skil pwrcore 20 review

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Part 4

20V 165mm Circular Saw

Of course, we included the 20V 165mm Circular Saw in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review. Like other SKIL PWRCore20 Power Tools, it’s an excellent and efficient product that’s great for various projects.

It allows you to make quick yet accurate cuts on wood. With enhancements like a depth adjustment, LED illumination, and saw-line guide, it will be your go-to-saw.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V 165mm Circular Saw Packaging

When we got our hands on the 20V 165mm Circular Saw, it came in SKIL’s simple-looking cardboard package. You’ll find illustrations of the Circular Saw, SKIL and the series PWRCore20 written on it.

It’s another flip-cover box, so it was much easier to open up. It’s a perfect type of box, especially for people like us who get excited checking what’s inside.

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Once we got that open, all the items inside were kept neatly in place. They were properly positioned inside to avoid any instances of breakages or damages.

Now aside from the 20V 165mm Circular Saw, it came with a wood cutting blade and the 14T thin carbide blade. The box also came with an Allen key, user manual, and a dust extractor.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Design and Functionality of the 20V 165mm Circular Saw

Let’s discuss the design and functions of the Circular Saw in this part of our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review.

When we got it out of the box, we noticed that SKIL used a ton of plastic for the tool. It’s not an issue since it’s durable, tough, and it looks decent anyway.

When we used it during our tests, everything was intact, and nothing broke. But of course, it would’ve looked way better if it had some metal elements to it. A metal lever would’ve been great for setting the depth of the cut.

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For the 20V 165mm Circular Saw, the company utilised a stamped steel shoe. Their bevel settings are set onto the shoe’s metal components. We appreciate that they provided an adjustment screw to get a perfectly-square saw to the bevel gauge.

This bevel is secured and fixed using a threaded knob that functions well. Yet depending on the settings, the knob can be quite difficult to grip.

Compared to the bevel, the blade’s depth is fixed with an easy-to-use and effective lever. No matter where it’s set, it’s all good. Additionally, it has raised depth markers which make them easier to find.

When it comes to the sightline system, it’s highly effective and very user-friendly. This is most especially evident for the uninitiated. Though we find the plastic window a bit weird; however, it’s still highly intuitive and accurate, so it’s still great.

A big plus for SKIL since they provided a dust collection attachment to the 20V 165mm Circular Saw. But the thing is, the only issue is when they went for a ⅓ or 8in O.D. port. With that, no other dust vacuums or extractors can link to it, whether it’s inside or out.

Key Features of the 20V 165mm Circular Saw

Cuts Through Wood Easily

The 20V 165mm Circular Saw is a cordless saw that is highly efficient. Thus, it makes for a great go-to wood-cutting product for moderate DIY projects.

Fast and Clean Cuts

Achieve fast, clean, and precise cuts with the 20V 165mm Circular Saw. It features a carbide-tipped, thin-kerf blade with 24 teeth.

More Confident Cuts + Quicker Bevel & Depth Adjustments

The Circular Saw guide helps keep the cut straight. This tool also comes with quick angle and depth adjustment features to achieve the most precise cuts.

Easy-Grip Handle

The ergonomic design that provides comfort and balance allows for easy two-handed operation.

Spindle Lock, Dust-Protected Bearings, Dust Bag, & Electric Brakes

The spindle lock makes blade changing easy while the dust-protected bearings provide added durability. A dust port is also present for attaching a dust bag or vacuum cleaner when necessary.

For more comfort and faster work, this Circular Saw comes with electric brakes.

LED Illumination and Better Security

This 20V 165mm Circular Saw comes with a lock-off lever for added safety and security. Also, work with ease and safety with the LED lights that can effectively illuminate dim-lit workspaces.

20V 165mm Circular Saw Specifications

This SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review will now show the different specifications for the Circular Saw. To begin, its blade size measures 165mm, which is adequately-sized for non-heavy tasks.

Its no-load speed is 4,500 rpm and comes with a 24T ultra-thin carbide blade with it. The Circular Saw has a bevel capacity that ranges from 0 to 50° while cutting depth at 90° is 54mm. Though if it’s positioned at 45°, then the cutting depth measures 45mm.

The 20V 165mm Circular Saw uses a 6A PWRJump charger. It takes 30 minutes for a 2.0Ah battery to fill, while the 2.5Ah battery charges for 40 minutes.

When you use the 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah batteries, you’ll need to charge for 50 and 60 minutes respectively.

Hands-on with the SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V 165mm Circular Saw

We didn’t miss out on testing the 20V 165mm Circular Saw. So when we tried it, the tests had us encounter a lot of rips in OSB and plywood. Plus, we even cross-cut a couple of dimensional-lumber in the process.

Making cuts was easy, and we were confident in getting everything done properly because of the Circular Saw. However, we noticed that we needed it to spin up completely before it touched the material.

Note that many brushless saws stall out when you switch it on and the blade touches the material. It’s a safety mechanism for sudden kickbacks.

However, the SKIL 20V 165mm Circular Saw might be more sensitive than other similar products. With that, make sure to spin it then ease right into the cut.


We liked that there wasn’t any tool bogging during any of our ripping. The power appeared adequate for any ripping and cross-cutting projects.

When we attempted to do a full-depth ripping cut into lumber, the tool cut seamlessly and without issues at all. It’s good that the motor goes into protection mode and stops the blade when you accidentally push too hard. It’s an excellent way to prevent the Circular Saw from breaking.

Though the 20V 165mm Circular Saw isn’t your usual top-notch and high-end saw, it’s still an efficiently useful product. And with its affordable price, it’s a bang for your buck.

Its battery lasted a long time, so we’re really happy about that too. Performance-wise, we don’t have any complaints about the 20V 165mm Circular Saw.

Overall, it’s an excellent option for those with moderate projects in mind. It’s perfect for both skilled and new users since it’s a user-friendly and efficient product.