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Fitbit Inspire 3 Review

The Inspire 2 was among the cheapest and best fitness trackers on the market but failed in the display department. But here in this Fitbit Inspire 3 Review, we will look at the new and improved model. 

This new product from Fitbit received the necessary upgrades, making it better than its sibling. But is it worth investing in, and how does it fare to the best fitness trackers on the market? 

Continue reading our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review to find out, but first, what did Fitbit include in the package? Let us start unboxing. 

Fitbit Inspire 3 Packaging

Once our Inspire 3 arrived, we immediately started working on our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review. It ships in a compact cardboard box that displays an image of the product in front. You will also find the company branding and product name. 

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Inside the box, you will find the Inspire 3, a small and large classic wristband, and the charging cable.

Fitbit Inspire 3 Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review, we noticed its bright-coloured AMOLED screen. It replaces the monochrome screen of the Inspire 2. The new screen makes the product more appealing and aesthetic, plus it is also to see details even under sunlight. 

It does not feature dedicated buttons, so all actions are completed with a swipe and tap on the screen. Generally, the screen works well: swipe left to get notifications, alarms, exercises, and timers. Then, you can swipe up for settings and then down to get your daily health stats. 

All interactions happen through swipes and taps on the screen, which works adequately. The only issue is when water gets on the screen, and the tap/swipe options become unreliable. But remember, you will find a water lock on the Inspire 3 if you want to enable it. 

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So a fair warning, if you are taking a shower and plan to interact with the product, forget it. However, getting some sweat on your display during your workout will not be an issue. 

Like the Inspire 2, the Inspire 3 features two haptic buttons on the side of its tracker. This element helps keep the tracker weight down, making it easier to navigate. 

You can leave its display on so its clock face stays visible 24/7. However, leaving it would mean quicker battery draining, reducing it from 10 to three days. 

Appearance-wise, its clock faces are all big enough to see. But if you wear eyeglasses, viewing your metrics might be challenging. Why? Because its text is smaller than necessary. 

Functions of the Fitbit Inspire 3

Like its other siblings, the Inspire 3 can track your steps, heart rate, calories, and Active Zone Minutes. It checks stress, sleep, and SpO2 for under a hundred dollars. 

Fitness-wise, you can load as many as six exercise shortcuts to the watch. However, there are 21 options available which include walking, running, biking, Pilates, kickboxing, golf, and tennis. 

On the main display, you will see the time and date when you raise your wrist. Below these details is a single metric like heart rate/steps.

You can tap its screen to change the singular metric to another. We can describe it as something like a carousel. 

You can swipe up to show your dashboard, which begins with the date and battery level. Then, it displays your metrics as you swipe and continue swiping upwards. These include the following:

  • Step & Step-goal
  • Active Zone Minutes
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Hourly Activities
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep & Sleep Score, SpO2
  • Exercise Days

Remember that you cannot tap on these to get more information. To get these, you will need to access the Fitbit app so you can see everything you need. 

Key Features of the Fitbit Inspire 3

When starting an active lifestyle, it is best to have handy equipment like fitness trackers. However, many options are in the market, so choosing the best one can be challenging.

What makes the Inspire 3 one of the best trackers on the market today? We will discuss its key features in our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review for you to learn more.

Motivates You to be Active

You do not need to be a health enthusiast to have an active lifestyle. The Inspire 3, as the name suggests, inspires and motivates you to move. 

This fitness tracker can detect all your movement and track your Active Zone Minutes, heart rate, calories burned, etc. It does not matter if you are walking to work or trying the latest dance craze.

The Inspire 3 also gives gentle reminders to move throughout the day to improve your metabolism. 

Better Sleep and Reduced Stress

While being active is essential, you should not forget about getting proper sleep and managing your mental health. These have a direct impact on your overall well-being.

With Inspire 3, you can track how your sleep and activity affect your stress levels and vice-versa. While sleeping, it provides you with insights into your sleep quality. Also, it can provide a bedtime reminder and a SmartWake alarm.

