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D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review

It is a must to have a home WiFi setup, but most modern homes overlook this element. Today, we will share our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review to discuss everything about the router.

The AX3200 M32 is an ideal item to have since we rely more on secure, fast, and stable internet access. Unfortunately, numerous ISP-provided WiFi routers do not meet the demands of today, thus, suffering from substandard performance. In turn, the user experience is not up to par. 

Can the AX3200 M32 be the solution to this issue? Continue reading our review to find out more about the product. Plus, we will help you determine if it is something worth purchasing. 

D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Packaging

Starting our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review, let us look at the box and its contents.

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Our router arrived in your usual-looking D-Link package sporting a light blue and white theme. The front displays an image of the mesh routers, the company branding, the product name, and the key highlights. 

On the sides and rear of the box, you will find additional information about the product. You can refer to these if you need quick access to details when you already have the router on hand. 

Inside, you will find the mesh router and a 12V/2A power adapter. The box includes an RJ45/1m Ethernet cable and a quick installation guide. 

D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review – Design and Functionality

We looked into its design and functionality for our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review. When looking at it, we noticed that it is larger than the earlier generation products from D-Link. Furthermore, the AX3200 M32 also packs more technology to maximise. 

Despite the upgrades and enhancements, D-Link ensured to keep its attractive aesthetics. Thus, allowing the mesh router to blend nicely with your home and office aesthetics. 

The front portion of the mesh router is pleasing with its white curved plastic combined with subtle D-Link branding. Looking at the top of the nodes, it offers a light blue ventilated design and one status light. The latter has an X shape and is the only hint of style in a discreet design. 

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More ventilation perforations, two ethernet ports, an internet port, and a WPS button are on the rear of the product. Aside from these, you will also find the reset button, a power connector and a power button.

You will not find any external antennas, but the router has four concealed ones within the plastic casing. It is a notable advantage for anyone searching for a quality WiFi mesh setup that keeps your home aesthetic. 

Simply put, each mesh router is identical, so it does not matter which one you use as the primary unit. Just grab one and get started. 

Key Features of the D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router

Blazing Fast, Extra Coverage, Reliable Connectivity

Up to 3200Mbps of lightning-fast WiFi6 is offered by the AX3200 M32.

The router features an integrated AI Mesh Optimiser to provide a more reliable mesh WiFi connection across your home or small business.

Smooth 4K Videos Live Streaming & Gaming with the D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router

We experienced smooth 4K videos while live streaming and gaming. And it was during the tests for our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review.

It is an excellent feature when numerous people utilise WiFi simultaneously. The Eagle Pro AI Traffic Optimiser enhances the network while providing you with the best 4K video streaming experience. 

The router even offers efficiency in live video conferencing and video chatting while giving you uninterrupted video gaming for users. 

Five Internal Antennas for Wider Coverage

The four internal antennas allow simultaneous spatial streaming for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Its fifth antenna supports Channel Monitoring.

Seamless Connectivity Everywhere

With AI Mesh Technology, you can cover up to 510sqm with two mesh routers and 740sqm with three units. With the feature, you can move freely from one room to another without getting disconnected.

Eagle Pro AI Technology

AI technology is a cutting-edge innovation that determines your WiFi needs and solves your connection problems. Eagle Pro AI allows you to easily handle WiFi interference, high network traffic, and website filtering with one click.

AI Assistant provides you with weekly WiFi reports to keep you updated with the network usage in your home.

AI Mesh Optimiser uses a unique AI beamforming technology to guarantee more stable and reliable connections. The AI Traffic Optimiser uses intelligent methods to prioritise network traffic to ensure a seamless connection.

AI Parental Controls give you control over the online activities of other users.

WiFi6 – Ideal Choice for Top-notch Speed and Capacity

WiFi6 is the new generation of WiFi technology. It delivers unparalleled speed, capacity, and wireless home network while offering security with less latency, even with many users connected.

Find out when we discuss the product performance later in our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review.

Faster WiFi – Greater Coverage and More Devices

WIFi6 features bidirectional MU-MIMO technology for properly distributing data flow to multiple devices. The AX3200 M32 combines MU-MIMO with OFDMA for enhanced efficiency of downstream and upstream transmissions. This combination boosts performance and capacity while broadening coverage in high-density environments.

