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Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review

Today, we’re writing our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse review to share all the details about the MM731 gaming mouse.

Cooler Master created this mouse to lessen interruptions under hand. It’s a wireless, lightweight, and user-friendly mouse that has a simple construction and design.

Other than its subdued appearance, the MM731 features 2.4GHz and Bluetooth dual wireless connections.

To learn more about the product, continue reading our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review. Here, we’ll discuss its features, specifications, design, functions, and how well (or not) it performed.

Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Packaging

The product arrived in our office, packed in a typical-looking cardboard box sporting a black and purple theme. We like this colour combination since it’s not a usual mix to see when it comes to gaming mice.

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The box’s front shows an image of the mouse along with its name, the company’s logo, and its key features. There is additional information about the product on the sides and rear portions of the box. This is pretty convenient to have on the box since you can refer to these whenever necessary.

After unboxing, we also checked out the box’s contents for this Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse review. Aside from the MM731, you’ll find an extension adapter, 2.4 GHz dongle, and USB-C to USB-A Ultraweave cable inside. Other items are the mouse grip tape and quick start guide.

Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The MM731 is a right-handed ergonomic mouse that’s suitable for all three grip styles: palm, claw, and fingertip. It’s medium-sized and has a moderately pronounced hump, making it great for most hand sizes.

On the space where your palms rest, the MM731 features an RGB-backlit Cooler Master logo. On the left side, there are two programmable thumb switches, while underneath, there’s a Bluetooth/2.4 GHz/USB switch. You’ll also find a pairing button, DPI switch, LED status light, and a tiny slot for storing the USB dongle.

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What’s nice about this type of coating is that it helps manage sweaty palms while simultaneously keeping them comfy. So even during lengthy periods of gameplay, you’re sure to have a comfortable grip.

The overall build quality of the product is extremely solid. We didn’t hear any rattling of parts when we shook the MM731. When we applied some pressure, there were no flexing or creakings from the shell, and that was really good. Also, if you tend to squeeze the sides of your mouse, you won’t accidentally activate side buttons on the MM731.

Lastly, you won’t make any accidental clicks when you slam the mouse down. That’s unless you choose a 1ms button response time on the software.

When we were unboxing for our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review, we noticed something about its charging cable. It’s a paracord-like braided type-A to C cable which is as highly flexible as that of the ROG Gladius III.

What’s nice about the charging cable is that it also works as an extension cable. This is when it’s utilised collectively with the wireless extender. Then, the latter can be used to keep the distance between the mouse and dongle as short as possible.

For the wireless dongle, you can keep it in a special storage compartment located underneath the mouse.

Then for the mouse’s feet, these are pure PTFEs and dyed white. Plus, they also have slightly-rounded edges, giving the mouse a good glide. Lastly, the ring along the sensor ensures that the CPI stays consistent when applying vertical pressure.

Next on our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review, let’s see what the mouse has that makes it a favourite.

Key Features of the Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse

Classic Look and Different Feel

The MM731 keeps the classic design of everyone’s favourite pro-grade mouse. It has a sleek ergonomic profile and is built for right-handed users. Cooler Master gave this a unique structure by reducing its weight to less than 59g without compromising its durable shell.

MasterPlus+ Suite Support

The MM731 is one of Cooler Master’s first products to be compatible with the company’s new MasterPlus+ software. This unified control hub is where you manage all your Cooler Master peripherals & components and synchronise lighting settings across devices.

Hybrid Wireless

Wireless connectivity is excellent for cord cutters who want to get rid of cables. When using the MM731, you can use the mouse in wired mode or disconnect it to use wireless mode. Choose from lag-free 2.4 GHz or advanced Bluetooth connection.

Long Battery Life to Keep You Going

With its 500mAh battery, the MM731 offers up to 190 hours of battery life without recharging. When connected via 2.4 GHz wireless and with LED disabled, it lasts up to 72 hours.

Ultraweave Cable

The MM731 comes with the new Ultraweave cable that’s engineered in-house and composed of durable, lightweight fibre. This flexible material makes precision aiming easier.

PTFE Feet for Fast Gliding

Cooler Master equipped the MM731 with PTFE feet to enhance its performance. This is a common modification done by mice enthusiasts since it allows for effortless gliding and high responsiveness. These PTFE feet are pure and graded at over 95% PTFE to ensure smooth movement.