The Inspire 3 can also help you relax before going to bed with mindfulness exercises on the Fitbit app. It keeps track of everything that happens to your body so you can take action.

Rely on Guides and Boost Your Progress

The Inspire 3 provides insights, guides, and challenges to help you achieve your wellness goals via the Fitbit app. You can boost your progress by logging your hydration, blood glucose levels, menstrual cycle, and other details. Plus, it lets you connect with challenging friends and family to keep you motivated.

With Fitbit Premium, you can access tools like Daily Readiness Score. It detects the status of your body to identify physical signs of stress, sleep quality, etc. You can also access over 1000 workouts, a wellness report, and other things that can help you stay fit.

Durable, Comfortable, and Convenient

The Inspire 3 is lightweight, water resistant up to 50m, and has a long battery life. It also fits naturally on your wrist, making it comfortable to wear 24/7. You can also choose from different fun colours to fit your style.


We will discuss the product specifications in our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review. These details are essential since it requires another device and particular features to take advantage of its unique features.

To use the Fitbit Inspire 3, you need to pair it with your mobile device. It is compatible with iOS 14 and Android OS 8 or higher versions of these operating systems. It also requires Bluetooth LE and an internet connection for syncing.

This fitness tracker uses multiple sensors to track your activity and status, including a 3-axis accelerometer and vibration motor. Plus, it has an optical heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor, and red & infrared sensors for blood oxygen monitoring.

The Inspire 3 uses a Lithium-polymer battery that takes two hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Also, its radio transceiver works with Bluetooth.

This fitness tracker measures 39.32mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm (L x W x H).

Hands-on with the Fitbit Inspire 3

We tested the fitness tracker to share our experience with you in our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review. It is to see if the product can deliver better performance than the previous releases from the company.

We wore the Inspire 3 for 30 minutes with another fitness tracker. To our surprise, the heart rate data given by both trackers were almost identical. 

The Inspire 3 allowed us to set up a reminder to move to prevent spending too much time sitting down. These notifications worked well since we noticed it sending alerts at reasonable intervals. 

We also liked other features like the weekly exercise goals. These encouraged working exercises for five days a week, and Inspire 3 included simple activities like walking, cycling, and running. With this watch, we saw ourselves getting closer to our goal, which was highly motivating.

Nowadays, fitness trackers do not only monitor fitness. Over the years, Fitbit products have been tracking sleep, and the Inspire 3 is no different. We wore this to track our sleep for a week and were impressed with its accuracy.

It recorded the actual time we fell asleep, unlike other trackers that start tracking sleep when the user lies down. Also, Inspire 3 managed to detect when we woke up in the middle of the night.

Aside from sleep, we used the Inspire 3 for tracking other things regarding our health. These include water intake, weight changes, etc. For females, this tracker can also monitor your menstrual cycle. 

We find the tracking performance of the Inspire 3 to be impressive, and we also appreciate its clear reminders.

Fitbit claims its Inspire 3 can last up to 10 days with the battery. So we wondered if the claim was legit. 

Considering it now has a coloured and brighter screen, the watch lasted for a week with a 10% battery. We used it for a week with its always-on display switched on and doing at least two workouts. 

Fitbit Inspire 3 Review Summary

We tested the previous Fitbit Inspire 2 before, and it was already a comprehensive fitness tracker. So, the updated Inspire 3 was not a surprise to us. It is a new, improved, feature-rich product that is budget-friendly.

Although it is an entry-level fitness tracker, the Inspire 3 still offers the comprehensive and detailed tracking of Fitbit. We were impressed with its accuracy while testing it for our Fitbit Inspire 3 Review, and we had no issues with it. Also, you can enjoy other benefits and more comprehensive tracking by paying for a Fitbit member subscription. 

Overall, we highly recommend this product for its comfort, stylish design, ease of use, and accurate tracking.

Visit the official product page of Fitbit for more details on the Inspire 3.