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D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review

What we are writing today is the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review. It will focus on the mesh router from D-Link and discuss everything about its features, design, specifications,  functions and performance.  

The mesh router is one of the best products in the series and is looking to turn heads and shake things in the market. It is an entry-level product but offers a few notable elements to consider. These include its WiFi6 functions and numerous intuitive features such as voice control commands, parental control, etc.

The R15 mesh router may not immediately attract users, but it is still a worthy upgrade. It is ideal for people who need WiFi6 connectivity or an upgrade to their bare-bones routers from most internet providers. 

It is ideal for people who need WiFi6 connectivity. Or, it is for people who need an upgrade to their bare-bones routers from most telco/internet providers. 

Before we look further into the product, we will check and discuss its packaging and contents. 

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Packaging

The product arrived for our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review in a light blue/white-themed box. We love the colours D-Link chose for their packaging since it is pleasing and eye-catching. 

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We also love how detailed the available information is on the box. The front displays an image of the mesh router, the company branding, and the unit name. 

Below the product name, icons state what the mesh router offers. One side of the package shows the product features and where you can download its app. 

Inside the box, the R15 comes shipped with other inclusions, such as the unit, power brick, ethernet cable, and documentation.

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review – Design and Functionality

We compared the mesh router with its sibling in our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review. Like the G415 4G Smart Router, the R15 is compact, sports four antennas, and has a flat white finish. But unlike its sibling, the R15 sits flat on its rear instead of standing upright. 

It has an angular and futuristic style that looks pleasant, but the height of its antennas slightly throws off its visual balance.  However, we are not complaining since larger aerials usually provide better coverage, despite the size.  

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The front of the R15 mesh router features four LED lights to display the power and internet connection status. Aside from these, there are also two wireless bands present. 

On its rear are four Gigabit Ethernet sockets. Remember that one of these links to your internet modem, so three ports are for wired clients. Next to these are a recessed reset button and a WPS button. 

There are no other elements to see for its physical design. However, its build makes the mesh router ideal for hanging on the wall. 

Key Features of the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router 

This section of our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review is where we will discuss its features.  We will see the different elements that make this mesh router better than similar products on the market. 

Enjoy Next‑Gen WiFi6 + AI Assist

Combining AI with the latest WiFi6 technology, the R15 offers outstanding WiFi coverage, and speed helps optimise performance. Doing so makes your internet coverage more efficient, reliable, and fast. 

WiFi6 is ideal for Smart homes where you require top-notch connectivity simultaneously on multiple devices. It offers a strong and stable network, which allows everyone to stream, work, and game without buffering, interference, or dropouts. 

A Seamless, Better and AI-Optimised Network with the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router

The mesh router guarantees that the fastest speeds are there for you. Faster speeds will allow you to watch videos and load websites asap. 

The integrated AI WiFi optimiser simultaneously links you to the best WiFi channel. Plus, it prioritises critical internet use for better stability and online experience.

Reliable Connection + Greater Coverage

The mesh router has a bi-directional MU-MIMO technology for handling continuous use and enhanced data rates.  This feature works with beamforming technology, which lengthens coverage and boosts network efficiency. 

Fast‑Track Data to All Devices – Never Queue Again

Boost your network capacity as much as 4x by utilising WiFi6, which uses MU-MIMO, BSS Colouring, and OFDMA. This feature lets the router handle numerous devices on the network with outstanding efficiency. 

Now, you can link multiple devices to your Smart home without thinking about the network. 

Gigabit Ports for High‑Speed Data Transfers

With three Gigabit LAN ports, you can link up to three wired devices while getting speeds that are 10x faster. It is better than your regular Fast Ethernet connections, thus, allowing you to enjoy reliable and low-latency wired connections.  

Conveniently Add More WiFi Coverage

It does not matter where you live: whether it is an apartment or a multiple-storey home. All you have to do is include E15 WiFi extenders to establish a Smart mesh network. 

Take advantage of high-speed and seamless WiFi coverage to keep you linked, no matter where you go in your home. It helps remove blackspots in tricky-to-reach areas.  

Family‑Friendly Internet

Establish a family-friendly internet connection by controlling and managing your network. Set online schedules and boundaries for more control and management. 

Comprehensive Control of the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router

Comprehensive control means you can determine linked devices, check login credentials, create schedules, and prioritise QoS for each device. 

