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Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review

The H3 Pro Hybrid has everything you want in a gaming headset. So, we are discussing it in our Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review. 

It is one of the best offerings from Epos, and it executes well across the board. However, its quality and efficiency come at a high price. 

The H3 Pro Hybrid is an upgrade to the H3 Hybrid and checks almost every box for connectivity. Plus, it comes with plenty of additional features and excellent hardware. But are all these worth the hefty price? 

Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Packaging

The headset arrived for our Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review in a cardboard box with an all-black theme. The front displays an image of the product, its name, and company branding. More details are on the rear, which you can check out for reference. 

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Inside, the H3 Pro Hybrid ships with other inclusions like the GSA H3 Pro dongle and GSA 25 cover plate. You will also find a GSA 31 USB cable, GSA 31 console cable, and a USB-A extension cable. Epos also included a safety note and a quick start guide inside.

Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review – Design and Functionality

The H3 Pro Hybrid we have for this Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review is the white-coloured version. And it proves its premium quality the moment you unbox it. 

Aside from its classy exterior and outstanding audio performance, the headset features plenty of extras. These include ANC, 7.1 surround sound, and multi-device connectivity. All these features work well to provide better performance and convenience. 

The product sports a familiar aesthetic since the company took elements from the H3 Hybrid, H3, and H6 range. The H3 Pro Hybrid looks slick with its comfy design and rounded edges. 

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The product has a solid plastic form and a steel strip that runs across its headband. It feels durable and sturdy, but with a 309g weight, it does not feel heavy. 

The headband and ear cushions have a layer of multiple materials. Each ear pad has an outer leatherette ring, a suede face, plus a mesh inner ring. Then, its headband has a mesh fabric covering combined with a leatherette strip where the product rests on your head.

The mix of materials seems complicated, but Epos made it comfortable nonetheless.

And even if it does not feature metal earcups like other premium headsets, the product is lightweight and comfortable. Plus, its suede-like ear pads keep you comfy even during hotter days. 

Additionally, its headband offers adequate clamping force, so everything feels sturdy and secure without too much tightness. So, it provides a decent seal around your ears.

When we used the product for our Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review, we saw how straightforward it was. Also, it supports most connection methods, the reason why it features ports and buttons everywhere to facilitate that feature.

It can handle regular functions effectively: it has a large volume dial on the right side of the product. Then, its microphones mute when you flip it up and are also detachable. Plus, the headset features a faceplate to conceal the mic hole if you remove it in public. 

The headset comes with a USB-C charging port which you can also use for PC gaming. It even features a 2.5mm input for the detachable 2.5 to 3.5mm cord included in the package. Additionally, you can use it to plug into devices with headphone jacks. 

Key Features of the Epos H3 Pro Hybrid

What makes this newer version of the H3 Hybrid impressive? We will find out by discussing its features in our Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review.

Enhanced Noise Cancellation for Gamers

Epos deployed enhanced noise cancellation technologies and traditional audio engineering techniques. These can assist the brain in deciphering audio cues efficiently for gamers to perform better.

Epos BrainAdapt Technology

By supporting how the brain processes sound, BrainAdapt technology reduces cognitive load. It allows faster reaction time, better communication, and improved in-game decision-making.

Long Battery Life for True Wireless Freedom

A single charge of the H3 Pro Hybrid offers up to 30 hours of use with the low-latency dongle. When you activate ANC, it lasts up to 19 hours. 

On Bluetooth, the headset lasts up to 38 hours and 22 hours with ANC.

When you use the 3.5mm cable, you can enjoy 29 hours of gaming and 19 hours when you activate ANC.

Engineered to Elevate Your Game

The audio engineered by Epos has excellent resolution, clarity, and precision for instant in-game reaction. The deep bass response allows you to respond quickly in-game, and the clean sound makes voice chats intelligible.

High Comfort, Low-Latency, and Wireless Perfection

Epos designed the H3 Pro Hybrid for gamers who desire premium audio to enhance their wireless gaming experience. This headset delivers an excellent audio experience without compromise, thanks to its lag-free connection and low-latency dongle.

