arduino kit review DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review

DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review

Today, we’re offering you our DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review.

It focuses on this kit that gives children everything needed to learn about the basics of coding, programming, and electronics. 

It’s a kit that comes with all the necessary components to create a ton of different interesting projects.

Plus, each project features a set of detailed tutorials in the “Project Book”. 

DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Packaging

To begin, our DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review will discuss everything about its packaging and contents. 

dfrobot arduino kit1 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review dfrobot arduino kit2 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review dfrobot arduino kit3 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review

The kit comes in a standard flip-open cardboard box. In front, it has an image of the kit in the middle-left portion. You can find Arduino and its logo just above the image. To its right, Starter Kit can be seen written in bold letters. 

Inside the box, you’ll find other smaller boxes that carry the different parts for the kit. It’s good that DFRobot did this to keep everything neat and organised inside.

Here, the Starter Kit includes a 170-page Projects Book, an Arduino/Genuino Uno, and a 400-points breadboard. You’ll find one USB cable, an easy-to-assemble wooden base, and 31 LEDs of varying colours. These include bright white, red, green, blue, yellow, and RGB. 

Then, the company included two stranded jumper wires (black and red), 70 solid-core jumper wires, and a temperature sensor. There’s also a tilt sensor, 9V battery snap, six phototransistors, three potentiometres, and 10 push buttons. 

dfrobot arduino kit4 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review dfrobot arduino kit5 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review dfrobot arduino kit6 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review

We’re not done yet since the company included everything needed for beginners. There’s an alphanumeric 16×2 characters LCD screen, a small DC and servo motor, Piezo PKM-17EEP-4001B0 capsule, and a 4N35 Optocoupler. 

Other items included are the following: 

An L293D H-bridge motor driver, two MOSFET IRF520 transistors, five capacitors & diodes, plus three red, blue, or green transparent gels. Also, you’ll find a 40×1 male pins strip.

Each small piece present in the box comes in individual, well-labelled plastic bags. This is so the components can be kept neat and organised which is a must for young beginners. 

This time, our DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review will discuss its functions and design. 

DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review – Design and Functionality

The Arduino Starter Kit’s Project Book has all the important instructions needed to create 15 different projects. The first one introduces you to each part and tool’s basics.

dfrobot arduino kit7 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review dfrobot arduino kit8 DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review

From there, things get more interesting with the projects since they’ll have you design a variety of things. These include a love-o-metre, spaceship control panel, colour-mixing lamp, musical instrument, keyboard, and more.  

Moving forward, our DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review will now look into 

Key Features of the DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit 

Easy to Understand

The Arduino Starter Kit is designed for beginners to easily understand basic robotics. The included instruction book is simple and following it is straightforward. With its interesting projects, anyone will be encouraged to learn.

This Arduino Starter Kit from DFRobot makes learning STEM subjects at home quick and easy. You can use it to learn how to solve problems, think critically, and learn collaboratively.

Modular and Versatile

One of the best things about the Arduino Starter Kit is that it’s modular. You can use and combine each of its parts to create your own project. If you have other kits or components, you can also extend the Arduino Starter Kit by using these together.

Multiple Languages

Users can learn in the language they’re most comfortable with since the instruction guide comes in different languages. These include English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Japanese.

Challenging and Exciting

When we tested the kit for our DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review, it proved that it’s both challenging and exciting. Easier projects are placed first so you can learn about the functions of each part. To enhance your learning, the following projects become more challenging along the way.

But no matter what project it is, soldering isn’t necessary. This makes it a perfect learning kit for both children and adults.

Arduino IDE and Online Community

DFRobot offers the Arduino IDE on their website to help you see the code for each project in the kit. You can check this out if you want to tweak the code for your projects. Youtube video tutorials are also available for those who find it easier to learn by watching than reading.

There’s also an online community that you can check out for project ideas and if you need help with coding.

In our DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review, we look at how good it was and if it’s something worth purchasing. 

Hands-on with the DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit

This kit did an excellent job at introducing all the basics one would need to learn electrical components and programming. With it, we were able to get more hands-on with projects. And for beginners, this is one of the best ways to learn about it.

Although it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a high-earning job as an electrical engineer after practising with the kit. But don’t worry, since engaging in such activities will help hone your skills for programming and the like.  

We also checked the instruction booklet for this DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review. And we can say that it’s easy to understand. However, some projects can be quite difficult, especially when dealing with versioning of firmware, codes, etc. 

Nonetheless, the technical challenges were doable since they’re similar to what everyone goes through in real life. And to put it simply, it’s an excellent way to train anyone when it comes to problem-solving. 

DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit Review Summary

After completing this DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit review, we can say that the Arduino platform is the best. It’s the smartest way to get anyone interested in coding and electronics, whether you’re a child or an adult. 

With its easy-to-follow instructions, completing all 15 projects will be a fun experience for all. Once you learn the basics, you can come up with unique projects of your own, and share these with others.

This beginner’s kit is worth the price since it’s a comprehensive kit with modular parts. Plus, it comes with straightforward instructions that aren’t confusing to follow. It’s a great choice for anyone interested in learning the basics of electronics.

To get your hands on the DFRobot Arduino Starter Kit, you can purchase it from the company’s official site