corsair hs60 haptic review

Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset Review

Most people don’t realise the power sound has. Sound can be a defining factor in determining the overall experience between a good and bad gaming session. If you are serious about considering enhancing your gaming experience, our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review has got you covered. 

Sound plays a vital role in games as it is used to stimulate certain moods from within the listener. It affects the gamers emotions and feelings during specific situations, which affect the player’s choices and decisions.  

A good example is the Horror genre of games. The sounds used here trigger an interactive experience that is reflected in their gameplay. Certain sounds and even music can also sway a player’s decision-making and shift the mood into a lighter experience. 

Even playing FPS games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant heavily utilise footsteps in their gameplay. It is a core mechanic that players use to determine the location of enemies and teammates. 

With that said, let’s get right into the review. 

Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset Packaging

Before we discuss our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review, we have to talk about the things that go with the product when purchasing. 

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Our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset comes in an aesthetic yellow and black cardboard box that suits Corsair’s theme. You will see the product’s image and the brand name on the product’s front and sides. 

At the back, you will find several descriptions regarding the features of the product. It also comes in different languages to cater to a larger audience. With that, let’s see what’s in store. 

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To open the product, just remove the seal that locks the top cover in place. From there, lift the cover, and you will find the product held in place by the plastic mould. 

The plastic mould keeps the headset in place and prevents any movement from happening inside. It also has a manual latch that you have to remove with the purpose of securing the headset to the mould. 

Thanks to that, this protects the product from any damages that may occur during shipment. Once the latch is removed, you will find the detachable microphone piece inside. 

Other than the product itself, you will find the instruction manual, safety information and warranty guide wrapped in the plastic. 

The instruction manual also discusses information regarding the software program you can use to help optimise your headset. 

Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s now shift our focus to the design and the functions in our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review. The Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset is made for gamers to experience a surreal sound environment during gaming sessions. 

Our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset scores a camo design primarily on the earpieces. This was inspired heavily by FPS “Skins” on games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Its purpose isn’t only for style but rather to make it seem like they are truly on the battlefield. 

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You will also see Corsair’s logo on the earpieces, which are on top of a black mesh. This black mesh is made up of plush memory foam to make it softer when held. It provides comfort for the ears and makes it spacious enough. 

Looking at the headset’s connecting piece, you can see a plaid design under the connecting headpiece that fashions very well with the camo design. Similar to the black mesh, it has a comfy layer of plush which provides a snug fit. 

Other than its style, the Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset is made to provide quality sound for gamers. Its purpose is to enhance the players surround sound experience during play. 

Besides the sound quality, it also comes with a detachable microphone piece. This microphone piece provides unidirectional noise-cancelling, which can be used when playing with friends.

In addition, it comes with on-ear volume and haptic controls. This allows the user to readjust their volume settings physically without any game disruptions. 

With that in mind, the Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset caters to boosting the overall experience during gaming.

Key Features of the Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset

Moving on from the design, we now look at the features this product offers in our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review. 

Sound Powered Experience

Our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset is made with a 50-millimetre neodymium audio driver. This delivers an increase in range to hear every little moment in the game. But how would this translate into a better overall sound experience for the gamer?

When listening with a headset, the overall sound is heard through the ear, but the bass is felt with the entire body. Have you ever been to a music concert? There you can experience how the bass affects a person as it pushes the sound waves through the entire body.

With that said, Taction Technology wants to bring that same experience to gaming. The sense of feeling every moment in the game is represented with sound. Every explosion, gunshot and tense moment is represented and felt through the headset. 

Sound plays an important role in games, and it helps affect the player’s overall experience. Surreal sounds like these will help you transport your gaming experience on the battlefield. This, in turn, creates a real life-like battlefield experience.

Bigger Bass

Most ways to determine the headset’s quality is by testing how the headset will perform when playing sounds that feature the bass. Bass is a low-frequency sound that is hard to emit without the right components and quality earpieces.

Taction Technology has developed a headset that can pick up the lowest frequencies. This enhances the quality of the sound as it can accurately depict the sounds. It is also best paired with the Windows Sonic surround sound that features a 360-degree audio interface. 