Durable, Fast, Responsive

Take advantage of the MM731’s durability, speed, and responsiveness with its optical micro switches. They use optical components for instantaneous actuation that registers input three times faster than mechanical switches. With reduced moving parts, the mouse has higher APMs for less wear-and-tear.

Pixart Optical Sensor for Optimal Gaming Performance

The 19,000 DPI Pixart optical sensor reduces lag and stuttering while providing more accuracy. With its reduced weight, you can execute precise actions swiftly. What makes it better is you can adjust the DPI levels in real-time depending on your game or playstyle.

While using the mouse for our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review, we noticed that our movements were pretty seamless. This is all thanks to the improved optical sensor which gave us smoother gameplay while using the MM731.

Stylish RGB Accents

The RGB lighting of the MM731 is on the logo for you to showcase your style. Aside from aesthetics, this RGB lighting zone works as an indicator for your DPI.


The MM731 is a palm-claw mouse that’s made from ABS plastic, rubber, and PTFE. It’s a product that sports a total of 16.7 million RGB LED colours. And, it makes use of a PixArt Optical mouse sensor as well.

CPI/DPI of the product is 400-800-1,200 (default) 1,600-3,200-8,000-19,000 while tracking speed is 400 IPS.

The gaming mouse’s lift-off distance is ~2mm (adjustable), while polling rate is 2.4GHz (wired mode) and 125Hz (BT mode). 50g is the MM731’s acceleration and its lifespan (L/R switches) for the optical switches is 70 million.

The MM731 has wired connectivity that’s 2.4GHz | Bluetooth 5.1 while battery capacity for it is 500mAh. If you’re thinking about its battery life, it’s good at 190 hours on BT mode with the LEDs switched off. Then in 2.4G mode, it lasts for 72 hours with the LEDs off.

Cooler Master made it convenient for all since it supports wired charging and works with Windows 8+ and the macOS. Also, the mouse comes with a detachable Ultraweave type-C to A cable that’s 1.8M.

Ending this section of our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review, the mouse weighs 59g without the dongle and cable. Then, it measures 122.3 x 69.0 x 39.1mm (L x W x H) and it comes with a 2-year warranty as well.

Hands-on with the Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse

To test the MM731, we used it for typing and playing several games.

When we browsed online, we noticed some users experiencing motion latency and unstable polling with this mouse. Cooler Master has already stated that the latest firmware update has addressed these issues. So, it’s highly recommended to install this before using the MM731.

Since we used it with the latest firmware, we didn’t experience the said issues. In fact, each button was responsive with low pre-travel, and the scroll wheel worked great too. The noise levels of each click were under control and simultaneously, each click delivered good tactile feedback.

When it came to the mouse’s RGB lighting, these had excellently accurate and vibrant colours. What we loved about this part was the customisable colours, adjustable brightness, and transition speed. Those who aren’t fans of RGB can also disable this.

Battery and Connectivity

Of course, our Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse review won’t be complete without testing the mouse’s battery and connectivity.

According to the company, the MM731 lasts 190 hours on Bluetooth and 72 hours on 2.4 GHz without LEDs. After 12 hours of continuous use on 2.4 GHz, the battery indicator was around 80%.

We weren’t able to drain its battery to see if it would really last for 72 hours. But after estimating this, we assumed that it would roughly match Cooler Master’s claims.

In terms of connectivity, 2.4 GHz mode was definitely stable and responsive. It instantly connected our PC to the mouse once it was switched on. We didn’t notice any latency with this connection and it worked seamlessly throughout our tests.

As for Bluetooth, this wasn’t as capable as the 2.4 GHz mode so we wouldn’t recommend it for gaming. Its polling rate was reduced but it worked great for light tasks like browsing. Bluetooth mode can come in handy if there are no available ports to plug in the cable or dongle.

Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse Review Summary

The MM731 may not be the perfect mouse, but it’s still a great product with the right price. It’s well-designed and constructed, so it’s sure to withstand intense gaming sessions. Plus, it has a flexible cable and PTFE feet that can help improve your overall gaming experience.

Although it’s not the most high-performing nor most affordable mouse, its combination of features isn’t present in other gaming mice. While some elements can be found on other similar products, these aren’t integrated as well as that of the MM731.

With its build, aesthetics, and function, we highly recommend this mouse for multiple uses.

Check out Cooler Master’s official product page to know more details about the MM731 Gaming Mouse.