skil pwrcore 20 review SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review - Part 5

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Part 5

20V 22mm Jigsaw

The 20V 22m Jigsaw is part of the collection that we’re discussing in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review.

It’s a tool that lets you customise each of your cuts while being safe and easy-to-use. It’s a cordless saw that’s perfect for first-time DIY users; but of course, it’s also a tool fit for the experienced ones.

This 20V 22m Jigsaw is perfect for intricate and straight cuts on materials like particleboard, softwood, and even plywood.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V 22mm Jigsaw Packaging

The 20V 22m Jigsaw is like every other power tool included in the SKIL PWRCore20 collection. It comes in the typical SKIL product box that features an image of the product on it.

There, you’ll find SKIL written in bold fonts, so no one misses out on it. Plus, a couple of the Jigsaw’s key features are featured there and other basic details about the product.

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When we looked inside, everything was neatly in place. We love the fact that SKIL is very neat and organised when it comes to their packaging. You don’t need to dig for the items since they’re all laid out for you to see immediately.

Aside from the Jigsaw, it comes with a user manual, a wood cutting blade, and a metal cutting blade.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Design and Functionality of the 20V 22mm Jigsaw

When you look at the 20V 22m Jigsaw, it has a great build and excellent visual quality. Of course, it sports the classic SKIL black-and-red colour combination that looks good with the company’s logo on it.

Not only is its colour attractive, but the Jigsaw does have a fine and premium feel to it.

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But honestly, it’s a relief that SKIL made a tough and durable product such as this. When we tested it, there weren’t any creaking parts or areas that gave off suspicious sounds, and that was good.

Vibrations and Cords

The 20V 22m Jigsaw has a low-vibration build, so while in use, most vibrations were buffered by the rubber grip.

When using the tool, we suggest that you have a firm hold on the grip. Then, your free hand should rest on the top-front side of the 20V 22m Jigsaw. Doing this helps overcome jitters that come naturally for entry-level users.

Using the Jigsaw won’t leave you worrying about cords. Plus, you have easier access to it which is a huge plus.

Basically, it has a lot of power for its price range. Plus, it’s got a dust-blowing feature and LEDs to light up your work area, which is a great deal. What’s more, it has easy-to-change blades without needing any tools on hand.

Build Quality

When it comes to its build quality, the 20V 22m Jigsaw is good, sturdy, and durable. We love its quick-release blade receiver. It’s a lot easier and more convenient to have than bothering with screws holding the blades in.

On the other side of the tool, there’s a switch that inhibits air from blowing onto the blade. Basically, it’s to keep dust away.

Key Features of the 20V 22mm Jigsaw

Customised Cuts

This 20V 20mm Jigsaw comes with versatile power, allowing you to make straight and curved cuts. Not only that, but you can cut across a wide range of materials too.

Variable Switch with Brake Functions

This jigsaw’s variable switch comes with a brake, ensuring maximum control. With that, you can cut clean, no matter what material or project that is. The brake functions help you cut with a precise finish.

Four-Stage Orbital Section

The four-stage orbital section offers high efficiency in cutting various materials. It offers up to 2,800 strokes per minute. All you have to do is adjust the settings for the material you’re working on.

Tool-Free Bevel Adjustment

Immediately adjust the 20V 22mm Jigsaw’s bevel without using any tools. This way, you can have a precisely angled cut at all times.

Tool-Free Blade Clamp

You can easily replace and keep your saw blades secure without using tools.

Dust Blower and LED Light

The 20V 22mm Jigsaw features a dust blower, which prevents dust. With that, you can view your cutline.

This tool comes with LED lights for a clearer work area to keep your workspace illuminated when pressing the triggers.

20V 22mm Jigsaw Specifications

The 20V 22mm Jigsaw has a stroke distance of 22mm while its orbital positions measure 102mm. For its no-load speed, this ranges from 0 to 2,800 spm.

Hands on with the SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V 2mm Jigsaw

To use the 20V 22mm Jigsaw, place a fully-charged battery at the rear of the saw. It easily goes into place, so don’t worry about any hassles or confusion.

For an affordable jigsaw, SKIL didn’t fail to impress with this tool. First of all, we were surprised to see that the 20V 22mm Jigsaw came with two different blades. With these, woodworkers can do more like cutting deeper on dense material.

We tested the tool to see how well it works and were amazed since it can cut through various materials. We made clean, straight, and precise cuts on plywood, OSB, 2x4s, and panelling. Aside from the precision and accuracy, we appreciate that it worked fast, and the battery lasted longer than we expected.

Additionally, the 20V 22mm Jigsaw ran smooth and operated quietly, no matter what material we tried cutting.

We also liked the extras like the LED light. One of the best things about this feature is it doesn’t switch off immediately after letting go of the trigger. With that, we were able to do some woodwork, even in darker areas.

Another aspect we loved was the flashing light that notified us when the tool was getting a bit hot. It also flashed when its battery was running out of power.

Overall, SKIL’s 20V 22mm Jigsaw only gave remarkable results. We were able to cut, bend, and serve through different pieces, which is rare for affordable power tools. It’s great for both beginner and intermediate woodworkers.

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