skil pwrcore 20 review

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Part 1

If you’re hunting for the best electric power tools, we’ve got your back. Here in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review, get to know SKIL’s different power products.

PWRCORE20 Series

Their PWRCORE20 series is the company’s highly advanced system featuring a collection of full-sized tools. They’re packed with innovative and powerful features, letting you get more things done.

What’s great about their power tools is the patented battery technology. It stays cooler while simultaneously maximising power. With that, you can have longer run times while taking advantage of twice the battery life.

What They Have

The PWRCORE20 series from SKIL Power Tools is composed of excellent power tools for increased productivity.

These include the Hammer Drill Kit, Brushless Random Orbital Sander, and the Dual Head Floodlight. There’s also the Circular Saw, Jigsaw, and their Multi-Tool.

Power tools under the PWRCORE20 series are patented and offer excellent and innovative features. You’re getting longer run time, great battery compatibility, and the fastest charging time you can experience.

You’ll get tools with the PWRJump features. Meaning, in only five minutes, you can have enough charge power to work on your tasks.

Of course, the company offers their industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Everything you need to know about this series’ products is in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review. So if you’ve been searching for power tools that offer efficiency, productivity, and excellence, then we’ve got your back.

First up, let’s look into the Hammer Drill Kit from SKIL Power Tools.

20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit

The 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit offers 3-in-1 functions, variable speed controls, plus 17+1 torque settings for your convenience. It has all these great features that make it a perfect tool to get the job done.

In this SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review, you’ll get to see how versatile the 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit is. It can go from tightening screws to drilling all the way through tough materials. The materials it can work with include wood, metal, concrete, and more.

To put it simply, the SKIL PWRCORE20 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit is the ideal power tool for various tasks.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit Packaging

The 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit comes in your classic-looking package from the SKIL PWRCORE20 series. It uses the red & white theme while displaying an image of the product in front of the box.

skil hammer drill Review 01 skil hammer drill Review 14

You’ll find a huge and bolded “SKIL” written there too, plus the hammer drill’s different key features.

When opening the box, you’ll find a case that keeps the Hammer Drill and other inclusions in place. They’re set neatly inside to avoid damages, and to make it easier for you to grab hold of them.

Other than the 20V 13mm Hammer Drill, the package comes with two 2.5Ah PWRCORE20 Lithium batteries and a charger.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Design and Functionality of the 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit

Now in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review, we’ll discuss the design and functions of the 20V 13mm Hammer Drill.

This specific Hammer Drill Kit is made for impact drilling on brick, wood, metal, plastic, and even ceramic. It’s even an ideal piece to use since it offers electronic speed controls. Not only that, but its left & right rotation features are also perfect for thread-cutting and screwdriving.

With these, the 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit is definitely a handy tool to use for your different projects.

skil hammer drill Review 02 skil hammer drill Review 09 skil hammer drill Review 10 skil hammer drill Review 11 skil hammer drill Review 12 skil hammer drill Review 13

The 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit has a nice, solid, and sturdy build. Since it’s combined with a great look and feel to it, you know that it’s a premium product to use.

It has a nicely-made rubberised grip that offers a nice texture to grip the drill securely. Plus, it’s got that perfect size for huge, gloved hands.

When you look at the hammer drill’s top portion, there’s a slide switch that sets the trigger’s speed range. Do note that level 2 for the trigger is the fastest for this hammer drill.

It comes with a total of (17+1) 18 torque settings, while it offers five-speed settings that shift with the trigger’s position.

Remember that little changes on the trigger’s depression boost the head speed. It’ll increase in 5 step-ups from slowest to highest and vice-versa when the trigger’s released.

We like how SKIL allows you to see the charge level on the Hammer Drill Kit. Simply press the button on its battery to let you see the battery’s charge level.

skil hammer drill Review 03 skil hammer drill Review 04 skil hammer drill Review 05 skil hammer drill Review 06 skil hammer drill Review 07 skil hammer drill Review 08

It’s a convenient feature since you can check before focusing and working on your project.

There’s also an auto-locking head integrated into this product. When the Hammer Drill isn’t powered, its headlocks. It’s to let you twist the lock knob to either loosen or tighten a new drill orbit.

Again, it’s something extremely convenient, especially when you’re planning to work on many projects.

Key Features of the SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Hammer Drill Kit

Versatility and Efficiency at Its Best

The 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit allows you to work on tightening screws. But of course, you can shift to drilling right into wood, metal, and even concrete right after!

SKIL’s Hammer Drill is an extremely versatile product and is the perfect DIY tool for your different home projects.

Longer Battery Life for Longer Run Time

The Lithium battery of the PWRCORE20 series comes with an ingenious temperature management system. It’s to keep the battery powering and cool throughout your project and tasks.

3-in-1 Multi-Function in a Snap

With the 3-in-1 multi-function feature, you can easily shift between the screwdriver, hammer, and drill mode to save time.

Speed Settings Based on Your Needs

You can readily shift to low speed to get higher torque when working on your projects. Or, switch to higher speed for enhanced efficiency.

No matter what speed you choose, you can easily shift to get the job done faster and easier.

Easy and Quick Bit Changes

With the Hammer Drill Kit’s 13mm keyless chuck with auto-spindle lock, experience quick bit changes for convenience and more productivity.

LED Light to See Everything You Need

With integrated LED lighting on the Hammer Drill Kit, it’ll readily help illuminate your workspace once the trigger’s pressed. Its light will stay on for 10 seconds after the trigger is released, which is perfect for hard-to-see areas.

20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit Specifications

The Hammer Drill Kit has a no-load speed ranging from 0-420/0-1450 rpm. For its impact rate, it goes for 0-6300/0-21750 ipm.

Maximum torque is 55Nm, while its torque setting is 17+1. The chuck size that this Hammer Drill Kit comes with is 13mm, while its length is 203mm.

Hands-on with the SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit

This is where we discuss the 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit’s performance in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review.

The 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit from SKIL is among the fastest and most convenient hammer drills we’ve tried. Though it’s quite light on its torque, it works great and has an excellent grip on it.

Using the Hammer Drill Kit was easy and quite user-friendly. It’s got convenient controls like its lock/forward/reverse slide switch.

This specific switch can be changed easily with your hand that’s holding the drill. Simply push the switch using your thumb or forefinger, and you’re all set. You can even conveniently lock the switch to prevent sudden switch-offs while you’re working.

If you’re planning to work on heavier tasks, you’ll need more serious torque, so a big-corded hammer drill is ideal. But if you’re working on typical driving and drilling screws, this 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit does the job easily.

When you choose its highest torque settings, it’ll easily snap large screw heads off. This makes it extremely convenient for us.

When it comes to its LED light, we thank SKIL for adding it to their Hammer Drill Kit. We’ve never really tried working using a hammer drill with a work light, and with it, it’s perfect.

The light appears from the lower handle and adequately illuminates the task you’re focused on. Of course, you won’t notice it during the day or if your room has a light, ambient lighting.

But if your work area is dark, or positioned in a dark, shadowy corner, it’s surely convenient to have.

Yet what makes the SKIL PWRCORE20 20V 13mm Hammer Drill Kit an awesome product is it won’t burn your pockets.