More Users at Once, Lower Latency

The AX3200 M32 features the OFDMA or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access Technology. It transmits small data packets for multiple devices simultaneously, so these will not need to queue again.

With OFDMA, the AX3200 M32 is ideal for homes with bandwidth-hungry IoT devices.

Power Savings on Mobile Devices

TWT or Target Wake Time schedules connected devices to be asleep or awake during specific periods. This feature helps save battery life and minimise network congestion.

Ensuring Network Safety

The latest WPA3 wireless encryption makes the AX3200 M32 compliant with the IEC 62443-4-1. As a result, your network is safe and protected from unauthorised access.

Reliable Connections for Greater Coverage

Beamforming technology ensures a stronger and more focused signal to your devices. As a result, you can enjoy faster, more reliable connectivity. 

One App to Manage Your Network

The Eagle Pro AI app offers comprehensive control over your WiFi network. With the personal AI assistant sending reports, you can keep track of traffic and usage. It will also offer suggestions to maintain the optimal condition of your network performance.

Easy Installation

The Eagle Pro AI app makes installing your AX3200 M32 easy since it provides simple instructions.


Let us focus on the product specifications in our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review. For NBN/UFB, the router provides FTTP / FTTC / HFC / satellite and fixed wireless support. 

It uses WiFi6 (802.11ax) with a speed of AX3200 (800 + 2402Mbps) and has Wave 2 MU-MIMO WiFi. The router has dual wireless bands allowing WiFi to range up to three or more bedrooms in your home. 

The AX3200 M32 uses an enhanced (WPA3) WiFi security with an Eagle Pro AI mesh standard. D-Link also included a Gigabit Ethernet with two ports and a guest network allowed. 

Parental controls are available on the router, which you can schedule, create custom profiles, and set internet access controls. It is Smart Home-compatible, so it works effectively with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Internet protocols include IPv4 | IPv6 and come with a 3-year limited warranty. 

Hands-on with the D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router 

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Now, we will discuss our experience with the product in our D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review. We used the product for over two weeks to see how efficient it works based on claims. 

The setup process was quite tedious, but it was not difficult to complete. The first thing we did was to create an account by downloading the D-Link Eagle AI app for iOS/ Android. From there, look up the router 2D code, give this a name, and then voila! 

Alternatively, you can access the website via 192.1698.0.1. We suggest you change this to avoid clashes with gateways etc. 

You can follow the Wizard instructions to complete the setup process. We think it is excellent that the D-Link basic App leaves room for customisations. Plus, a Wizard is available to guide you through the entire setup. 

The web interface has free standard profile-based parental controls that provide bedtime and full access. It also has the option to set website filters.

D-Link simplified the QoS or Quality of Service feature in the Eagle Pro AI app. It shows all connected devices and allows priority allocation.

From our experience, setting up the AX3200 M32 was quick and easy. It saved us a lot of time, so we immediately tested the product.

Once we finished configuring the AX3200 M32, creating a mesh network with additional units was easy. The Eagle Pro AI app guided us through the steps with simple instructions. 

When you do this, be sure to follow instructions carefully. We read the steps thoroughly and followed these, so our network was up and running in a few minutes.


After tinkering with the access point positioning, we acquired a stable connection throughout the area. 

Make sure to take the time to get this part right. Remember, the user experience of every individual can vary by simply tweaking directions and positions. 

The AX3200 M32 displayed great performance throughout the testing, assuming we positioned the nodes correctly.

We had numerous connected devices, but these did not affect our network. It was not even affected when many connected to a single access point. 

We managed to simultaneously run multiple 4K videos on devices linked to the same access point without problems.

The AX3200 M32 was able to handle anything we threw at it.

D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router Review Summary

Since the emergence of WiFi6, we have not seen bad routers since this new technology. Although one router will always be better, all WiFi6 routers are better than WiFi5.

The AX3200 M32 is a product you would expect from D-Link. It is a user-friendly and no-fuss home network solution. It has the latest and most innovative WiFi technology, making it ideal for homes with congested networks and range problems.

Also, the AX3200 M32 is one of the most budget-friendly WiFi6 routers offering excellent performance. We highly recommend this product due to its stability, reliability, ease of use, and expandability. Visit the official product page of D-Link to learn more about the Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Router.