No one wants unwanted sounds going into their microphone, especially when playing with friends. It can be distracting and a nuisance to have.  

Corsair has foreseen this issue and has provided a solution to tackle such a problem. They developed a detachable microphone with noise-cancelling properties. They reduce ambient sounds running in the background for clear vocal clarity.

Thanks to that, you can have better communication with teammates and friends during play. Furthermore, it is certified with Discord for those looking to work with it. 


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Our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review can’t be finished without looking at the technical details that make this product function. The Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset has many intricate parts that make it whole. Let’s look at the physical entities first.

Physical Parts

First off, our headset is wired and uses a USB type connection. This is already common in most headsets as this reduces the number of wires needed for the headset to function. 

Looking at the style, the headset features a camo design which is popular in most FPS games. It is like having a “skin” for your headset. 

For the cable length, it spans 1.8 meters. This is an industry-standard length as it stays within the range. 

Our headset also allows the user to remove the microphone piece. This enables the user to use the headset as a headphone for watching or listening to music.

Internal Parts

This headset uses stereo audio which helps in creating multi-directional audio sources on the headset. It does this by creating two signals that play at the same time. 

It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. It also has a sensitivity level of 111dB(+/-3dB) and an impedance of 32k Ohms at 1kHz. 

Regarding the microphone, it has an impedance of 2.0k Ohms and a unidirectional noise cancelling. This helps in reducing noise when speaking. 

Its frequency response goes from 100Hz to 10kHz and has a sensitivity level of -40dB(+/-3dB). 

The Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset works with the Corsair iCUE software. This allows you to customise the equaliser on the headset and offers preset audio features. 

By that, our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review always makes sure to include every aspect of our product. 

Hands-on with the Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset

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After discussing the properties of the product, let’s head towards dealing with the actual product. In our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review, we not only talk about the product’s characteristics, but we’ll also see for ourselves if it stays true to what it says.

With that, let’s test the product in ways that will provide us with more knowledge regarding the design and features.  

For our tests, we want to figure out if the sound experience is genuine and felt. We also want to check the bass levels and the microphone’s noise-cancelling capabilities. Let’s start with the overall sound experience. 

When we first tested the sound, we were blown away by the quality it provides. The Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset could pick up environmental sounds, character movements, and the game’s sound effects. This is thanks to the 50mm neodymium driver. It picks up even the smallest of frequencies and is emitted out on the headset. 

Due to this, we felt the presence of a battle during our gaming tests. We could easily hear the footsteps of approaching enemies and the reload sounds from our teammates and even the characters’ grunts. We could also tell where the gunshots were coming from just by the sound alone. 

The haptic feedback that you receive when using the headset really is amazing. It adds a completely new depth to the gaming experience and it adds a new level of audio immersion that we haven’t really seen before. The haptic feedback provides just enough force without becoming too overbearing.

Lastly, we wanted to know if the noise cancellation built on the microphone works. To test this, we opened up Discord to host a server where we could communicate. 

During our session, we found the microphone to be effective in reducing background noise levels. Although it could not remove the noise entirely, it did well in lowering the noise level. We could hear each other clearly and effectively. 

Overall, the Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset is an amazing craft that transports gamers into sound powered environments for realistic gameplay. Corsair’s talent in creating products that help raise the bar for gaming is astounding. By that, Corsair has done well with this product. 

Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset Review Summary

Before we end our Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review, we will provide the insights we have gained from observing this product. 

The Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset is a headset that focuses on bringing a realistic gaming experience to the gamer. It is as if they have been brought to an actual battlefield rather than just playing on the computer. 

Thanks to the 50mm neodymium audio driver, it can pick up all the little details throughout the game. This way, you can experience every moment that happens in the game. When paired with the detachable microphone, it allows impressive communication for better operations. 

With that, we can easily say that we approve of the Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset, and we recommend it to anyone looking to enter the battlefield. If you are interested in purchasing such a product, then click here for more details.