Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless Review

At first glance, one might think little of earbuds and that any brand or quality of earbuds will do. But in our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review, we will tackle as to why these audiophile-grade earbuds will be the last pair of earbuds you will ever want to own.

Either by travelling, taking a walk or simply doing housework, Creative’s earphones will improve your experience and quality of life overall. With its immersive sound and additional features, the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless will surely add value to your everyday life.

Now, let’s go to the first part of our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review— the packaging.

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless Packaging

In this section of our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review, we will focus on the first thing that we see: the packaging. The box is coloured in simple aluminium black with all the important information right at the front for easy and direct access. Also, the front of the box accurately portrays the actual product inside, even the size, which is pretty cool.

Inside the box, the first thing you’ll see is the product in its neat and elegant form. It’s almost as it is seamed inside the layer of plastic protecting it. This is to ensure the product fits tightly and doesn’t get damaged from shaking, especially when it comes to transit. Due to these wise packaging-design decisions, our product arrived in pristine condition.

Once we take the earphones out and go in further, there are more goodies to unpack. Firstly, there is a Micro USB Charging Cable. There are also some extra Silicone ear tips, one for each size (small, medium, and large, respectively). This is an excellent touch for people with different ear sizes.

There’s more. Creative was also nice enough to include a handy travel pouch to put the variety of aforementioned ear tips and the extra foam ear tip options in. They also included an aeroplane adapter for this. All in all, these are perfect for travelling. With these many ear tip options, one is bound to suit you, or anyone for that matter.

We can also find the quick start guide, supported in different languages, as well as a compliance and warranty leaflet. They all contain the important information a buyer must know within.

Now, let’s go check out Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review’s design and functionality.

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless Review – Design and Functionality

The Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless functions both as an earphone and an accessory piece. Given how much thought went into the design. While it is not strictly wireless per se, the soft silicone neckpiece slides seamlessly around your neck and you won’t even notice that it’s there in time.

What’s also interesting about these earphones is the magnetic clasps in between the two earphones. This is great for when you are not using the earphones and it prevents them from tangling around and keeping them secured around your neck.

The Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless has superb sound, thanks to its three-driver design. But it also functions well as a regular earphone with the buttons on the right side of the neckpiece. It can be used to answer incoming calls, and of course, pause and skip your music.

Key Features of the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless

We will now dive right in all the important features in this section of our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review.

Superb Audio Quality

The pair of earphones also has a superb quality and triple-driver system like the Aurvana Trio, but without the wires. The Aurvana Trio Wireless also ensures audio quality is not compressed or compromised by being wireless. It has low latency to ensure that the audio quality stays consistent throughout use.

It has a balanced armature super tweeter, for detailed and crisp highs, and balanced armature mid-range, for natural vocals and well-rounded mids. In addition, it has a bio-cellular woofer for accurate bass and ear-shaking sub-bass.

The sound can also reach high levels, with a 103-decibel rating. These things can get loud, but without compromising the sound quality. No clipping or distortion is present.

Immersive, Noise Cancellation

What they call the AuraSeal in-ear design claims to block out 98% of all unwanted ambient noise. This allows for a truly immersive experience and for one to focus solely on the music. It also helps in mitigating sound leaks and aids in minimizing bass loss. With that, you don’t need to increase the volume too much to fully enjoy your music, even in less quiet environments such as aeroplanes.


Bringing an earphone on board takes significantly less room than bringing a full pair of headphones. And without wires to untangle and worry about, cable management is not only a breeze but non-existent. They also included a travel pouch. This means you can just take the earphone out of your pouch, and use it right away.

And in case that doesn’t satisfy you enough, you can just wear the earphone around your neck when travelling as an accessory. This means it consumes zero space inside your travel bag.

Wireless and Bluetooth Functionality

Many devices still rely on Bluetooth for connectivity. The Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless supports multipoint connections for up to two devices. This Bluetooth connectivity allows you to conveniently connect to virtually any device with Bluetooth, like your mobile phones.

Long Battery Life

The 130 mAh battery can last up to 20 hours without charging. Enough even for longer travels. And when needed to charge, it does so quickly and easily via the accessible micro USB.


The Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless includes an app you can install in your mobile devices. Control the sound even further with the graphic equalizer, even things like QR logging normally not present in typical earphones.

Now, let’s go to our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review’s specifications.


In this part of our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review, we will tackle the specifics and the nitty-gritty of these audiophile-graded earphones. We can take a closer look at what makes these earphones special.

The earphones weigh 40 grams (1.41oz). And has a frequency response of 5Hz up to 40,000 Hz.

It has multiple drivers, which includes the Armature Drivers (dual-balanced) and the Bio-cellulose driver (11mm).

In the neckband, you can find a Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery with a capacity of 130 mAh, which can last up to 20 hours without charging.

Speaking of charging, the interface uses a micro USB for it.

It also has an audio codec of AAC, SBC, aptX HD, aptX LL.

Its effective operating range can reach up to 10 meters or 33 feet, and an operating temperature of 0-45C.

Bluetooth profiles include HFP (Hands-Free Profile), A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth), AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control), and Supports Multipoint connections for two devices. Also, it has a Bluetooth operating frequency of 2.4GHz.

Hands-on with the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless

Overall, we enjoyed the complete sound of the earphones. We jumped right in with some bass-heavy music and are very pleased with what we’ve heard. We even heard small intricacies on the track that we may not have heard with other generic earphones. This is probably one of the best earpieces we’ve used in this price range.

When using these for travel, the noise-cancellation makes sure that you don’t hear people talking when in an aeroplane. And when you’re simply at home, the more ambient environment enables you to hear your music in more detail, as you’ve never heard before.

The three separate drivers for each frequency field ensures that the load is spread evenly and not one driver is taking in or processing too much audio or signal.

The neckband is comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye as well. We’ve never encountered any latency or signal issues as the operating range is sufficient. And when not in use, the magnetic earbuds make sure they stay secured and in place. It’s so seamless to use.

Now, let’s wrap up our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review.

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless Review Summary

Its biggest selling point: superb sound quality via the three distinct drivers should be enough for any audiophile to get one of these earphones. But given all the additional features, we feel like the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless brings so much more to the table. It adds more value to the total experience overall.

We were pleasantly surprised at how versatile the sound is, especially with the app installed. So much control is given to you. Additional features such as head-mapping and QR reading sold it for us. It’s definitely more than just an earphone. But for what it does, which is to deliver sound, it does so in flying colours.

To sum it all up, the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless is a great wireless solution for anyone looking for an immersive, portable, and seamless experience. Its versatility means you can use it whenever you want, wherever you want to. High-quality audio on demand.

Thank you for reading through our Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless review. We hope you have found this review helpful. If you want to purchase the product for yourself, check out Creative’s product store here.