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Corsair LL120 Review – Show Your Style

The popularity of RGBs is still on, and Corsair continues to lead as they step up their game. The company has already given us the best and most efficient RGB ranges today, and they sure aren’t planning to slow down anytime soon. And when it comes to their Corsair LL120 fans, these are still considered the best on the market. Here in our Corsair LL120 Review, let’s learn about what the fan offers, and see if it can deliver the excellent performance the way it should.

The company guarantees a ton of options for customization, thanks to the fans’ Dual Loop style. Also, each fan has 16 individually-addressable LEDs to let you customize the fans based on your preferences.

 Now, let’s check out the packaging and what’s inside.

Inside the Box

The Corsair LL120 ships in a premium-looking box. The front displays an image of the fan with its name underneath. The company’s name and logo are on the top-left portion, and the opposite is “x3”, indicating that it’s a Triple Pack version of the 120 x 25-millimeter fans. You will find all of the vital technical details on the box’s rear portion, as well as other products included inside.

Aside from the fans, you will find a fan hub powered by one SATA connector that links to your motherboard with a USB header. Other accessories are the Lighting Node PRO that allows for connecting the fans’ light loop to other compatible hardware.

The connection kit is simple; it comes with a bridge cable, a USB cable, and all necessary screws for mounting the fans. Corsair also included adhesive pads so you can readily fix the bulbs to your build. 

The Corsair LL120 Review

Each Corsair LL120 fan comes with sixteen independent RGB LEDs. You can find twelve of the lights in the frame, while the other four lights are in the inner fan’s blades. With Corsair iCUE software, you can configure these RGB lights and choose from a variety of animation schemes and effects across these fans.

The Corsair LL120 are premium-quality fans with thick and durable blades. The white blades enhance the RGB effects to make everything look stunning. For the fan’s rotor, it’s frosted white, unlike conventional LED fans that have a translucent shade. The unique plastic used for the rotor helps diffuse light nicely.

Lighting Node PRO

The Lighting Node PRO provides individually addressable LEDs with software controls so that you can give vivid illumination and effects for your PC. Its four included lighting strips features ten RGB LEDs each, and magnets to improve the fans’ lighting potential. It makes the installation process more straightforward.

The Lighting Node PRO is a small controller that measures 5.5 x 3.0 x 1.2 centimeters. It features two LED channels, each supporting a total of four addressable LED strips. On the back is a female mini USB 2.0 connector that uses the present adapter cable. To use this, you will need to have an internal USB 2.0 header on the motherboard, and a spare SATA power connector for the PRO. 

The fans come with an additional LED extension cable that goes from the hub to the Lighting Node PRO. This LED hub is exclusive for the LL120, so you shouldn’t use it for other models. 

Corsair LL120 Specifications

For the dimensions of the Corsair LL120, it’s 120 x 120 x 25 millimeters. Its rated speed is 600 – 1500 +/- 10% RPM and has a maximum airflow of 43.25 CFM. The fans’ static pressure is at 1.61 millimeters H20 and with noise levels at 24.8 dBA. It utilizes a 4-pin / PWM for its fan controls and has a current draw of 0.30 A peak. Lastly, the Corsair LL120 comes with a two-year warranty.

Now, let’s proceed to talk about the fans’ features in our Corsair LL120 review.

Product Features

Excellent Cooling Performance

The unique design of the Corsair LL120 enhances RGB lighting while providing better airflow and silent operation.

Configure, Customize, Synchronize

The Lighting Node PRO lets you manage the LL120’s RGB lights and sync these with other iCUE-supported products from Corsair.

Two Light Loops and a Symphony of Colors

Each of the three LL120 fans has sixteen independent RGB LEDs across two light loops for brilliant lighting and effects. 

Fan Blades for Quiet Operation

The design of the LL120’s blades makes the fans operate quietly while providing excellent cooling performance.

Full PWM Control

Reduce noise and maximize airflow by dynamically controlling the fan speeds of the LL120 from 600 to 1,500 RPM.

iCUE Software

While the iCUE Software is not essential for configuring the LL120, you can still use it for additional controls on the fans. It’s downloadable from the Corsair’s official website. Here, you can set the pattern and color of the fans, as well as configure the individual colors for every fan zone.  

Now, let’s proceed to the performance part of our Corsair LL120 review and see if it’s worth the purchase.


Of course, we tested the Corsair LL120’s performance to see what it can deliver. To begin with this, it’s a highly capable RGB fan that operates quietly. The fans were totally quiet under normal loads, and when we tried to push our system to its limit, it barely got louder.

To check the fans’ airflow, we placed a hand behind one of these, and it provided adequate airflow. We set two of our LL120 fans to draw air in front of the chassis, while the other is on the rear. With this setup, everything stayed cool, which shows that it delivers excellent cooling performance.

When it comes to the rubber isolation bumpers on each corner, it effectively stopped the vibration. Because of that, the Corsair LL120 stayed rattle-free even when it ran at its maximum RPM.

We didn’t experience any issues with installing the fans since it was simple and straightforward. Overall, we were satisfied with the performance of the Corsair LL120. It performed quietly and delivered impressive cooling performance, so we’re recommending it.

Corsair LL120 Review Conclusion

Corsair has designed the LL120 well, and even if it’s a bit expensive, using it gave us a great experience. It was easy to use and to configure, which made us enjoy using it. 

The company focused on its RGB features, which caused us to worry about its cooling performance. However, the results were all excellent, so we highly recommend the Corsair LL120 if you need high-performance cooling and RGB. 

To purchase this, check out Corsair’s official website and find a retailer that can offer this product.

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