentation and natural tone. 

Overall, the Amiron Home from Beyerdynamic is a truly magnificent product to have for everyone who loves enjoying music. 

Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Review Summary

At its price point, the Amiron Home delivers impressive audio with clear mid-range vocals. Plus, it reproduced sounds naturally with clear details. The Amiron Home is highly reliable since its audio quality is great for all types of music.

Aside from the good audio quality, Beyerdynamic’s Amiron Home has an excellent design and build. That makes it comfortable to wear even for long periods. With all of these things that the Amiron Home offers, it becomes highly competitive in its price range.

Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home. If you want to have these headphones, it’s available for purchase via the company’s official website.