skil pwrcore 20 review SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review - Part 6

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Part 6

20V Multi-Tool

Only one tool is needed for various projects, and that’s the 20V Multi-Tool. Get to learn more about it here in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review.

This 20V Multi-Tool is an all-in-one tool that offers limitless potential for a variety of projects. So basically, it’s a piece that every DIY person needs in their toolbox.

You can utilise it for different projects like cutting through drywalls, removing grout, sanding wooden floors, and more.

Plus, it has that huge oscillating angle that allows the tool to cut with high efficiency and precision.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V Multi-Tool Packaging

This time, the 20V Multi-tool came in the red and white-themed box from SKIL. You’ll see an image of the product at the centre, while SKIL is written on the box’s upper-left corner.

There are a couple of other details about the Multi-Tool listed on the box. These are located on the package’s rear if you need additional information about it. But of course, SKIL included a user manual inside the box, so you can check too.

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Inside, just like with every other SKIL PWRCore20 Power Tools, everything’s packed nicely and neatly to avoid damages. Each piece is set in its place, so you can easily pick out the items without rummaging through them.

The box includes the 20V Multi-Tool, a sanding pad, ten pieces of sanding paper, and a Bi-metal plunge blade. Of course, they also included an Allen key which we’re quite happy about.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – Design and Functionality of the 20V Multi-Tool

The 20V Multi-Tool is an oscillating tool ideal for sanding, cutting, or even scraping across different types of materials. These include tiles and wood floorings.

It’s interesting to note that SKIL steers clear from tradition by utilising a much brighter LED system. Positioned right at the top of the blade, a light on each side functions with a diffuser. The presence of it is to cast the light a bit downward where the blade works.

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With that, it’s a useful and convenient system to take advantage of when doing projects. Additionally, the 20V Multi-Tool has a sleek and slim design. This makes it easier to grip, especially when you have smaller hands.

We did notice that its classic grinder style is still present, and with only less a diameter on its handle.

Based on our preferences, we’re a fan of the on/off switch that SKIL uses. It’s much better than a paddle switch, especially on products like this 20V Multi-Tool.

Simple plunge-cutting is a thing, but when we work in tight and awkward areas, it’s best to have hand-movement freedom. It’s great, especially when you don’t have to worry about hitting the trigger.

There’s a magnetic ring at its core that holds the blade when clamping it back down. It’s great since it adequately prevents slippage of the blade.

Key Features of the 20V Multi-Tool

Our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review also comes with key features of the 20V Multi-Tool. Let’s see what makes this a unique product and why this tool makes working more convenient.

Multiple Functions

This 20V Oscillating Multi-tool is designed specifically for sanding, cutting, and scraping across various materials. You can use this for wood or tile flooring.

Wide Oscillation Function

With its 3.6° oscillating angle, the 20V Multi-Tool delivers excellent cutting efficiency. It’s an excellent tool to use for detailed work.

Added Comfort

This 20V Multi-Tool features a slim body and an ergonomic design, making it well-balanced and easy to use. With that, you can easily hold this without feeling any discomfort when working on long projects.

LED Lighting for Illumination

The LED lighting integrated into SKIL’s 20V Multi-Tool keeps your workspace illuminated when the trigger is pressed. The light remains on for ten seconds after the trigger is released. This addition allows you to work in dimly lit areas with ease.

Tool-Free Blade Change

Changing blades with the 20V Multi-Tool has become easier than ever. Although tool-free changing of blades isn’t a groundbreaking feature, it still makes working more convenient.

SKIL’s 20V Multi-Tool comes with a twist lever to lock and release the two-pin OIS system.

Universal Accessory System

The 20V Multi-Tool allows for using a wide variety of Starlock basic and OIS accessories.

Accuracy in All Kinds of Work

This oscillating tool features a depth stop with a variable depth ranging from 0 to 60mm. With that, you can precisely saw and cut, while preventing damages to the material underneath and wearing out of accessories.

20V Multi-Tool Specifications

The 20V Multi-Tool has an oscillation angle of 3.6°, and its no-load speed ranges from 11,000-16,000 rpm.

What’s more, there are a total of 6 variable speeds plus an addition of 12 pieces of accessories.

Hands-on with the SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V Multi-Tool

The unit works efficiently and adequately, plus it’s extremely user-friendly. When you look at it, it may appear light, but it’s quite on the heavier side. However, other types of tools under this category are likely somewhat heavy as well. But it’s just something to note, just in case you’re expecting it to be a light product.

When we used it for various projects, it worked without problems, nor did we encounter any issues. It’s by far the best tools we’ve ever tried, and it’s highly versatile and is an all-in-one tool.

Whether you’re cutting wood, sanding, making tight cuts or others, it can do a lot. Hence, it saved us a lot of time with the projects on hand.

We noticed that the 20V Multi-Tool was quite fast during test cuts, and that’s something commendable.

We also noticed that SKIL does well when it comes to keeping vibrations under control. You can feel it when you’re running without loads. However, it transfers most of that vibration into the material you’re working on.

Its vibration sound was minimal, and nothing loud that would distract or even annoy you when working.

So overall, the 20V Multi-Tool is an excellent tool from the SKIL PWRCore20 Power Tools series. It’s handy and effective to get light to moderate work done. For its affordable price, it’s truly a treat for a lot of DIY users out there.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review Summary

SKIL’s tools are always of great value, and they always offer superior quality and performance. All of these tools were well-made, each of these featuring excellent construction and impressive features.

To summarise our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review, we were satisfied with all six products. If you’re interested in getting these tools, you can find a store near you via the company’s official website.