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BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review

Today, we are writing this Review to discuss everything you need about the EB3A. We will check out its features, tech specs, power capacity, charging options, and more.

BLUETTI considers the EB3A the baby of its collection of power stations. These products get bigger and heavier based on their capacity to store and power massive electric appliances. However, this portable power station has a 240V power outlet that can supply up to 600W with a sine wave.

But before anything, look at the rear of the electrical device you plan to use. From there, find the label stating how many Watts it requires.

This product is ideal if you need a small backup power generator for your home devices. It is also an excellent option if you need a power source during travels. 

While writing this BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review, we saw how much of a leading-edge contender the EB3A is. The power station provides some elements such as the following: 

  • A built-in charger
  • Fast-charging
  • Ports to plug eight devices
  • Bluetooth app controls
  • A slick multi-colour sectional LCD

Quick Technical Specifications and Battery Capacity

Looking at its technical specifications, the EB3A has a 268.8Wh (12Ah) LiFePO4 battery capacity (Lithium Iron Phosphate). It can handle 600W of output (a 1200W surge) and an array of industry-standard ports. 

Another aspect to note is what BLUETTI is advertising related to the power station, the eye-catching 2500+ cycle life span. It is an element that works with the LiFePO4 battery and is perfect for deep-cycle users. Moreover, it allows the acquisition of power throughout the night while topping off during the day. 

And to give you an idea of its capacity when on a full charge, let us cite some examples. It can supply power to a smartphone about 25 times and a laptop three to four. It can power up a drone four to five times and run a 20W fan for 11 hours. 

Moreover, it can provide 5W of lighting for over 30 hours and run a CPAP machine for 9 hours. 

Remember, the time connected devices receive power depends on how many Watts they consume. And because the EB3A has a 268W-hour rating, it can keep your 10W light working for almost 30 hours. 

As for charging, there are six possible ways to recharge the EB3A. That means you can enjoy RV camping or exploring the wild without fear of losing your power source. 

Recharge the power station via AC, car charge, solar panels, generator, AC+adapter, or AC+solar. You will have peace of mind while driving out for a fun adventure.

Product Overview

We will also give you a product overview in our BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review. These details will help you know more about the product, plus how efficient and beneficial it is for various needs. Let us first check its features. 

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Features of the BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station

Compact, Tough, and In-charge

The is a reliable and compact power station that can complete the job. Whether providing power to small appliances such as miniature refrigerators, blenders, etc., you will love its performance. 

How? It is all because of its 600W AC, 1200W surge Pure Sine Wave inverter, and 268Wh capacity. 

Enjoy Your Lifestyle with Portable Power 

The EB3A is more energy-efficient than the classic generators, making it a lightweight power station. And the best thing about it is it helps you lessen carbon emissions into the environment. 

80% Charge in Only 30 Minutes

The power station has a 430W fast charging feature that is highly convenient. It allows you to get an 80% charge as quickly as drinking a cup of latte for adequate power. 

100% Safety with the BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station

Enjoy optimised safety thanks to the LiFePO4 battery and Battery Management System or BMS. Unlike classic Lithium-ion cells, this battery of the EB3A adopts a natural advantage because of its chemical and thermal stability. As a result, you will receive optimised performance and better life cycles, while BMS always protects and monitors your devices from potential risks. 

Eight Outlets for Every Need

The EB3A offers flexible charging options to meet various charging requirements. This feature eliminates the need to compete for fast charging among family or friends. 

It features multiple ports for simultaneous charging, and these include the following: 

  • Classic AC and DC output
  • 100W Type-C
  • A car socket
  • A wireless charger

No matter where you are, the EB3A completes the job, ensuring everyone meets their charging needs.

Keep the Connection via the BLUETTI App

Another notable feature we will discuss in this BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review is the BLUETTI App. It is an intuitive program offering a convenient experience in a snap.

You will receive quick access to the EB3A via Bluetooth within a 10m radius. Thus, keeping everything under your control, 24/7.

BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Benefits 

The EB3A is an exceptional portable power station that excels in multiple areas. With a 600W rating, it delivers impressive performance for its size. 

Moreover, the Power Lifting feature allows the operation of high-wattage equipment, making it an excellent addition. Let us look more into its advantages and benefits.

Despite lacking a touch function, the 8cm LCD screen displays all the essential information at a glance. These include capacity, estimated remaining runtime, input and output power, AC frequency, and various alarms.

This power station is compact and lightweight enough to single-handedly and effortlessly carry it around by hand. And compared to the fixed handle of the Anker 521, the EB3A has a foldout handle instead. 

The handle may appear less sturdy than you want. But once folded in, you can utilise the flat surface of the EB3A to charge your Smartphone wirelessly. 

Fortunately, the EB3A gives you separate input connections for solar/DC and AC charging. You can even combine these to charge the product via solar panel and mains plug simultaneously. 

