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Corsair SF1000L PSU Review

Today, we will discuss one of the latest power supply units in our Corsair SF1000L PSU Review. Corsair made this product for people without a huge desk space. Also, it is for those who dislike having a massive PC towering next to them. 

Generally, PC building is enjoyable since you can personalise and customise your desired system. You can create a powerful workstation or gaming PC in SFF enclosures.  

Corsair offers one of its current SF-L series of PSUs, delivering adequate efficiency to compact PC builders. The SF1000L is an 80+ Gold-rated PSU that is ATX 3.0 compatible, featuring a 12VHPWR power connector. It also promises low noise levels thanks to its 120mm cooling fan. 

It offers more notable features, but are these ideal for your needs? Continue reading our Corsair SF1000L PSU Review to learn more about its features, design, functions, performance, etc.

Corsair SF1000L PSU Packaging

The PSU shipped in time for our Corsair SF1000L PSU Review and arrived in a standard-looking Corsair box. In front, you will see an image of the product, the unit name, and company branding. 

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Inside, you will find the SF1000L shipped with several other accessories like modular cables. You will also find a mounting bracket, cable ties, and several connectors:

  • EPS Connectors on Separate Cables x2
  • PCIe 6+2-pin Individual Cables x3
  • 600W 12VHPWR Cable
  • 4-pin Molex Cables x3
  • SATA Cables x8

The total number of cables Corsair included is more than enough for a 1000W-max powered SFX-L unit. However, these cables are short, so keep that in mind. 

Using the SFX-ATX adapter bracket to install the PSU to a classic case will suffice. However, the shortness of these cables is the limiting factor. 

Corsair SF1000L PSU Review – Design and Functionality

The main highlight of an SFX power supply is its compact form factor, making it an ideal option for minicomputers. The SF1000L is an SFX-L PSU, which is longer than usual power supplies. 

With this layout, Corsair could integrate a more enormous fan and boost its peak wattage to 1000W. 

Observing the product for our Corsair SF1000L PSU Review, it looks like every other PSU, save for its smaller size. Compared to an ATX-sized PSU, this product is smaller in all dimensions. 

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What makes the SFX-L form factor ideal is that it can create notable PSUs while maintaining a compact ATX size. It makes the SF1000L perfect for custom ITX PCs, specifically those using power-hungry GPUs. 

The SF1000L shows an understated elegance with its subdued colour palette of neutral greys and blacks. These shades make it a versatile choice for various-themed builds. There is also a generously sized fan that remains discreetly concealed behind a protective grille.

The modular bay facilitates a hassle-free assembly since it is organised and clearly labelled. On the opposite side of the unit is the power switch and socket. These come together with another well-ventilated panel for better airflow.

This power supply can deliver a robust 20A on the +3.3V and +5V rails. Its +12V rail can supply a substantial 83.3A, making it well-equipped to support high-end graphics cards and demanding configurations.

Interior of the Corsair SF1000L PSU

Corsair employs an NR1215 fan in their design, a 120mm piece with a power draw of 0.55A. It uses a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB), renowned for its long-term reliability.

At the heart of the unit is a generously sized, centralised heatsink. It dissipates excess heat from the PCB and its surrounding components. 

The design seamlessly integrates the VRMs on a single PCB. Within the primary stage are two high-quality Japanese Rubycon electrolytic capacitors rated at 105°C. These capacitors boast capacities of 420V for one and 330uF for the other, totalling an impressive 840uF.

Key Features of the Corsair SF1000L PSU

Why is the SF1000L an excellent power supply unit for ITX PC builds? We will discuss its unique features to find out the answer to this question.

Compact, Durable, and Solid SFX-L Form Factor

Its design is perfect for SFF computers that do not compromise on power or for saving space in massive builds.

ATX 3.0-certified

We put the PSU to the test for our Corsair SF1000L PSU Review. Here, we saw its high power efficiency and reliability level, so it meets the demands of ATX 3.0.

Many PSUs from Corsair meet these requirements, but those under the SF-L line are formally ATX 3.0 compliance-certified. Corsair included a PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cable for modern graphics cards.

Type 5 Micro-Fit Connectors from Corsair

Corsair used its Type 5 Gen 1 Micro-Fit cables for the SF1000L. Its streamlined and fully modular design makes connecting cables hassle-free and takes up less space.

Resonant LLC Topology

The LLC Topology delivers clean and consistent power to allow the use of more energy-efficient sleep states.

120mm Fan Supporting Zero Mode

The SF1000L has a 120mm rifle-bearing fan that helps maintain its low temperatures. It supports zero RPM mode to keep the PSU silent under minimal load.

80+ Gold Certified

This Cybernetics-certified 80+ Gold provides stable power output and ensures 90% efficiency. As a result, it helps consume less power, reduce noise, and lower temperatures.

105°C-rated Capacitors

The Japanese electrolytic capacitors of the SF1000L are 100% industrial-grade, guaranteeing unparalleled reliability and power.

40°C Maximum Operating Temperatures

This PSU can deliver reliable power with 100% output at temperatures as high as 40°C. When we tested the product for our Corsair SF1000L PSU Review, it worked excellently, even during high-stress tests.

Top-notch Customer Support

Corsair offers top-notch service, allowing you to enjoy the PSU you purchased without worries. Plus, each SF1000L has a seven-year warranty for your peace of mind.


We are sharing a list of product specifications to show you if the PSU is compatible with your build. 

  • Input Current: 12A–6A
  • AC Input:  100–240V
  • Frequency: 47~63Hz
  • Total Power: 1000W
  • ATX Connector: 1x
  • ATX12V Version: v3.0
  • Cable Type: Type 5
  • Continuous Power W: 1000 Watts
  • MTBF: 100,000 hours
  • EPS Connector: 3
  • Fan Bearing Technology: FDB
  • Fan Size: 120mm
  • Zero RPM Mode: Yes
  • PATA Connector: 3x
  • PCIe Connector: 6x
  • SATA Connector: 12x
  • PSU Form Factor: SFX-L
  • 80 PLUS Efficiency: Gold
  • Warranty: 7 Year
  • Weight: 2.285kg

Corsair SF1000L PSU Review Summary

The SF1000L is an excellent power supply to build a compact PC. It is a solid and efficient PSU that consumes higher-than-average power and remains quiet at maxed loads. 

This PSU has many superior features, including its 80 PLUS Gold rating, industrial-grade capacitors, and 120mm fans supporting zero RPM. Plus, it supports the latest power connectors and PSU standards. Its premium components, ATX 3.0 compatibility, and seven-year warranty ensure it will stand the test of time. 

Aside from using top-quality components, it is one of the first PSUs to use Type 5 cables from Corsair. These cords use micro-fit terminals, allowing you to connect many wires to this compact SFX-L unit.

We were impressed by the overall product when we used the power supply for this Corsair SF1000L PSU Review. Its simplified design made it easy to install into our chassis. Plus, it performed excellently during our tests, and we did not experience any issues with it.

The SF1000L is an impressive product that delivers what it promises out of the box. What makes this product exciting is it has 1000W to power an ITX system with the latest motherboard. You can ensure this modular power supply unit will meet your system’s current and future needs.

We highly recommend the SF1000L for its unique features, top-notch quality and construction, premium components, efficiency, and seamless performance. Plus, it is easy to install, thanks to the improvements Corsair implemented for this product. It is an excellent solution for compact builds. 

Learn more about the SF1000L PSU when visiting the official product page of Corsair.