Dual Microphones with Detachable Boom Arm

This headset features dual microphone technology: the primary in the boom arm and the secondary in the ear cup. Dual microphones help improve noise cancellation for voice pick-up and delivery to achieve crystal-clear communication. The detachable boom arm with magnetic connection allows effortless attachment and removal.

H3 for Your Game

With the H3 Pro Hybrid, you can enjoy the power of audio. It uses exclusive Epos Audio Technology to provide precise audio cues instantaneously. With the immersive soundscape, you can react to sounds instantly and execute commands at the perfect timing.


This Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review will focus on the product specifications. These details will help you determine if it is compatible with your system/devices.

The H3 Pro Hybrid is a dynamic closed-back headset featuring noise cancellation and 0.35% total harmonic distortion. It also has a detachable boom arm mic and an integrated mic.

This headset connects via Bluetooth 5.2 and uses a low-latency dongle. Plus, it supports the SBC audio codec. It works with PC, mobile phones, softphones, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

Its battery lasts up to 38 hours, while its charge period takes two hours.

Hands-on with the Epos H3 Pro Hybrid

Our Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review will not be complete without sharing our hands-on experience with the product. We tested the headset to see how well it would perform and help you decide if it is worth purchasing.

Before we discuss our product tests, we will focus on the EPOS Gaming Suite.

The Epos Gaming Suite is where you can adjust the audio of the H3 Pro Hybrid. According to some users, it used to be a fussy app that often did not work appropriately.

However, this software worked when used with the H3 Pro Hybrid. It was quick and responsive, so all our changed settings stayed. Also, the app instantly detected the connected headset. 

Since the H3 Pro Hybrid has many features that require using the Epos Gaming Suite, we tested these too. We switched from stereo to virtual 7.1 surround sound and got firmware updates for the headset and USB dongle.

On the settings page, we found the option to disable the auto-sleep function of the H3 Pro Hybrid. This section also allows configuring the Bluetooth button to toggle EQ presets or surround sound.

As mentioned above, the Epos H3 Pro Hybrid has EQ presets and a nine-band equaliser module for the headphone output.

The microphone page has a live frequency monitor that lights up when speaking. Plus, it allows you to set up a custom microphone EQ & a few presets. We also noticed the sliders for adjusting the noise gate, gain, sidetone, and noise cancellation.

We also tested its sound quality for our Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review, and it produced impressive audio and sounds. In-game music was excellent compared to other headsets in this price range.

In-game sounds, including gunshots and footsteps, were satisfying, and it was easy for us to find things based on sounds. The software allowed us to shift between 2.0 and 7.1 sounds depending on the situation. Also, we were able to change the decibels for varying frequencies. 

We found it alright and only tinkered with these settings to get a feel of it for our review. Everything sounded perfect without us having to bother with fine-tuning. However, the added touch would be perfect for anyone who wants/needs the additional calibration.

While its closed acoustic design helps block background noise, activating its ANC prevents more unwanted noise. The integrated microphone detects unnecessary sound, while the headset speakers cancel out the low frequencies.

We had a more enjoyable gaming experience when we activated ANC due to the reduced ambient noise. Because of this feature, focusing on the game and performing better was easier during our tests.

We tested the microphone by using it for chats and recording our voices. To our surprise, the microphone audio was crystal clear and focused on our speech, even with all the background noise. It did not emphasise plosive words, and our friends did not complain about distorted sounds during our Zoom calls.

Epos H3 Pro Hybrid Review Summary

The H3 Pro Hybrid from Epos is one of the best headsets today. Its impressive features and outstanding audio quality make it ideal for serious gamers. This product can deliver excellent in-game audio and crystal-clear communication, allowing you to win any battle.

With multiple connectivity options, you can pair it with different devices for your convenience. Overall, we highly recommend this gaming headset.

To learn more about the H3 Pro Hybrid, visit the official product page of Epos