It can handle solar panels reaching up to 200W and up to 330W (Turbo Mode) of AC charging. Generally, it is an advantage compared to 65W of other power stations, plus the EB3A also has faster recharge.

Charging Capacity and Battery of the BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station

The EB3A power station features internal AC to DC conversion. So, it can handle up to 430W at 120V when linked to an AC outlet. Plus, its internal battery can charge in just 1.1 hours. 

Furthermore, the power station supports pass-through charge, allowing it to operate while charging. The company uses LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries, which are heavier than that of Smartphones. However, these provide a longer lifespan and optimised safety. 

The battery can withstand over 2,500 cycles while retaining 80% of its original capacity. It translates to a lifespan of 7 years if charged from empty every day.

BLUETTI provided various estimates of the 268.8Wh battery to illustrate its capacity. Some of the ratings include:

  • Powers a 20W fan for 11 hours
  • Charge an iPhone 25 times
  • Run a mini refrigerator for 3.6 hours
  • Charge a laptop three to four times
  • Keep a 5W light switched on for 30 hours
  • Provide 9 hours of power to a 25W CPAP machine
  • Charge a drone four to five times


Moreover, expanding the system to become independent from the power grid is possible. You can do this since the power station supports charging via optional solar panels. 

BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station – Compatibility with the PV120 Solar Panel 

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The from BLUETTI is for charging the EB3A. It allows you to refill your power stations when travelling. All you have to do is plug this solar panel into a power station to recharge instantly.

To charge a drained EB3A, you can connect multiple solar panels for a faster recharging time. With its IP65 water-resistance rating, the PV120 is highly durable and splash-proof, making it safe for outdoor use. Additionally, you can provide a full charge for the EB3A in 3.3 hours with just one PV120. 

The PV120 is also ideal for generating electricity via solar energy. Since this is portable, it is also a perfect complement to existing rooftop panel installations. As a result, it is a flexible tool when you cannot park in ideal solar locations.

Recharging the EB3A is surprisingly fast when plugged into an AC source. But fortunately, the duration is reasonable with a solar panel, which makes it convenient if electricity is unavailable.

Design of the PV120 Solar Panel

Like all BLUETTI solar panels, the PV120 is lightweight and has a convenient folding design. It also has a kickstand that allows you to get the best position when making it face the sun. The solar panel can absorb more convertible solar energy with the optimal angle.

The solar panels under the PV series have a built-in handle made from blue ABS. Each handle features a smaller logo, making it appear more modern. In addition, the PV120 and other solar panels have a single waterproof coating design that encases all the solar cells.

All PV series solar panels have no metal rings, which are present on the SP line. Those rings are for hanging up the solar system with hooks or ropes.

Key Features of the PV120 Solar Panel

This BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review will also discuss the primary features of the PV120 to show its benefits. It will also help you decide whether to use it with the EB3A. 

  • Providing 120W Solar Power – The features MC4 connectors, which can offer 120W solar power for your solar generators from BLUETTI, like the EB3A. What makes it better is it also works with other generators on the market.
  • Monocrystalline Solar Cells for High Efficiency – The PV120 uses monocrystalline solar cells to convert up to 23.4% sunlight into consumable electricity. As a result, it can provide you with solar energy even in severe weather conditions.
  • Long-lasting Advanced ETFE Coating – As we mentioned, the PV120 is water-resistant due to its ETFE coating. It can also withstand scratches, so it is perfect for fishing, camping, hiking, etc. Also, this coating makes the PV120 slightly heavier than SP series solar panels.
  • Portable and Foldable Design for Convenience – When folded, the PV120 is 533.4 x 469.9mm and weighs 5.7kg, making it highly portable. It is easy to bring wherever you need solar power. Plus, its kickstand has a new snap fastener for additional angle-adjusting options.

Monocrystalline and its Benefits

Let us start with some fundamentals of the solar battery cell used in the PV120: monocrystalline. One massive silicon crystal makes up monocrystalline, and panels that use this are likely the most efficient. This battery cell allows the PV120 to generate adequate power even with minimal sunshine.

Monocrystalline solar panels are superior in efficiency. Also, it is the most expensive type among the three (amorphous, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline). Although pricey, it is also one of the most heavy-duty and resistant to high temperatures.

Since the PV120 is a monocrystalline solar panel, it is one of the most efficient and portable solar panels. In addition, its foldable design and kickstand allow optimal solar power absorption, making it suitable for camping trips and overlanding.

Shading Efficiency and Performance

When using solar power, shade is your ultimate enemy. All panels must run at the same voltage, so they cannot work optimally with partial shading. As a result, partial shading will reduce electrical energy production.

The can absorb solar energy even with less sunlight due to the monocrystalline cells. Also, BLUETTI changed from the series type to the parallel connection for the battery cells of solar panels. It is the most vital upgrade that the company implemented.

With the parallel connection, each circuit on the panel can operate individually at the same voltage. As a result, it will only lose power from the shaded area. Also, the impact of the shade will be minimal due to the battery cell connection and monocrystalline cells.