Setting Parental Controls on the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router

With this feature, you can designate online hours for your child using profile-based parental controls. You can also restrict access to specific websites to keep their learning experience healthy and safe.  

WiFi Guest Zone

 Another feature we will discuss in our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review is WiFi Guest Zone. With it, you can set guest logins and block unknown devices from connecting. 

Switch on guest WiFi to prevent visitors from linking to your local network and only granting access to the internet. 

Manage Your WiFi with a Tap 

The EAGLE PRO AI App features a personal AI assistant that provides reports and constantly monitors traffic. It also offers suggestions for solving network issues.

Voice Control with Google Assistant and Alexa 

Control your network hands-free with Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices. Also, receive quick audio notifications about network updates, monitor the security status of connected devices, etc.

Secure and Private Home Network with the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router

The R15 has the advanced WPA3 WiFi security standard, which protects your home network by encrypting your traffic. WPA3 has a new protocol that secures and verifies the connections of your devices and networks from threats and attacks. 

Green Technology for Saving Battery Life

TWT or Target Wait Time is a technology that helps reduce the battery consumption of connected devices. It devises when and how often transfers should occur. This technology also conserves energy and automatically saves the battery life of devices.


We are discussing the mesh router specs in our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review. To start, it supports WiFi6 with AX1500 (300+1200Mbps) speed. 

The mesh router supports Wave 2 MU-MIMO WiFi and dual bands. Its wireless range can access one to two bedrooms while sporting standard/enhanced WiFi security (WPA3). Also, the R15 has an Eagle Pro AI mesh standard and Gigabit Ethernet for both its WAN interface and Ethernet speed. 

The product sports three Ethernet ports, a guest network, and parental controls. Plus, it is Smart Home compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

Internet protocols available on the R15 include IPv4/IPv6, and its firmware is both upgradable/auto-upgradable. The mesh router is SpeedTest-powered, supports the Eagle Pro AI app and has a 1-year limited warranty. 

Lastly, the R15 measures 251.64 x 166.47 x 194.18mm.

Hands-on with the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router 

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This section of our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review is about our hands-on experience. We used the mesh router for over two weeks, so we will share how it fared during the tests. 

But before we look into the performance of this product, we will discuss the app for managing the mesh router.  

You will need the EAGLE PRO AI interface to set up the router, and it is accessible via the web or a free mobile app on Android and iOS devices. The EAGLE PRO AI has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating and configuring settings easy.

Setting up the router is only a short process that will only take you around 10 minutes. Begin by scanning the QR or setup code at the bottom of the router or in the installation guide. After this, you will need to follow in-app instructions.

The EAGLE PRO AI interface has various features like AI Mesh Optimiser and AI Parental Control. The former is for controlling your network, while the latter is for managing your kids’ online activities. 

AI Parental Control features a web filter that allows you to provide or block access to various websites. Plus, you can set schedules and time limits for the network access of each user.

You can also use voice control through multiple platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is ideal for those who want an automated home.

The AI Assistant can also create weekly reports on internet traffic and user activity. It also suggests solutions to specific issues that may arise. This highly informative and convenient interface is ideal for managing your home network.

Now, our D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review will focus on the performance of this mesh router. 

The first thing we did was set up the router and install a NAS to one of its Ethernet ports. After that, we connected wirelessly to the router on a 5GHz band of our laptop with a WiFi6 card.

After installing and setting up everything, we moved the laptop to different parts of the area. We tested its upload/download speeds to and from our NAS. 

Everything went smoothly, and uploads/downloads were quick. We did not experience any stutters or slowdowns, which was great. The files we used were big, so it was a surprise when transfers went smoothly each and very time.  

It delivered an impressive performance with fast speeds and the router easily stacks up against its competitors.

With that, we can say that the R15 mesh router can work excellently for daily internet tasks. Plus, it is also fast enough for regular use.

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router Review Summary

Overall, the R15 is a reliable router with an entry-level price tag. It has a compact design, WiFi6 compatibility, and the EAGLE PRO AI app. Not only that, but it has features that make it an excellent upgrade from standard routers.

Aside from being one of the most affordable routers with WiFi6 support, it has many impressive features. You can create guest network zones, manage parental controls, prioritise bandwidth, and more. It is easy to set up, thanks to the functionality of the Eagle Pro AI app.

We highly recommend this product if you are searching for a solid network solution that does not break the bank.

To learn more about the EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 R15 Mesh Router, visit the official product page of D-Link.