When exposed to shade, the efficiency of solar panels drops significantly, resulting in reduced performance. Unfortunately, shading is everywhere due to environmental obstructions like trees, buildings, clouds, and even dirt or dust. But thanks to the newly implemented features on the PV120, you will not need to deal with these troubles.

BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station – Our Personal Experience

We used the EB3A for two weeks to test the product and share our user experience in this review. It will help you determine its efficiency and if the EB3A is something you should purchase.

The unit has a simple design, which makes it user-friendly. The ports, inputs, and outlets also had labels, which made everything more convenient. In addition, we loved the tactile buttons that make the product feel premium.

The buttons were responsive and quickly powered each feature (DC, AC, and Light) in one press. Additionally, its onboard LCD screen showed the output and input watts status, what was powered on, and if the EB3A was operating in UPS/pass-through mode. Plus, it showed the battery percentage and estimated how long it would last.

When charging the unit, the LCD screen showed how long it would take until it reached its maximum capacity.

The sides have ventilation to keep it cool while in use. Later in our review, we will also discuss its thermal performance.

Connecting Devices to the BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station

We connected several devices to the EB3A, including smartphones, tablets, a travel fridge, a low-powered tea kettle, and more. Surprisingly, the power station kept the fridge operating overnight, making our food and drinks cold.

The EB3A supports wireless charging at 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W. We charged our phones wirelessly, and the power station worked excellently during our tests.

Luckily, we did not experience any issues while using the EB3A. Some claim there may be firmware issues, but we have not encountered any problems. 

Multiple times, we decided to bring the unit down to low discharges before plugging it back into a full charge. During the process, everything went smoothly, and we did not encounter any overheating concerns. And to note, this was when we did not apply load to the unit.

The unit turned warmer than usual when we hit 95 to 96%. From there, its charging continued and did not stop during the process. We did not experience overheating, so we charged smoothly until 100% 

Fortunately, it performed seamlessly even when we applied some load to the unit.  

We assumed the firmware applies an adequate cooling fan profile while in the charge-only process. When higher loads are applied to the system, the fans work more yet perform admirably. 

The BLUETTI Smartphone App

The product has a Smartphone app which we find convenient. It allows us to monitor the battery and check the EB3A via Bluetooth. Though ensure to do this from within 10m. 

Its Smartphone app also lets us control the integrated light of the battery. Plus, it allows control of the AC/DC sockets, even from our sleeping bag. 

With the app, you can control the wattage of the AC and DC ports or toggle these on/off. Plus, you can control the LED light or switch the EB3A off. However, you cannot switch it on via the app.

While writing our BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review, we learned that you could regulate charging via the app. For example, you can organise charge modes between turbo, standard, and quiet. 

The quiet mode has less noise yet charges slower, then fast charging uses a fan. Finally, it was faster in turbo mode but affects battery life if used regularly. 

From flat, turbo mode only takes about 40 minutes to reach a charge of 80% when using the main power. From a 12V vehicle charger, the charge time takes 3 hours and 45 minutes. Another option you can use is solar power. 

Fortunately, BLUETTI sells panels for charging the EB3A in 2 to 3 hours, which sells for $399. 

Remember that you cannot adjust the charging rate without the app. It would have been a plus if it allowed tweaking these settings via the on-unit buttons. 

Note that the BLUETTI app is available for free download on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS. It works with Android 6.0 or later and iOS 11.0 or later.

BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Use Cases

Our BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review will also discuss the use cases of this product. It lets you know the different uses of the portal power station and which devices or appliances you can connect.

The EB3A is highly versatile and excellent for camping, during a blackout at home, or charging gadgets and power tools. It also works as a UPS or uninterruptible power supply, which allows plugging the EB3A into mains electricity. Plus, you can attach critical devices to the power station for continuous and uninterrupted operation if a blackout occurs.

The EB3A can supply up to 600W for a short period. Then, during a frustrating power outage, you can brew coffee or use other gadgets/appliances with low wattage. It can also recharge smartphones, tablets, and notebooks multiple times if you avoid connecting high-wattage devices.

BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review Conclusion

Portable power stations are becoming more popular among users, and BLUETTI is one of the leading brands today. The EB3A is a solid entry to the market with its portability, high power capacity, and battery technology. In addition, it offers multiple benefits that make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

This power supply is ideal whether you are on the go or want peace of mind at home. It can power a 12-volt fridge and tools like a drill, making it a highly-practical product. Aside from that, it is excellent for playing music while on the road or providing electricity for appliances when camping.

When we tested the product for our BLUETTI EB3A Portal Power Station Review, we were impressed with its performance. It delivered adequate power for all the devices and appliances we tested, and we had no issues with it.

With the EB3A, you only need a single button press for a 240-volt power supply. We highly recommend this product, especially for those needing a constant power supply or on-the-go campers.

You can learn more about the EB3A Portal Power Station and purchase this when visiting the .